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Hey my friends, this Alaskan reporter answered me back on my email today about the found missing boy and his "little people" story. I thought you'd find it of interest!


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Hi Brent; I haven't followed up on the e-mail story. The boy's family isn't interested in commenting further, but others tell me he's fine. The girl would have still looked as she did 40 years ago, as I understand it. Time gets suspended, like in the supposed alien abductions. One oft-told story from Chevak involves kids who went out trick-or-treating, or the Cup'ik version thereof, and disappeared. 20 some years later, they all popped up again, still kids.

Or so goes the story.

There was a long-missing girl who may or may not have been the one the boy said he met. I was told her name by a couple of Marshall folks, but asked not to repeat it.

Lot of response on this. Several people outside Alaska have written to me about having rocks tossed in their direction by unseen hands.

Thanks for reading. MD
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To: Dunham, Mike
Subject: Ircenrraat

Dear Mr. Dunham,

I recently read this story that allegedly appeared in the Anchorage Daily News and had your byline as the author. Entitled "'Little people' e-mail zips through rural Alaska," it's a story about a boy who allegedly had been abducted by the Ircerraat (little people) of Yup'ik folklore.

If this is true, how is the boy doing, have any more details on the case emerged, and did the little girl from over 40 years ago actually still look like a regular little girl? I assume so, since it seems to read that way.

Was there a name? Was there a missing girl that might have fit his description?

Below is a copy and paste copy of the article I have, to make certain that we're on the same page, so to speak. Any response/comments you can give me will be sincerely appreciated. I've been interested in mysteries like this for some four decades.

Thank you and take good care.

Brent Raynes

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'Little people' e-mail zips through rural Alaska


Published: May 31st, 2008 11:11 PM
Last Modified: May 31st, 2008 03:04 AM

An intriguing e-mail hit Bush Alaska in May. In it, a hunter from Marshall recounted how he found a boy alleged to have been abducted by the ircenrraat.

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Ircenrraat (singular: ircenrraq; say "irr-chin-hhak" with a harsh hh and you're getting close) are a recurring theme in traditional Yup'ik teachings and legends, "little people" who dwell in the tundra, usually underground. They disorient, discomfort and trap unwary humans.

City folk usually dismiss ircenrraat as superstition. Those who have lived in Yup'ik country for any period of time tend to be a little more inclined to listen. For one thing, the stories are persistent and often come from respectable observers. For another, when you're by yourself in the middle of nowhere, things happen that are hard to explain.

For instance, a few years back, on a very remote solo kayak trip in the lower Yukon region, I swear I heard rocks tossed in my direction by unseen hands or whatever. Big rocks. Whoosh. Plunk. Weird. A little scary -- and not particularly on target, assuming they were trying to hit me. A close inspection of the presumed point of origin showed no evidence of anything. There was nowhere for anything bigger than a squirrel to hide. I can't say it was an ircenrraaq, but neither can I absolutely refute those who suggest it was.

Yup'ik descriptions of the "little people" resemble those in widespread stories shared by many cultures around the world. A conference on such creatures is held every year in Twisp, Wash.
Though accounts of sightings or of inexplicable events attributed to ircenrraat are common in Western Alaska, they seldom receive wide circulation outside the area.

The Internet age changed that.

I called Nick Andrew Jr. in Marshall, whose e-mail started the latest excitement. He intended it as a private message to a family member, he said, and was a little disconcerted that it got forwarded far and wide.

He confirmed the details, however, and gave me permission to use his name, requesting that I keep other names out of print.

Andrew was on a snowmachine hunting birds the evening of May 7, some distance out of town -- three hours away if you had to walk it, he estimated. Preparing to return home, he decided to check a different location on a hunch.

"Stopping to look, I saw a small boy all alone in middle of the marsh," he said.

He recognized the child as a boy from the village. "I asked him where's his dad or hunting partners? I grilled him with questions of who he was with and if he was alone. He was scared and had been crying. All his answers were 'I don't know.' "

He described the boy as "disoriented, dazed, confused and scared" with "no concept of time. He did not appear tired, nor was he hungry or thirsty."

But the lad was lucky, it seems. He was found in a spot frequented by large tundra brown bears.

Andrew took the boy home, noting that there were no footprints in the spring snow to indicate anyone had walked into the area. He found that puzzling. He counted at least 10 other snowmachiners in the neighborhood, none of whom had spotted the boy.

After getting the boy back to the village, he left his VHS radio on overnight, in case some other hunter reported a missing child. No one did.

"It wasn't until the next day that the story started emerging that he'd had what you'd call an out-of-the-ordinary experience," he told me. "He'd had some missing time, just like people who report being abducted by UFOs."

The boy said he was "brought into" Pilcher Mountain, a site often associated with ircenrraat encounters. There, he was questioned and saw other "little beings."

"He said he made contact with a little girl abducted over 40 years ago," Andrew said. "She told him who she was and she wanted help."

After that the ircenrraat decided to release the boy. "And that's when he came to, I guess, a few minutes before I found him."

Andrew maintained calm perspective about the experience. "Is this kid telling the truth?" he said, leaving the answer open-ended.

Responses to the e-mail, by the time it was forwarded to me, treated the news with gravity. "Ladies, please share with your husband/partners," read one forwarder. "Please tell your children about Ircinraqs (sic) and their deceptiveness," said another. "Thank God (he) found this little boy alive."

If you have an experience with ircenrraat that you wouldn't mind sharing, e-mail Confidentiality will be observed and nothing will be used without permission.

Find Mike Dunham online at or call 257-4332.

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First of all I want to respond to the last blog, THE MESSAGES. I have had numerous responses about them. The messages came from Some people thought they were a hoax, one thought it sounded like "Heaven's Gate", one thought they were interesting. Another thought that they were out of a book and rambled too much. Just know I only sent them to all of you for your perusal. Accept or reject, it is up to you.


I'm not sure of the exact date, but I believe it was mid fall, 1973, when I had my first visitor experience. I'm sure of the time of day; it was 8:00 p.m. At that time of my life I was living a very hectic schedule. I was a young mother with two small children under four years of age, and going to college part time at night. I didn't like going out that night to do my grocery shopping, but that was the only night it could be done. I do remember that it was a cold, dark night with few stars visible in the sky. The trees were bare without their leaves. When I reached the stop sign at the end of my tract, I noticed some strange lights approaching me up in the sky, not terribly high up or really low either What was so strange was that they were pulsating, not flashing, varied in size, and making a triangle-like shape in the sky. There were three lights, red, white and green, and I believe that the green was the largest, though I couldn't be certain. I definitely remember them being different sizes. They seemed to approach me quite swiftly, and then suddenly they stopped. I became frightened. I looked to see if anybody else was out to see this, or if any car stopped to look at it. I believe only one or two cars passed in front of me. This lasted maybe for two minutes. I don't believe I lost any time. During that time I remember freezing in fear. These lights seemed to be looking right at me and the area all around me. Suddenly the triangular lights turned swiftly to the right and sped away with incredible speed. No airplane or weather balloon could have moved that fast. I just froze and had to talk myself into getting the shopping done. I rationalized that I must be seeing things. Somehow I completed my shopping, but I had this awful, cold fear the whole time I was in the store. I just wanted to get home.

When I got home I told my husband what I'd seen. He showed some surprise and concern, but not much. I know he was tired, and maybe I was seeing things. We went to bed early that night. Despite my apprehension I definitely remember not having any difficulty falling asleep that night, but I had the most amazing dream:

What I first remember is floating down my upstairs hall in a sitting position with my legs straight out in front of me. There were these little black people, about five or six of them, alongside me. They were all smiles. Their eyes were round and they had no hair. I don't remember if they had clothes on. They seemed to be all black and shiny. I felt anxious, but not very fearful. I remember feeling stiff and only moving my eyes from side to side. I thought that I was frozen with fear, but it's strange, I wasn't terrified. When we came down the stairs I could see that there were others who were swiftly roaming around the downstairs part of my house.

We have a sliding glass door off our kitchen that leads into our backyard. I don't remember if the door was open, or if we went through the window. They were taking me up a ramp, I think, into a large round spaceship. Before going on this, I saw two round spaceships on either side of the one I was entering. In 1973 we didn't have the arborvitae trees bordering either side of our property. The craft extended over into our neighbor's property. I think I should add that we've never had any problems with our backyard lawn, nor have my neighbors.

