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He's a firm believer in aliens and UFOs (unidentified flying objects), and researches the topic night and day. He first came to His Story's attention earlier this year when he sent an email response to the article, 'What Frank Grandison saw'. In the email, he suggested that Frank might have been abducted by aliens and taken to the Blue Mountains.

In my effort to find out exactly what he was talking about, Paul 'DJ Pablo' Riley, as we shall call him, opened up a whole can of worms, well, a spaceship of aliens.

"People might think Frank is going nuts, and I can understand, because we all do when faced with something we do not understand, but what if he's not? Then we have got a very dangerous and scary situation on our hands," he wrote.

"It is quite obvious that Frank might just be an abductee, who's been used for some form of experiment by what is known to many people as the Greys, who have been using religion, witchcraft and other things to manipulate us for as long as we have existed on this Earth. From what I found out they are actually like robots, 'cyborgs', alien-made bio-mechanical organisms, used to just do work, manual labor."

Overactive imaginations

But what is the basis of this strong belief in creatures, objects and abductions that some people are convinced are mere figments of overactive imaginations?

Riley: "I have always had this gut feeling from when I was a child that there are more intelligent beings elsewhere than just humans on Earth, but I could prove nothing. I have always been a huge scifi fan, big fan of Stargate.

"I have some DJ friends who live overseas, and who are actually doing research on this stuff, and they used to talk all the time about aliens and I used to not really take them serious. Until one of them sent me a link to Zeitgeist (a documentary film produced by Peter Joseph about the Jesus myth hypothesis, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank , as well as a number of conspiracy theories related to those three main topics ).

"After watching that, I found a link to an interview on the Disclosure Project, hosted by a Dr Steven Greer, with people from the military giving testimony about what they know over the years about aliens. I was so shocked, I started spending hours on the Net, just digging. I decided that, to be sure I should check the FOIA, which is the Freedom of Information Act, at

"Lo and behold I found tons of declassified files. I went to, found some stuff there too. From there I found a site called majestic That site is like out of this world. They have stuff on the team who took the bodies of aliens who were discovered when a UFO crashed."

Mysterious objects

Now Riley is an ardent ufologist, who has a voracious appetite for information on mysterious objects and alien beings. His collection includes audio-visual, textual, and electronic documents. In one of the videos, there is an "actual alien interview", he said. "That particular alien is not really like us, that one would freak people out."

But who are these aliens? "All I know is they are here. I have interviews of men who have seen them up close. What I have since found out is that they have always been here with us, from the beginning of the human race, which I have since found out is a hybrid race," Riley stated. He said there are 57 species of aliens from many places, some walking among us as humans.

Researching aliens and UFOs is a serious preoccupation for Riley but, when he's back to Earth, the 39-year-old father of two is a music producer, sound engineer and a disc-jockey, known to many entertainers. Music is his life.

We Earthlings have nothing to fear for, according to Riley, "these aliens are friendly. They don't seem to be here to kill us at all. That's the weird part. They are like scientists checking out primitive animals at a zoo".

Yet, a belief in the existence of aliens might run counter to the belief in God, and thus the public might treat his philosophy that there are greater beings than humans among us with suspicion or ridicule, even. But Riley doesn't believe in "the one (God) being taught to the public in church. So it's definitely not the God of these so-called pastors".

Greater power

He said the belief in God was discussed with a particular group of aliens and they said even they did not know of him, but they know of a greater power. "All the religions we have on Earth were created by aliens in the first place," he claimed, "If you ever know the half."

"I would like to show you the stuff I've got because telling you will only make me sound crazy. It's better you see some evidence, but I swear to you, they are real, and they are here, all the time. This will not be easy for you to understand, and I can understand. Look, you have to think with an open mind because I'm gonna tell you stuff that will have you wondering if you're in a nightmare, but it's all real."

From Phantoms and Monsters web site.


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