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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

On or about July 19, 2008 I attended a MUFON meeting. At that time, I was asked to become an Investigator in order to assist others who have also had UFO sightings, abductions, and most importantly contact. I know that the state director was sharing his time with me based on my first hand experiences and my reports made to MUFON.

Earl Benezet, the Kentucky State Director mentioned my psychic skills and I explained that everyone has these intuitive abilities but that not everyone chooses to use and enhance their abilities. Also, I explained that certain people who are contacted are encoded with extra DNA that are camouflaged in the earth medical tests performed so there is no difference shown or in other words, we cannot be detected from being other than normal. I cannot prove this but I know this to be the truth. My basic thoughts:

Being that I have been a paid professional Investigator most of my life, as either an Arson Investigator, Insurance Investigator, Private Investigator, Legal Investigator, General Service Investigator, Investigative Reporter, and Syndicated Journalist, I decided to consider the offer.

I had lived a life with these other beings in my life and kept it a secret in order to appear normal and lead a rather simple covert life. Why not assist others with their future changes that will occur. I had been involved with these other than earth beings while doing what I could to be a normal human being living on earth.

What makes me different is what makes me who I am. I realize now that there is more to life than simply existing and going through the motions of the social community and cultural settings with the word normal used as a guideline in life. Normal was all I ever wanted to be and as I became an adult, I learned that normal only paid the bills and allowed one to get by in life. Normal was what the major populace was and became based on the normal standards set by the cultural standards on the location where one was born.

Since my birth, I have seen change. Through time, life seems fluid and in constant flux. Life is forever changing. Energy flows in all beings and I want to know how it works together to complete life on earth.

From the time I was born and had my first memories, I can still remember thinking and seeing from my baby bed with bars while holding a bottle. I have memories that apparently are not normal until one becomes at least three or four years. I believe that children today can retain their memories much earlier than is expected of the normal children born in the past. This is another reason to assist others with the alien abductee ET UFO Contactee reports.

Regarding financial gain, there is no pay involved, in case others want to know. It is considered a hobby at this time on earth, and the only way Ufologists are paid is if they are fortunate enough to write a book that sells or if they have the credentials and the interest in their speaking abilities.

Most authors who dare to write a book are smart to promote their own product and most are expected to promote and market their own book. They do this in many ways and most have book signings and begin a lecture tour. The people who get paid are those who take their interests and create their services into a product. It is a simple procedure in the democracy in which we live. It is hard to collect on labor and services unless in a recognized professional field. Therefore, those in the field of Ufology, have to take their own time and money and invest it into their equipment. Usually the equipment consists of cameras, recorders, video recorders, measuring devices, and the investigations are similar to that of forensic crime scene investigations.

I personally paid for professional training in college, in the Illinois Academy of Business and Public Security, fire, arson, fraud, and subrogation classes, and in the military training I received. The best experience for investigators is still in the field with hands on experience. The more investigations the more experience one receives. When I first began in the 70´s, we would take our findings to a forensic lab. Most states have different types of forensic labs some are government and some are public. MUFON has a book with the way they want their investigations submitted to the main office. Remember, all those who are doing these reports use their own funding including paying postage. It´s a big business. I as most people, will not do it expecting financial gain. It is a nonprofit organization. We do it with charity in mind to assist others. Same goes for writers. Most do it to let others know to share, network, and to let others know they are not alone. That is why I bother to write and share what I know now. It´s not for personal gain.

I learned to work among professionals in the late 1960´s around Nasa. That´s a whole other story and one that does involve my knowledge of alien UFOs known among astronauts and engineers of Nasa. Background paperwork on me began in 1968 so in the computer system since then; FYI interested former government readers.

Regarding my history and my first contact, I can only remember my first recollection of when I was first up in a UFO and looked down. I saw my own body lying in a field. I cannot explain how this occurred and this is one of my first memories. Being an Investigator by nature, I have gone over my memories through the years. Other than lying in my baby bed looking out at the sky and watching them outside my window in the clouds in the sky, I can only remember finally taking my first ride on one. I realize this sounds unworldly and strange to readers and makes me seem rather unique or different.

I am only one of six billion on this planet. I have always told myself to fit in, blend in, and for God´s sake not to discuss aliens and UFOs. I was told by beings that were authorities and guides in physical form, to not talk about certain beings that I saw.

This makes one feel like they are part of something special and it is a secret. I found out how to communicate and leave earth. I wanted to meet the other person like me who could fly Gus the UFO with two seats.

I had lived my life normally, being an Investigator, working in a civilian position for the government, joining the U.S. Navy Reserves at a late age and learning all I could to be an entrepreneur and contractor. I spent the first fifty years of my life in training on earth. I spent the last seven years researching the Internet and learning about how to write a book. I had this burning passionate desire all my life to write books. I had announced this in the third grade and being a writer was what I announced I would be as a chosen profession. I knew who I was from the time I was born. I knew that I was on earth for a purpose.

I had spent time on earth being very ill in my little girl body as a child. This was very hard times and I learned to leave my physical body and return. I experienced two near death experiences that I can recall and possible more that I cannot. My first was at the age of seven and I had a complete blood transfusion and my blood was cleaned with a machine outside of my body due to Hepatitis A or the type that was contagious. I was never told how I contracted the disease. The second time, I had placenta prevea with my fourth and last daughter during childbirth. I remember both experiences like they were yesterday. This is also how I can remember most all my sightings and contacts. They became so numerous though, I got where I stopped paying attention to them and just accepted them as a way of life for me. I could not help how others saw me but I could control what I shared with others so as to only share thoughts and words that were considered normal.

I was the oldest of seven children, four girls and three boys and I had a good middle class life in good homes. We always had good food, good clothes, went to church, and made normal grades in school. We were all considered popular and our home was where all the other kids wanted to hang out. The same happened when I was a mother and my daughters were young. I put them in baton, dance, and on stage, the same as my mother did with me. I guess I come from a long line of stage mothers. But, my children were all independent just like I was and did their own thing in junior high and high school. I even went to college with my oldest daughter after she graduated but she was not interested in college. They are all mothers now and are totally independent souls raising my twelve grandchildren. Since I wanted a boy and had only girls, I received nine grandsons and three granddaughters in this lifetime. They will probably be contactees as well. I know my daughters experienced UFO sightings with me and this was a normal way of life for them.

Gus is the galaxy universal shuttle that landed in White Sands, New Mexico. He is the one I know personally and yet, I have been allowed to experience many types. Gus is made of an other than earth allow. We will never have this unless the EBEs decide to share this with us. EBE is for extra biological entities or what the military called beings not of earth in the past. My knowledge is from first hand experience or what is called hands on Contactee experience. The ones that I know are like us except they are telepathic and do not have a little finger. The others who work for them are considered the small beings that are telepathic. There are also the grays and many more types who are said to be in the alliance. There are beings that work together for the good of all.

There are some that apparently I am not aware of that others call greys and reptilians that have an agenda that is not familiar to me. I just know that they always put the beings back. This part of life I am learning about just like everyone else on earth. I was not abducted against my will. I lived a life with total cooperation and understanding of who I was as an alien human hybrid so to speak. This is a term that many people in Ufology are just now coming to terms with. In other words, we haven´t gotten much attention because most people do not even believe in EBE UFOs, much less their hybrids on earth. I don´t think others like Ufologist, Stanton Friedman, advocates or believers are to a point where they can handle my truth. To answer readers questions; No I have not heard from UFO Hunters, History Channel, Larry King or Stephen Spielberg. Media is improving awareness of my reality of beyond 2012.


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