What I next remember is waking up and feeling pressure around my nose. When I opened my eyes I saw this huge white bug with enormous eyes. All I could think of was a praying mantis. I was on my back on some table looking up at this thing. I remember becoming very frightened. I don't know if I spoke or not, but those eyes looked very angry to me. In my mind, I believe, flashed "space creature." Next, I remember pleading verbally or with thoughts, I am not sure. I wanted -- no I demanded -- to know what was going on. I had to understand. I knew I was begging. Those eyes turned away from me. The visitor turned to a table to my left, then faced me again. Those eyes seemed to go right through me. What I remember next is quite interesting:

I wasn't on the table anymore. I believe I was walking, not floating. I was approaching someone amazing. I forgot to mention that I too felt that the huge white bug was female; why, I don't know! To continued: This new person or visitor was luminescent white and floated. She was showing me an underground cave. She was very gentle and kind, and was trying to soothe my fears. This may sound strange, but I was "trying to meet her halfway," so to speak. All I remember thinking was that I had to know and needed to understand. She started to walk me deeper into this cave. We passed the little black people, who were all smiles while carrying boxes, I think, from one area to the other. I had so many questions, philosophical ones I think. She was wonderful. I can't remember exactly what we discussed.

When I woke up from this "dream" I felt wonderful. It was still the middle of the night. I don't know what time it was. All I know is that I felt so loved and cherished, and that everything was harmonious and good. I forgot to mention that when I met this visitor I wondered if the huge white mantis was playing a trick on me. It crossed my mind that maybe I was seeing the Blessed Mother herself; I just don't know, but I put my fears aside.

Thursday's Child

Sunday, July 20, 2008


On the "I was abducted" forum I found messages from a man that has been abducted and in contact since he was small. Now he has been instructed to send out the messages from a tall dark gray alien by the name of Zeus. After you read all these messages that have been sent out (so far), if you can make sense of them please write to me and tell me what you have ascertained. I am trying to do the same. So here goes.

MESSAGE 1 - June 29, 2008

Hello: My name is Jeff and I am an abductee. Over the years I have received messages from the grays and I am now trying to quickly get out their message so that all abductees can be in the right place next year for the withdrawal. Over the next two weeks this will be my posting place and I encourage all abductees and those interested in the final withdrawal to help me spread these messages. If you take the time to go over each message, you will find that they are valid and they will lead you to where I will be. It is finally time for the withdrawal and everything is now in place and ready. So please stay tuned for I am not trying to scare anyone. Rather, I am informing those who know what I know; that we have got to get out of here.

You can help by getting my information out to as many people studying this phenomenon as you can and as quickly as you can. This is not meant for individuals of one country but all countries. Thank you, I hope you enjoy receiving this information and I will see you at the meeting place soon.


MESSAGE 2 - June 29, 2008

Like I said, within the next couple weeks I will b giving out the messages given to me by the Chief of the grays. But before I do this, let me give you a little bit of information about myself. In the year 1974, I was abducted by a UFO containing one gray alien which was darker gray and larger than the typical Roswell being. I did not know that I was abducted until many years after it happened.

Here is how I was abducted: My neighbor across the street came over and told my mother that she had to come out and see these strange lights in the sky. My mother followed her and I followed close behind. We were standing in the street and three bright white lights were hovering above the telephone poles. They hovered for about 5 minutes or so and then I felt very dizzy. The UFO's then zoomed off in opposite directions at a speed unimaginable. There is no way possible that they were manmade.

After this night, strange things started happening to me. I developed a large boil at the base of my skull in the back of my neck. The boil lasted about a month and disappeared. It reappears often and then disappears. At night, while I am still awake, some of the lights in my room seem to flicker on and off rapidly. Then I started hearing voices and seeing the face of the gray alien. Now after many years, I no longer hear several voices but hear only one. This is the voice of the gray which I know as the Messenger of Zeus.

This messenger told me that he was going to use me to coordinate the successful withdrawal of all of the abductees. If you seriously follow the messages given to me, you will find out that this is not a hoax. It is legitimate and the rapture is going to happen next year. Please stay tuned as I will be posting most every day for the next couple weeks. At the end of my posts, you will have the information and be in the right place at exactly the right time.

I have been asked not to release any information pertaining to certain abductees and projects. I will however, release the information given to me and offer my own personal interpretation of the information. You may interpret it differently but I believe I can help out greatly. I have received over 100 messages from the gray messenger. I will list about 15 or so of the more important ones. These are the messages that give you the information to be at the right meeting place at exactly the right time.

We are dealing with a civilization of beings that are roughly 2.2 million years ahead of humans. In this time period, the grays have mastered time travel as well as traveling vast distances of open space by what they all "fragmenting space." Fragmenting space is simply harnessing the power of blue wormholes to travel at speeds as fast as light. If you travel at 186,000 miles per second and then are able to distort time, grays can reach earth many years after leaving their home in the Perseids and still be only seconds older when they get here. Sounds like science fiction, right?? That's what they told Orville and Wilbur when they were trying to come up with the first airplane.

Now, how are people still being abducted? Where's the proof? First of all, the grays do not want most people to know that they absolutely exist. For the simple reason that it threatens space. The grays knew about humans when they were still out trying to club rabbits for a daily meal. They are not going to respond to SETI and they don't want humans to be able to time travel and reach their planets. Why? Because most people live like barbarians. Humans have advanced by conquering other humans and taking their land. Do you honestly think that if humans could reach other more pleasurable planets that they would show up and be peaceful?

Anyway, there is no proof of the grays and there will not be. As long as wars are waged on earth, population of people is increasing, and more environmental problems keep cropping up, the grays will remain as they now are. Present to some of us, ridiculed by most. I know for a fact that I was abducted. I know who has abducted me and I know the reasons. Unlike many abductees, I do not fear the grays. I respect them.

Sure, my abduction experiences are scary but you can take a negative experience and turn it into a positive. Abductees have been selectively chosen. Not to put them through hell but rather to advance human civilization. I have personally benefited greatly from being abducted. It took years but now I am better because of it. Anyway, I am apologizing for the grays if you believe that your experiences have had a negative impact on your life. That was and is not the intention.

Grays have mastered time travel and with that comes the ability to dimension surf. How can grays get into a bedroom when the house doors are locked and no UFO is visually present? It is simple for them. I will describe it within your current technology. Lock in on a GPS coordinate (our satellites have helped them) hover many miles above radar and slide in within the blink of an eye. This is the reason that sightings of UFOs are no longer necessary for some abductees.

Having said that, the messages I am giving you are related to broadcasting. The grays now have the ability to "suggestive sell." By this I mean, you have free will but if I whisper something to you, you can either accept it and restate it or ignore it. For example, say you are thinking of writing a book. While you are sitting there thinking, I come into your room and say, "How about naming it, "Field of Dreams". You think about and decide on the name. You could have chosen something else but my suggestion was pretty good so you picked it. This is how the withdrawal is going to take place.

Messenger Gray has given me many messages in the forms of riddles. He said he likes riddles because they can be interpreted different ways. The same as the Holy Bible. Some of the riddles I will post will require you to get a King James Bible. Others will not.

So let's get started! I am anxious but patient. I hope to see many people at the meeting place at the right time. If you or someone you know needs a ride or money to get there, please email me. I am selling stuff to raise money for this operation. Volunteers and helpers would be appreciated. So, here we go. Operation Jefferson!

Riddle - The Jefferson Starship!

"I am starting an Operation and we'll call it Jefferson, solve all my riddles and while you're at it, have some fun.

Jane, you're playing a game of cat and mouse and I would like to see more, for all of us will soon be leaving now think of this convenience store. This store is the date but be patient and wait. My starship is the Moondog and we won't be late!"

To solve the riddle please watch the Wedding Crashers. In this movie, pay attention to what Jane Seymour says to Owen Wilson when he is upstairs in the guest bedroom. Now listen to the song, "Jane" by the group Jefferson Starship.

In the Wedding Crashers, listen to what Owen says when he is quarterbacking at the family football game. "Red Moondog 7-11." This is the date we are leaving next year.

This concludes the message. When you are finished with all of these riddles (only fifteen or sixteen) you will understand all of them better as they all tie together and become a cohesive unit.


Hopefully you had the time to go through the last message because now we are on to a new one. Remember, after all of these messages, you will have a better understanding of all of them. You can post these anywhere and feel free to tell anyone you like. I will assume all responsibility for the content of these posts. So here is the next message, along with my interpretation.


"I am calling all the angels to come aboard the train. I have a crystal ball that will reveal my name"

Some people believe that the grays are God's angels given the fact that their civilization was created many years before humans. I would agree. If you are an abductee and the aliens were grays, you are cordially invited to participate in the withdrawal. The goal is to get everyone in the same spot due to GPS coordination at exactly the right time.

To solve Riddle 2, first listen to the song, "Calling all angels" from the group Train. Then watch the move, "Throw Momma from the Train" with Billy Crystal in it. In the movie, Billy Crystal's character refers to himself as Richard Kimball who is in the movie "The Fugitive." In this riddle, the gray messenger is reaching out to all of to join our train and our train is headed towards the heavens.

I have found that my gray messenger has a great sense of humor and even when talking about grim subjects he told me not to worry and have fun until the end. Certainly, he does not want you to get rid of your mother, this riddle is all in fun and the crystal ball that he refers to is Billy Crystal which brings us to the next riddle tomorrow or the next day.


Here is the next riddle/message:

"Just like the fugitive I am on the run, come along and join me for eternal fun, when you run into the sheriff go North on 789, head towards the friendly ghost then meet Wendy for the sign. Then we'll meet and ride a distance and we'll stop to sample chili, solve this riddle and you will know I can be silly."

I am not a fugitive and I hope that you are not either. This riddle is referring to the movie, "The Fugitive" with Harrison Ford. Watch the movie closely. The sheriff who is initially in charge of the escape investigation is Sheriff Rawlins. I am very familiar with this city and have lived there in the past for about 5 months. Whether you are coming from the west or east, stop at Rawlins, Wyoming and get yourself a good meal. I recommend Sanford's which is right downtown.

When you leave Rawlins you will head North on 789 and pass the cemetery and Bureau of Land Management building on your left. From here, it gets pretty desolate so make sure you have enough gas to drive at least 70 miles. Rawlins has plenty of gas stations. Also, make sure that you have a good supply of water. This is high desert country. It is hot during the day and usually very dry. Nights are cold.

The friendly ghost that the riddle refers to is Casper. Now watch the movie, "Casper Meets Wendy." The sign is when one of the ghosts turns into a gray alien. Listen to what he has to say. :)

More messages to follow soon. Please stay tuned.

MESSAGE 5 - Follow the Sweetwater

"Add sugar to water and it becomes sweet, when you solve this riddle you'll have the city where we'll meet. For I'm the flower in the sewer so "all hail J" meet me in my city and be prepared for a short stay."

OK, so far if you have followed the messages you are heading North on 789 in Wyoming. This message gets you to the right city. Watch both Men in Black Movies.

The alien that crashes craves sugar water which in the message is the Sweetwater River. If you turn and follow the Sweetwater River you will end up at Jeffrey City in Wyoming. This is the city where we are meeting and in the Men in Black, the flower in the sewer is "Jeffrey", the big alien.

The meeting date in Jeffrey City is 07/09/09. Jeffrey City used to be fairly large but is now like a ghost town. I believe the post office even closed down. There is one bar, that last I knew served hamburgers and fries, but there are no fast food restaurants or anything else. There is ample parking by the highway. Last year, there was no phone signal. This concludes Message #5. Message 6 will soon follow.


Hello: By now if you have followed the riddles you have the date and city that we will be meeting at. Last year we ran a practice run and it went very smoothly. Next year, the exodus is for real. For this next message, you will need to crack out a King James Holy Bible.

Angels Get on Your Mark!

"Mark is my doctor that has a Holy Book, 1334 now take a look. My doctor's last name is a city that is along our path, this riddle adds up so you do the math."

To solve this riddle, watch K-PAX. Mark Power is the alien Prott's doctor. Now read the book Mark in the bible; book 13 verse 34. It says "commanded the porter to watch." In K-PAX, the real earth name of Prott is Robert Porter.

Now after we meet in Jeffrey City and organize, we will be leaving and along our route is Powell, Wyoming. Stay tuned as more messages are coming and the exodus gets clearer and better. Next year is for real and we will be in the right place at exactly the right time. The GPS coordinates have already been locked.

MESSAGE 7 - Get Ready for the Escape

"Remember Skywalker now use the force, his first name is a Holy Book and is a riddle of course. Think of banker hours and you'll have the right chapter and verse, for we are Castaways and when we leave, earth will get worse.

Like Tony and Tia we are planning our escape and our minds can communicate and we'll leave nothing if we're taped."

OK, this riddle refers to Luke and the chapter and verse you should look at are 9:25 since 2 can also be "to". Bankers hours are 9 - 5. Now watch the movie, "Escape from With Mountain." Tony and Tia - their last name is Castaway. And the planet they are from is the same planet that the grays are from. The planet with two stars just like Prott described in K-PAX. The actual name of the planet that we are heading to is "Perseid." This concludes Message 7.


Today I am going to post a few messages and remember after all 16 or 17 messages are posted you will have a better understanding of all of them. Many people believe that the greys are a harmful species because of abductees telling accounts of being abducted and stuck with needles and probed and such. I would say the opposite and please hear me out.

It is true that many people who have been abducted have been subjects of medical tests. I have too. This is frightening. However, the grays have chosen these people to advance interplanetary civilizations. It is kinda like your pets (although humans are not pets). You take your dog to the vet and now the vets put chips in them so that they do not get lost. The vets give them necessary shots, etc. etc. Please remember that if an alien virus was released on earth that regular humans could not withstand, abductees have been vaccinated and can live through it. This is just one example of why we have been stuck with needles. The grays should be looked at as doctors which are helping us to survive. If you are with me so far and you are also an abductee of many yeas you probably are aware of certain things that have happened to you that have actually improved you. This process may take many years as human brains are pretty primitive in relation to the grays.

Having said that, I hope that all of you who believe that aliens exist can make it to the meeting place and beyond next year. Someone wrote me and said that they thought the final withdrawal will be in 2012. To those who believe this, definitely be at the meeting place next year and as my messages proceed, I will elaborate on 2012. All star kids and people and everyone interested in ETs are invited. However, at the meeting place should have valid ID and a Passport if you want to continue onward. Bring anything you want to the meeting place as long as it is legal and be prepared to stay for a couple days as it will take some time to finalize and organize. There are only a few hotel rooms at Jeffrey City but there is thousands of acres of public land in the vicinity for primitive camping. Make sure you have plenty of water and it does get very cold at night due to being high desert.

Gray Message/Riddle - Meet Me in the Great Outdoors!

"I will be passing out Candy and then I'll whisper in your ear, if you have a golden ticket you have nothing to fear"

To solve this riddle, watch The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. In the movie Dan, whose character is Roman, refers to Chet (Candy) as Zeus and since we are going to meet at the meeting place and proceed on to an island with the Casino Atlantis, the reference is appropriate. At the meeting place, once again, make sure that you have valid ID. If you are coming from another country, flying into DIA, Denver International, and hopefully we will have shuttle service available but this it not guaranteed. Also, at the meeting place we hope to have portajohns available if we can obtain the money.

If you fly into DIA, proceed north to Cheyenne and then take I-80 west until you reach Rawlins and then follow the previous messages to the meeting place.

Next message will soon follow.


I was asked not to divulge any information as to my former employers and agency affiliations so I will not post them here. However, I can state that this meeting is legal and several agencies may be aware of it. Anyone interested in diving into this in a more secretive manner I will offer this. When I lived in Rawlins, I lived in the same building and received mail for Shatner. That is all I can say. I am not Shatner and none of this mail was opened. It was returned to sender. All agents are invited to participate in this operation as this message states.

MESSAGE 9 - I am inviting Agents!

"I will meet you in the great outdoors, my wife's name is Jane. I wear a suit with dark sunglasses, Mr. Smiths my name."

This riddle refers to the movie, Mr and Mrs. Smith. In the movie both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are agents. Right near the end of the movie, they are in the great outdoors section of the store that they are shooting up. Because our meeting is totally legal, any government agent is invited to attend. This riddle also refers to the agent in the Matrix trilogy. We will soon be covering him in the next message.


The stars are in the heavens. And as this next message will show. Those of you who believe in earth calamity 2012, we also are aware of this.

Gray Message #10 - These Riddles are the Steps to Heaven!

"Two plus zero then one plus two, this is the year that's important so here's what to do. Watch for a lady, the lady in red, for anyone can be an agent or an angel instead."

OK, now we will touch on the year 2012 and its implications. This riddle refers to the year 2012. Zero separates 2 and one plus two equals 3 which is 23. Why is this number so important? It is the year that the Mayan Indians and other tribes believe is the end of days. For more info on this topic, you can search Mayan end of days and receive a wealth of information.

Now watch the movie, Number 23. The Mayan end of days is referenced in the movie and so is the lady in red. Now watch The Matrix. The lady in red was designed as part of a training program. The lady in red then turns into Agent Smith. To finish this riddle off, you may want to watch "I am Legend" with Will Smith. Once again, 2012.

In the movie The Number 23, you will notice, The Steps to Heaven. Follow these messages as that is where we ar heading. When you come to the meeting place, please be aware that anyone present may be an agent. So, if you are a criminal or are bringing illegal items, you may be apprehended for the security of all others participating. We will visit upon this riddle again later.

This concludes my messages for Wednesday, June 25, 2008. Stay tune for the messages that will give you our escape route.



"I am a good shepherd, Shaggy is now my name, to honor who is on this bill, come aboard our train."

To solve this riddle watch the Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen. The shaggy dog is a sheep dog which is very good at shepherding and guarding sheep. In the movie, Grant and Strictland is the laboratory where animal research is taking place. Ulysses Grant was probably the best general ever and was Commander in Chief of the Union forces during the American Civil War. Due to his efforts, the Union won and he was honored by putting him on the fifty dollar bill.

I might add here that Grant's name refers to Odysseus. Odysseus was the Greek leader of the Trojan War. Ulysses means Odysseus but instead of being Greek is Latin.


"Georgia is an artist, her paintings freshen up the air, on our flight we will need four, black hats they all shall wear. For it will soon happen, check out the name on the boat, we chose a city that is easy to secure and is also remote."

In this message, there are a few things to look at. Georgia is referring to artist Georgia O'Keefe, who is famous for her paintings of flowers, especially lilies. Now watch the movie, Redeye. The plane they are flying on is a Fresh Air aircraft. In the movie, the Homeland Security official that is targeted is Keefe.

Now look at the name of the boat in the water. It is named Rapture and that is what these messages are referring to. Jeffrey City is extremely remote an easily guarded if so desired. Which brings us to message 13.


We need a transporter two take us to our plane, which should be fueled and ready sitting in Tom's last name. Your pastor knows where to go for he shares the same name, so read, "The Rapture", page 127 and be sure to join our train."

Now watch the movie, "Transporter Two". In the movie, Jefferson Billings is being targeted by terrorists who want his money. This riddle is giving you our route. We are first meeting 07/09/09 in Jeffrey City. We are then heading to Billings, MT for the airplane flight.

The pastor who is in he book, "The Rapture" by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye is Pastor Billings. The book is an interesting read. I would suggest reading it, however, this Operation is not going to go down like the book says. If people suddenly disappeared it would create total chaos.

At the meeting place, we will be organizing and heading to Billings, Mt. for our flight.


"We will be meeting in the desert, UFO's we'll see, then it is off to Paradise and in Atlantis we will be."

To solve this message, watch the movie, The Island. In the movie, Lincoln 6 Echo with his girlfriend stop at a bar in the desert. The bartender asks them if they are into desert UFO's. Paradise in the movie is, the supposed island, but Paradise Island is for real.

Paradise Island is in the Bahamas and that is where we are heading. In Jeffrey City we will be meeting and organizing. Then we are headed to Billings, MT (Logan International) for our flight to Miami, then onto the Bahamas.

Atlantis is a large casino resort in the Bahamas.

I am going to come clean here. What is really happening? I have been chipped and am shepherding some people to where we need to be at exactly the right time. You do not need to be an abductee to participate and every nationality is encouraged to participate.

I am not going to go into details as to what is going to happen once I am out of the USA. If you really take the time to follow all of these messages, you will find them to be credible. Why do the aliens want us all in the same spot? It is to align the chips so that they are working together. Many miles now separate those that have been chipped. To bring them together means that they can be aligned and all can work as a cohesive unit. Telepathy abilities will greatly increase after this meeting.

This concludes Gray Message #14. I might add that the validity of my posts are controversial and many people are trying to stop this Operation from occurring. Please go over them yourself and think for yourself.

Message 15 will soon follow.

MESSAGE 15 - This message is top secret

"I'm in love with Vespers, this one's beautiful, I'm the dog who flocks the sheep and hopefully you wear wool."

Previously, I said I was a good shepherd. This riddle solidifies that statement and will show you where we are heading to. Watch "Casino Royale", the latest one. Pay close attention as 007 brings up Paradise Island on his computer. That is where we are heading to from Billings. Vesper is James Bond's acquaintance and lover.

Our flight pattern has us meeting at Jeffrey City, then up to Billings, MT (Logan Intl) flying with a stop at Miami, and then on to the Bahamas.

This concludes my messages for today. I will soon conclude all of my messages. I may add more right before the meeting date.


Today I am going to conclude the messages for the Rapture event next year. By now, you know where we are meeting and the escape route. Like I said before, the grey messenger that visits me refers to himself as the Messenger of Zeus. Whether you call him Zeus, Amen-Ra, Ra. Amon, et. he is the Chief deity. For the following message, you will once again have to pull out a King James Bible.

Grey Message #16 - I Have Revealed the Fountain!

"New beginnings begin at the end, for those who are thirsty the fountain I send."

Please read Revelation 21:6 and then watch the new movie, "The Fountain." In the movie, they are attempting to find the fountain of youth, which is the Tree of Life. While searching for the fountain, they encounter Mayan Indians. Remember the year 2012? The Mayans believed this year is the end of days and by now you may agree.

It is important to note that we will be safe from what is going to happen so be sure to meet at Jeffrey City.


This message is the conclusion. Let me first say that if you are coming to the meeting place or would like to help out, you may contact me within the next year at I will try to answer all emails about this monumental event.

Grey Message #17 - I am Always Wright!

"I am an architect, just like Frank Loyd, listen to what I say and the end you will avoid. We will buy an island, my friend Daniel is helping me, for now I am a bullfighter and you will learn where we will be."

To solve this riddle, watch "The Matrix Reloaded." When Neo meets the architect, pay close attention to what the architect says. He says that 23 people should be chosen and then everyone else will perish. Once again, the Number 23 which is the year of the end. I personally believe that more than this number will be saved though.

Now watch "The Matador" with Pierce Brosnan. In the riddle, Daniel means Danny. Julian is retiring to the Greek Isles and that is where we will be heading. The new Atlantis which is by the island Delos.

I am in need of volunteers to help this event go smoothly. Last year, the practice run went very smoothly without causing much panic. Next year is for real. If you would like to help, please email

We want this to be well organized and somewhat discreet to avoid last minute panic. Please feel free to let others know that you think would be interested.

What you should bring and when:

The meeting date in Jeffrey City is July 09, 2009. It may take some time to organize here, so be prepared to stay in this area for a day or so. You will need a few gallons of freshwater, and possibly a tent and camping supplies. You may bring whatever you want as long as it is legal in the state of Wyoming. Sunscreen is highly recommended as the sun will be beating down. Jeffrey City is high desert country so the days are hot (maybe up to 100) and the nights very cold (may be around freezing).

There are very limited facilities in Jeffrey City. About twenty hotel rooms but ample primitive camping space very nearby.

If you would like to be put on our mailing list to receive updates, etc. please email Also, I am selling lots of toys and stuff on ebay to raise funds for this event.

If you want to attend but need a ride contact us and perhaps we can arrange it.

We will be seeing you all at the meeting place!




If I were stranded on an island, a volleyball would be my friend, his name would be important and his values I'd defend. A Gust of wind can crash a plane, my name is 007. Charlie helped me get lots of funding so soon we'll establish heaven.


Gray Message #19 - Back to the Future!

We are going Back to the future to get my almanac, but instead of sports, commodities we'll stack. So release the kraken in the Persian sea and throw your trident so all the world will see. Nettles sting like Needles now check out his address, for the sum of fears will not happen if you clean up the rest. (


Gray Message #20 - Perseus is Faithful and True!

The mother of Andromeda wants you all to know, the white witch cometh and her strain will go. For she has a sea named after her and the square miles are precise, for this number is angelic, so come on to paradise.


Gray Message #21 - Denver is Guarded by Calypso!

If you are from another country be sure and fly into Denver, this sea goddess knows John well for he sang a song about her. Soon we will be at the world's end and this operation is not pretend. If you want to know what will happen soon, the new world order I will send.


He must mean John Denver and the Calypso boat. So that still goes along with the Bahamas.

Message 20 - Perseus is Faithful and True. The following explains what kraken and Perseus is all about:

There is one very interesting story in Greek Mythology about the hero named Perseus. I've heard this one in English class and I have a personal interest in Greek Mythology and was intrigued by the story. It has small information about what it looks like but is most definitely a sea monster as you may know already. (kraken) Anyway, here is the story.

It all starts in the City of Argos, King Acrisius was told of a prophesy that he would be killed by the son of his daughter, Danae. He then locked his daughter away from the world and especially men, in a bronze tower with no way of entry. Well, almost no way of entry. Great Zeus desired to lay with Danae, so in one of his greatest guises, Zeus descended upon Danae in a shower of gold. After this Danae bore a son... Perseus. Acrisius was infuriated when he heard the baby crying from the tower. He couldn't bring himself to kill the infant, so he locked Danae and the infant Perseus in a wooden chest and let it drift across the ocean. Zeus would not allow his son to die at sea, so he had Poseidon calm the ocean and drift the wooden box to safety. Danae and Perseus landed on the island Seriphos. The two were looked after by the fisherman, Dictys. Later they were taken in by the King of Seriphos, Polydectes. Polydectes eventually felt lust towards Danae, but didn't dare force himself on her as at this time Perseus was full grown and more than able of protecting his mother. Polydectes then had an idea. He sent Perseus on a quest to bring back the head of the gorgon, Medusa. To help begin his quest, Athena sent to Perseus a mystical shield and Hermes gave him an unbreakable sword.

The first thing Perseus needed was information. He then sought out the Graeae, three witches who all share one mystical eye and tooth. Perseus took these items from them and promised to return them only after he got the information he required. With the help of the Graeae, Perseus found winged sandals, a satchel to hold the head of Medusa, and the helmet of Hades which granted the wearer invisibility. With these items, Perseus made his way to the Temple of Medusa. Using the helmet and viewing Medusa through the reflection on his shield, Perseus decapitated Medusa and secured the head in his satchel.

En-route back to Seriphos, Perseus had a run in with Atlas. He used the head of Medusa and turned Atlas to stone (creating the Atlas Mountains in Africa). As he flew over the desert, blood from the head of Medusa dripped onto the sands creating deadly vipers. Also on his way, he came upon the lovely Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, King and Queen of Ethiopia. To receive Andromeda's hand, he first had to answer a riddle. To do this, he had to first free her from a former suitor who had been disfigured into a demonic creature living in the swamps... Calibos. Upon Perseus' return, he answered the riddle and wed Andromeda. Their wedding was without peace however. Upon the union of Perseus and Andromeda, Cassiopeia stated that Andromeda was more beautiful than the sea nymphs (Neriads). Outraged, Poseidon proclaimed that Andromeda must be offered as a sacrifice to the Kraken, or their land would be flooded and destroyed. Andromeda was then chained to the sacrificial rock for the Kraken. Perseus defeated the Kraken with the head of Medusa. He then threw the head of Medusa into the ocean and from this came Pegasus. The head of Medusa washed up on shore and was retrieved by Perseus.

With all this done, Perseus had yet a couple more issues to take care of. He returned to Seriphos only to find that Polydectes was attempting to force himself upon his mother, Danae. For the last time, Perseus used the head of Medusa and turned Polydectes to stone. After this, Perseus gave up the sandals and satchel to Hermes and the head of Medusa to Athena. Athena then fused the head of Medusa to the Aegis. His final act was to fulfill the prophesy... he returned to Argos and killed Acrisius.

With his journey finished, he finally lived in peace with his wife, Andromeda.

Check out Delos in the Cyclades Islands:

If there are any more messages I will send them on. Let me know what you make of this.

Thursday's Child

Thursday, July 17, 2008



A week or so ago a man called in to Coast to Coast AM and referred to the craft that Philip Krapf had spoken about. He said that the Verdant's ship was 600 stories high. Well that sounded awfully big so I got out my book by Philip titled "The Challenge of Contact" to see if I could find the description. I will relate what he said.

(This is when he was on board the ship and guided by "Gina", one of the Verdants)

We found ourselves back in the observation bubble,, my favorite place on the ship. Coincidentally, the moon had entered the first quarter a couple of days earlier, which meant that the back half and the front half -- the one facing Earth -- were both partially in light and shadow. Within a few days, Earth would be seeing a full moon while the back half where the Verdant ship was positioned would be in total darkness. Even so, due to our position and our close proximity to the moon's surface, the ship was already in total darkness, as it had been during my first time aboard.

As such, hundreds of spotlights played across the massive craft, and light from thousands of portholes shone in the darkness of space. There was a beehive of activity as scores of smaller shuttle craft entered and exited airlocks on the Goodwill. As I reported after my first tip aboard, the ship has a radius of about three-quarters of a mile, or a diameter of about a mile and a half. It has 16 decks or stories along the outer rim, which is about 200 feet thick at that point, and gradually rises to its highest point of 234 decks, or about 3,000 feet thick. In the center. After we seated ourselves in the chairs that looked out through the and its 360 degree panorama of the velvet blackness of space, Gina activated the filtering device that screened out all artificial light and allowed only the natural light of the universe to penetrate.

I thought that even if I had the 20,000-year life span of a typical Verdant, I would never get tired of drinking in the awesome and magnificent spectacle of millions of stars and galaxies shining like brilliant diamonds against the ebony backdrop of infinity. I was unexpectedly seized with the feeling that I was in a state of grace. I had a strong desire -- and felt that it was almost possible for me to do so -- to reach out into the endless void and grab a handful of stardust. It has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes, and at that moment I could actually identify with those who have related tales of profound religious experiences.


She deactivated the filter and the giant ship flared into view again outside the bubble, lit up by the massive floodlights that played over it, the seemingly thousand glowing portholes. Without the corruption of artificial lights, the inside of the half-sphere where we had been sitting was quite dark, illuminated only by the billions of stars and galaxies to a level of perhaps one-quarter as bright as a moonlit night on Earth. But with the filter deactivated, the artificial lights emanating from the ship itself lightened the room considerably, allowing us to see each other clearly and navigate without missteps.

As we stepped down from the raised viewing platform that held the seats, Gina continued on down to the walkway that circled the room rather than heading for the door.

"You'll probably want to see this," she said.

She raised her arm at a 70-degree angle and pointed a delicately thin index finger.

"See that really bright object about 10 o'clock high"

I craned my neck to see where she was looking. The object was impossible to miss because of its brilliance. It was the brightest thing in the "sky" and stood out in dazzling domination among the millions of other points of light.

It was, in fact, an amazing spectacle.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a meteoroid, just an errant hunk of rock, or more likely iron," Gina said. "It's coming this way."

"But why is it glowing? There's no atmosphere, so it can't be burning up. It should really be invisible."

It's being burned up by an atomizer, an energy beam." She turned her finger toward the ship and said that the beam was emanating from a special port deep within the ship's superstructure. The closest that Gina could come to describing it was to compare it to what we humans know as high-powered lasers, a still-crude comparison. And unlike a laser, the beam itself was invisible.

"What's going to happen? How big is that thing, anyway? Is it going to come close to us, or hit the moon, or what?" It was a thrilling moment and a thousand questions raced through my mind.

"It's about a meter in diameter -- a yard in your measurement system -- but we can't let it hit the moon even at that size. It would cause an awfully big explosion."

The object seemed to be growing in size, and then it blinked out.

"They got it." Gina said.

"How far away was it?" I asked.

"Probably about 20 miles at its last moment. There was plenty of time to spare. It would have taken another 3 or 4 seconds to get here."

Another drifting booby trap eliminated. It's a routine procedure that goes on all the time, I was told.

"That could be used as a weapon of mass destruction! I blurted out. "You have weapons aboard this ship!"

"Listen to me carefully now. There are no weapons in space. They aren't allowed." She put great emphasis on the words.

"The atomizer is totally harmless to living organisms, both animal and vegetable," she said after a pause. "You could stand directly in front of it and it wouldn't so much as singe an eyelash. It is effective only against inanimate objects. It is a tool." She further explained that the energy ray penetrates to the very core of every atom in the targeted object. If a single living cell is detected, the beam passes harmlessly through.

"Lets say that the meteoroid contained a living bacterium inside its core," she said, "a simple one-celled animal. We would know immediately that there was life aboard when the rock or hunk of iron failed to atomize when the beam struck it."

I believed her. "What would you do then?"

"If there was time, send a shuttle craft out to snare it and bring it back to the laboratory for study," she replied. "Otherwise we would do nothing except take evasive action if we were about to be hit by it. If it was going to miss the moon, then the shuttle craft would chase it down and capture it."

Once analyzed, the rock would be crushed into harmless dust and sprinkled back into space. Larger objects, let's say the size of a modern aircraft carrier or larger, would be studied on site and then eventually catapulted toward the nearest star, where they would be consumed. And the solar system would be just a little bit safer from wandering marauders.


Maybe some of you remember the letters I received from "Tro", purportedly an ET. One of their duties he said was to capture meteors and disintegrate them! Hmmm maybe he was real!

Thursday's Child

Sunday, July 13, 2008


While camping on the Arizona desert around 9:00 p.m., the subject and a friend are levitated into a 200-foot diameter, saucer-shaped UFO.

The subject finds himself and witness in a small room, paralyzed and unable to resist. Suddenly several 7-foot tall beings enter and undress them both, then take them in opposite directions down a curving hallway. The beings are ugly, with sloping shoulders, crocodile scaled skin, elephant-like feet, and hands with three fingers and a recessed thumb. Supported by two beings, the subject seems to glide rather than walk. Heavy fog or mist is everywhere.

They stop at a door with an insignia on it. There are blinking lights at the top and sides. When touched by one of the beings, the door seems to explode, and the subject moves in a very bright room. After actually walking some distance he is placed against a curving wall, from which he is unable to move. The wall lights up, and he feels pleasant.

Two of the 7-foot beings station themselves at consoles of some kind, and a third stands beside a pole on which there is a movable box with many tiny colored blinking lights, and two large intense lights. One of these large lights holds the subject's eyes in a fixed gaze; the other is apparently some sort of biological probe. The subject experiences a series of uncomfortable if painless sensations from his feet upward: he senses he is bleeding; he urinates; he feels water run from his stomach; he feels his chest opened and he thinks his heart has left his body briefly; finally his head feels "pulled" violently. Then everything stops, and shortly the lights on the box go off.

The subject senses that the intense lights on the box are connected with blinking lights which seem to traverse a clear cable leading from the moving box to the pole, and perhaps up the pole to another level.

The subject detects a distinct unpleasant odor. Then from across the room out of the fog comes a 9-foot being, like the others only larger. He approaches the subject, who is frightened but calms suddenly when the being places his huge hand on the subject's head. The 9-footer apparently communicates telepathically with the subject, without moving his mouth. A message is communicated to the subject. Then the subject experiences an out-of-the body trip.

The message is a combination of vague philosophical statements, general information about the aliens' origin and purpose, and a promise that they will return. The aliens seem to the subject to be clones of a central host intelligence in the form of a vast on-board computer. The host once had humanoid form, but now can either inhabit the computer or materialize as a humanoid. There is a large lab on the second floor of the UFO where young clones are grown in cylinders. The ship is "checking the original biological plantation" on earth.

The subject's telepathic trip is through future time to the aliens' home, a harsh, purplish world, domed, with two suns. However rugged its geography, the subject senses that it is a very happy place.

On the way to the aliens' home, the subject views earth during a future war -- bright flashes apparently signify total atomic destruction (Dates given for this "doomsday" range from April 3, 1985 to December 24, 2011, but settle on June 7, 1985 at high noon exactly.) (What happened on that day??)

The subject is taken from the wall and returned down the curving hall to the small room where he meets his friend, who looks weak and ashen. They dress and then are floated to the ground. They stumble around in the darkness until they find their camp. About two hours has passed. Neither remembers what has happened, but, frightened and disorientated, they frantically throw all their gear into their truck and race home.

This took place on March 14, 1971

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Recently Tom Richards called in to Coast to Coast am. He lives in the Seattle, Washington area. Retired from the Boeing Company, he has always been interested in airplanes. He worked in the "wind tunnel" at Boeing before he retired.

His claim to fame is his contact with extraterrestrials. He has a workshop where he works on different things, like he has a jet plane he has invented, a hawk that flies, etc. He has pieces of airplanes all over his workshop.

I ordered his DVD called "Aliens in My Toyshop". Most of it was about his inventions but he finally got around to telling about his contact with the ETs. There were a few significant things he told that I hadn't heard before. One is that the eyes, are not eyes at all. The big black coverings are virtual reality lenses and they see 1/4 second ahead in time.

Tom had built models of the aliens. There were four ETs that visited him. However, even though they look alike he felt they were like tourists because they would ask the same questions as the previous ones, therefore he believes it is a new group each time. He has had 34 visits so far from the ETs. They are as tall as him, have white heads and a one piece covering down and over their feet. He said the material is like T-shirt material and it covers their faces so that they do not pick up bacteria while here or give us germs. They have a stripe around the waist. The main one had a different colored stripe which depicted rank. It is repeated around the neck. He also had a white belt around his middle. These are their military uniforms. Their hands and 4 fingers are very long.

Tom said they told him that before they can fly their craft they were aviators. That is why they were interested in his jet airplane he has invented. They would ask him what he was doing and he would tell them. Then he asked them how their craft flew. They put a picture in his head of flip charts, like on a a tripod, and the pages went zip zip zip by so fast he could hardly see it. He felt with hypnosis perhaps he could draw what he had seen but he hasn't tried that yet.

They enjoyed looking at his tools. They would pick them up and go ahead in time and examine them then after two minutes they would bring them back and put them down in another place, which drove him crazy!

The ETs told him they had lost their history. That is why they were so interested in what he was doing because it was like their prehistoric history. They cannot volunteer information because they have a rule that they cannot upset the culture. Sometimes after they ask him things he sneaks in a question and they answer it. Everything he is doing is new to them.

One time he asked if he could go for a ride and see where they came from. They said yes. Next thing you know he was on this huge mother ship which took five minutes to get there from here. From there he was placed in this power unit that was turned on which compressed time and gravity. You drift across this field and when they turn it off instantaneously they were on their planet which is 28 light years away. They did not let him see anything on the way to the mother ship but when they got to the planet he was able to see the surrounding area which was pristine with green grass. It looked like golf courses, forests and parks. There were ramps shaped like circular mounds and the little craft they use were parked on a ramp that went around and around the mound. This was like a parking garage to them.

The ETs do everything under ground. That is where they live and work. He said they come from an area around Zeta Reticuli in the Draco constellation. He is not afraid of them at all. They told him they have always come to earth.

One reason that they can disappear before your eyes is that they are 1/4 second in time ahead of what would be our normal time. The leader had a black box on his side and if they felt threatened he would touch it and they would go ahead in time so that they disappeared immediately. That was new too to what I have heard before. The first time they came one stayed in the yard, 3 in line were coming into his shop with the main one in front. He saw them and he heard them shout in his head, "He sees us!" The main one reached down and twisted something on the little black box on his belt and they were all gone. They had gone ahead in time. He said that they cannot be shot or hurt because going ahead in time they are not there.

I thought it was interesting that they can only stay a minute and a half. He hears them beeping in his ear and he knows when they are coming back.

They must have put an implant in his head sometime or other, because he said the way they are able to communicate with him was by an implant in his head that it is artificially alive. He thinks his answers or questions, it goes back to the main guy and the rest hear it. He then interprets it into English and sends back the answer! Hope I have that correct.

Tom has written a book which will be coming out soon. It tells about his contact with the ETs.

The DVD was very short but I enjoyed it. He had a good sense of humor which made it more enjoyable.

For more information go to

Thursday's Child

Sunday, July 6, 2008


The South Carolina man was taken by a group of ETs to an underground lab where a series of bizarre experiments were conducted on him. A small "tattoo" was even placed at the base of the abductee's back.

This article was in "UFO UNIVERSE" and I have put it on the blog as a follow up to the last article by Ed Conroy because it is intimated that the underground lab was in or near Dulce, NM. It involves Christa Tilton and Donavon Masters and they are the authors of the article. (Used by permission of Tim Beckley)

On the morning of October 12, 1980, at approximately 3:30 a.m. i, Donavon Masters, received a call from a man who had a well-publicized sighting in the area in which I lived at the time. South Carolina was becoming well known for its UFO sightings and contacts. Interested, I had gone to speak with him earlier about his sighting. The call went something like this: "Donavon, there is a strange light in the sky and it's headed your way! Would you mind going outside to see if you can see it?" I assured him that I would and I hung up the phone, wiped the sleep from my eyes, got dressed and went outdoors.

After a few minutes I spotted a strange object headed in my direction. At this point it was rather small and difficult to see through the trees, so I decided to get in the car and drive to a better location. I kept my eyes on the object so much that I drove the car off the road a couple of times.

As the object got closer, it also got bigger. I had reached the intersection in the road so I stopped the car and got out, watching this object as it came closer and closer. Then it stopped right across the highway in front of me. There it was -- a brilliant white light the size of a grapefruit just hanging there in the Eastern sky.

I was totally mesmerized by a feeling of warm security which words cannot easily convey. There was this feeling of an electrical charge or tingling sensation, which flowed in waves from the top of my head throughout my entire body to the tips of my fingers and toes. It was as though time stood still; there was no perception of time.

As I watched the object, I noticed a very small white light that blinked constantly. It was then that I spotted two more objects out of the corner of my right eye. They were smaller and revolved with red and white lights. The erratic movements were like a penny falling to the ground. One flew from my right to the top of the larger object, the other to the bottom, simultaneously. They both lined up with the larger object in a vertical fashion. It appeared that they were being drawn to the larger light. There was absolutely no sound coming from any of them!

It was then that I decided that I had better come to my senses and drive back to the house. Basically, I wanted to grab my camera in case I saw them once again. Unfortunately, upon my return, the objects were gone.


In February of 1980 this incident took place. My wife was in a town abut seven miles from where we lived. She was approached by a strange looking man on the street. The following conversation ensued:

Stranger: "You are married to Donavon Masters, aren't you?"
Wife: "Yes."
Stranger: "Has he ever told you of his belief that he is a being from another planet or world?"
Wife: "Yes, as a matter of act, he has. How did you know?"
Stranger: "That is of no consequence. You think he is crazy, don't you?"
Wife: "Well, maybe not crazy, but perhaps he has a screw loose."

He went on to tell her many things about Donavon Masters that only I would know. "As for the belief that I'm from another planet, until now I had only told my mother and wife, for fear of ridicule. Well,the last statement the stranger made was this: "Your husband is not crazy. Although most of the beings of your world cannot comprehend nor understand such intelligence, because of the high standards they have set for themselves. Please tell him that when the time for him is right, he will know everything."

With that statement, the stranger turned and then walked away, leaving my wife very perplexed. Neither my wife nor I have seen him since.

When she came home and told me about the events that had just transpired, needless to say, I was amazed! I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was asking myself who was this mysterious stranger? On the other hand, I really felt good about the confirmation of a belief I have held all my life.


The following is, I feel a very real experience, which I believe ties in with the experiences of Christa Tilton.

Three of my friends and I were taken to what I perceived to be some type of underground installation or UFO base. I say "friends" because that is how I perceived them, although I had not met them at the time. I remember feeling as though I had been drugged, as if everything was kind of going in slow motion. We were placed on and strapped to a conveyor belt by our wrists and ankles. The conveyor was activated and as it began to move, our bodies were passed through blocks of pure intense light. These blocks of light (perhaps laser scanning devices) were either green or blue in color. At each block there was what I perceived to be a robot controller. They also were either blue or green in color. Their color corresponded to the color of the light in front of which they stood. The robots were in human form, but with no distinguishable human characteristics. Along the wall in the first room were barrels of some substance which had a very pungent odor. These barrels were stacked one on top of the other.

Suddenly we were on a different conveyor belt or at the end of the first one. As the belt moved around a circular console, it stopped. There were two men, human in form and characteristics, seated at the console. One assisted the other. One of them picked up what I thought was a razor and shaved an area on my back left side, just below the waist line. I remember the spot bled considerably. I was released and then I observed them carrying out the same procedure on my friends. I remember thinking over and over, "What is happening to me?" Then I heard a reply from one of the aliens. "You have just been implanted with your government control extension number." I remember looking into a mirror and looking at the area that bled. The number "04" was there.

In a very upset manner I turned to a woman in a uniform and exclaimed, "You can't do this to me!" Incidentally, all the personnel in this facility wore uniforms. I then ran back to the console where they allowed me to leave. By that time, my friends had been released also. I hurriedly told them what I had discovered what was happening to us. As I was speaking, the two men at the console were gathering materials in a great hurry, in what seemed to me like an attempt to escape. In particular, I remember the man that had implanted the number on me had a computer print-out list. He protected that list with his life as my friends and I ran after him and another humanoid. They escaped through a set of double doors.

This is what is strange.... that during the time I was there I sincerely believe I saw Christa Tilton in this same facility. I also do not think it was our first meeting.

Like Christa, I also have been plagued by intense, repetitive drams of meetings and communications with what appear to be non-human, other-worldly beings. I am also continually frustrated by my inability to learn the truth about my experiences. Also, like Christa, I suffer from insomnia and the fear of what might happen if I fall asleep. I believe that I have been abducted countless times and it was one of those vivid times when I am sure I saw Christa aboard a craft.

I remember walking around a circular corridor, just sort of checking things out unattended when I came upon an open door. I walked just inside the door and there she was, just lying there on what seemed to be an examination table. She was surrounded by light grey alien beings, 1/2 to 4 feet tall. They were wearing what looked like close-fitting coveralls, almost like a second skin. I was then told telepathically that I was not to enter that area nor to ever contact her. I was not only asked to leave, but also escorted out of the room and down the corridor. At that very moment things became very hazy and I fainted. That is all I can recall from this experience.

I believe that the grey aliens are perhaps a cross between biological and superior electronics or cyborgs. As for the human-looking aliens, I believe that we are direct descendants of them,, seeded here on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago by space travelers from other worlds like ours. These two passages from the Bible are called to mind at this point: Genesis 6:2 "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." Also verse four: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that,when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

Not only do I believe that these passages are the very crux of the abduction experience, but also a very real explanation for the reason behind Christa's continued abductions. I further believe that thousands of abductees have very important parts in the ushering in of the "Golden Age of the Millennium" or the "Age of Reason." These are spiritual teachings taught to me by our space brothers in a higher dimension of reality. Although, Christa and myself are not alone, I suggest that there are thousands out there like ourselves, perhaps afraid to seek out help and a better understanding of their experiences because of the ignorance or lack of knowledge concerning this vast, exotic subject. They are like the ostrich who stick their heads in the sand because they are afraid to question their own fates.


Much of what Donavon saw underground cannot be discussed here for some of what happened remains too painful for him to speak about. In the April/May UFO Universe, I detailed my numerous experiences which took place in an underground UFO base located under the community of Dulce, New Mexico. I saw an array of conveyor systems in this underground facility and at every checkpoint there was a computer console. Also, Donavon saw what he could only call "a computerized elevator," which correlates with the magnetic elevator I was taken on. There is also the matter of the pungent smell when he came close to the large barrels.

We both saw human entities and small grey aliens working in the same area. What the purpose is for them to be working side by side; researchers still have found no answers to this enigma.

What is unfortunate is that Donavon's marriage broke up because of his obsession in finding out what had transpired. I too, have loved and lost because of my obsession with what really happened to me.

For the most part, the aliens seem oblivious to our emotions. Can you imagine how horrifying it must have been for Donavon to be shackled down to this conveyor system and actually feel the tattoo being embedded into his side? The tattoo is apparently only visible under some special type of lighting the aliens have. It brings to my mind our branding and tagging of animals to track them. This is exactly what I believe happened to Donavon Masters.

Donavon has had other abductions, but this one particularly stood out in his mind because he recognized me as being on board and he felt helpless because he wanted to try and assist my escape.

Another interesting aspect to this experience for Donavon is the fact that the people he labeled his "friends" were all of a different culture. He remembered being especially close to a black man who was also experiencing the same tattoo. They both were angry because they had no control over the situation.

But there have been certain negative aspects to this encounter, overall these experiences have had a positive impact on Donavon's life. In many ways, he feels different and special.

On March 30/31, 1987, I had a strange abduction south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was taken on board a UFO and given another physical examination. I remember looking to the left and seeing a young blond man just standing there with tears in his eyes. I telepathically heard the head alien tell the man to leave immediately. I have to wonder, "could that young man have been Donavon?"

Donavon sent me some of his medical records in which it stated that there was some type of strange object found under his skin. It still haunts him to this day.

I have to wonder just how many of us have had similar experiences and have never reported them to anyone? Maybe sharing the experiences will help all of us. I know it helps me!


It would be nice if Donavon's experiences ended here, but unfortunately -- for him -- they did not. Soon after he reported seeing objects in the sky and this strange man approached his wife asking far too personal questions, Donavon began noticing a black car driving around the trailer park he owned. This man poses as a man working in conjunction with the government and even began scaring the neighbors. No one knew who this man was or where he really came from. In a small town like Liberty, South Carolina, everyone knows what is going on with all their residents. He never approached Donavon, but would park across the road in his black car and just sit there for hours.

Scared and confused, this is when Donavon contacted me at researcher Wendelle Steven's home. I tried to comfort him, but it is difficult when you truly feel your life is in danger. Then mysterious, unmarked, black helicopters began flying low over the trailer park. Donavon felt they were of government origin, but could not be certain. Donavon began to feel weak and his health deteriorated during the next few months. I received a letter from him the other day which bordered on the bizarre. It was as if Donavon was not writing the letter, but I knew it was his handwriting. He had never come across as being overly religious in any sense, but the letter was quite the opposite. Maybe this is Donavon's way of dealing with his experiences. I know I have a closer relationship with God because of my experiences. But again, men-in-black activity haunted him for quite some time. It is too bad that more has not been written on the subject of these strange MIB. More investigating is certainly required if we are to understand and help the victims of unwanted harassment by the strong arm of some unknown agency.


When first interviewing a man about his alien examinations I always try to allow them to tell me "all" the story. Sometimes, for a man revealing things of a sexual nature to a woman he has never met can be quite disconcerting. So I spoke to Donavon on many occasions before he ever mentioned the possibility of genetic tampering with him.

This reminds me of the case of Jocelino de Mattos from Maringa, Brazil. Jocelino was taken to an exam room inside a UFO and laid down on a table. The beings examined him, taking sperm samples with a tubular device and placing the specimen in a clear package. Later, Jocelino and his brother Roberto had sexual relations with two of the beings on board the craft.

For Donavon, I believe, something such as this may have happened to him and it is being suppressed by his subconscious. Donavon has often showed interest in trying hypnosis, but in the years gone by, I believe the thought is jut too painful for him to dredge up at this point.

At some stage, I believe there was some speculation on Donavon's part that he and I could possibly be lined in such a way. I try to play this down because even thought it could be humanly possible, it would be hard to prove that both Donavon and myself were on the same craft or in the same underground facility at the time this happened to him. For now, Donavon is happily living alone. His wife divorced him right after these strange events and Donavon has chosen not to marry again. He seems happy and has not had any events occur recently, although the aliens have been known to wait for years before contacting their subject again. I believe the tattoo might be the answer to many of our questions.

The puzzle of the underground facility still remains. At the time Donovan reported his experience to me, he had not read any material on the underground experiences of others. I think that many of us here on Earth are herded up like cattle and maybe given some type of invisible implant underneath our skin in the form of a number. In Donavon's case he had only one implanted if true. But, in my case and in many other instances, we remember numerous implants placed in many areas of our bodies. What do these implants do for the aliens? What do they do for us? The study will continue and there will be many more like Donavon who have these encounters with beings from another world.

We are being manipulated by some force outside of our realm of understanding. Maybe by reporting more stories such as Donavon's we can place the pieces of the puzzle together. The best we can do for now is give support to our friends who do not understand. An update may be warranted in the future, but let us hope Donavon will be left in peace. For this is all we want here on Earth anyway, PEACE.

Donavan's real name is Samuel Paul Holcombe. This is an update dated 2005 from his web site.

One of the more recent inexplicable events is as follows, September 28, 2005. I left my friends house driving home at 11:00 pm. As I was approaching a road side park which is 4.4 miles from my friends house I was thinking that I needed to stop by my post office box and pick up my mail. That was my last conscious recallable memory until I was standing in my bedroom with a nose bleed and my friends truck was parked behind my house, I looked at the clock, it was 1:30 am. I was feeling as though I had been drugged and went straight to bed. The following morning I didn't wake up until 11:30 am, still feeling as though I had been drugged, that feeling lasted for about three hours after I awoke, and my legs were weak and unsteady. It is 4.4 miles from my friends house to the aforementioned roadside park and 5.3 miles from that park to my home. A trip distance of 9.7 miles which would have normally taken no longer than 20 minutes lasted for more than two and one half hours, with absolutely no recall of what happened from the roadside park to my home. Consequently, I never did stop at the post office to pick up my mail that night.

Thursday's Child

Thursday, July 3, 2008



by Ed Conroy

Dulce, New Mexico lies quietly in a valley surrounded by the land of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe, just south of Ute Indian land in north central New Mexico. Because the "situation report" had referred to an "Archuleta Mesa" near Dulce as being the site of one supposed base, we had initially formed an image of Dulce as lying in arid, desert land where the typical "mesa" formations of the Southwest (squarish, flat-topped hills devoid of vegetation) are found. Such a supposition is not unreasonable, as much of the land due west of Dulce is a desert, distinguished by the presence of the hauntingly beautiful Chaco Canyon ruins, the site of remarkable, carved-stone dwellings once used by the now mysteriously disappeared Anasazi people.

In actuality, though, the Dulce area is heavily forested with pine trees which cover handsome hills and ridges. The Archuleta Mesa is one such forested ridge immediately north of the town.

Upon arriving in Dulce, we noticed we were staying across the street from the headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe. Even the hallways of our motel were decorated with remarkable examples of Native American paintings. It was clear that we were in an Indian town.

Although the "situation report" document had mentioned the supposed bases' location on the lands of the Jicarilla Apache peoples, we were, admittedly, surprised. Nothing we had read about Dulce in any of the papers distributed among UFO researchers had said that Dulce itself is a town where the white man is an alien.

On our first morning in Dulce, we went to the tribal offices and asked to be received by an official of the tribe. We were shown into the office of Barbara Hernandez, the tribal secretary, who received us politely. We identified ourselves as representing The Communion Letter, a copy of which we gave to Mrs. Hernandez. We also stated frankly that we were there to find out what we could about reports of secret alien bases in the area, and what the local response to such reports might be.

Barbara Hernandez said she had first learned about the Dulce underground alien base rumors through reading an article in a national tabloid. She said that the tribe had recently been visited, as well, by UFO investigators who requested permission to dig under an old church on the reservation in hopes of finding some clue as to the question of alien bases. That request had been denied, she said, mention that there was no "old church" on the reservation lands. The Dutch Reformed Church in the town of Dulce is of relatively recent construction, she said.

When given a copy of the December, 1987 "situation report" from Las Vegas, however, she was particularly interested in reading the section on page 9, presumably derived from a conversation between Paul Bennewitz and a man identified only as Jim McCampbell. That section states that Bennewitz determined (in an unspecified manner) the location of the underground facility as "a kilometer underground beneath the Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico. (Since 1976, one of the areas of the US hardest hit by mutilations.)"

Although the "situation report" document had been in circulation since December of 1987, Mrs. Hernandez said to us this was the first time that it had been brought to the attention of a Jicarilla Apache tribal official.

Hernandez also read with interest the passage in that document that states:

"The base is 2 1/2 miles northwest of Dulce, and almost overlooks the town. There is a level highway (sic) 36' wide going (sic) into the area. It is a government road. One can see telemetry trailers and buildings that are five-sided with a dome. Next to the dome, a black limousine (sic) was noted -- a CIA vehicle. These limos will run you off the road if you try to get into the area. To the north there is a launch site. There are two wrecked ships there; they are 36' long with wings, and one can see oxygen and hydrogen tanks. The ships that we got out of the trade are atomic-powered with plutonium pellets. Refueling of the plutonium is accomplished at Los Alamos. The base has been there since 1948."

We made a copy of that document and gave it to Mrs. Hernandez, who said that she would share it with the president of the tribe and other officials.

Mrs. Hernandez was very obliging, too, when we said we wished to look at records in the Jicarilla Chieftan. She called Mary Polanco, editor of the Chieftan, who joined us in her office. Mrs. Polanco also said she had not seen the "situation report" document before, and shared Hernandez's interest in it.

In the course of our discussion with Mrs. Hernandez she said to us that many people had reported strange lights in the skies over the reservation to her and other tribal officials. She added that an elderly tribal member living on the reservation had taken a photograph of a UFO that appeared near his house. She added, regretfully, that she knew he would not show it to outsiders.

However, Mrs. Hernandez did confirm that there had been quite a few cattle mutilations in the Dulce area, noting that these had been indeed investigated by law enforcement officials and reported by the Jicarilla Chieftan. Mary Polanco agreed to show us her files of back issues of the Chieftan, in which we did find a number of stories of anomalous mutilations that occurred in 1978 and 1979.

The descriptions of cattle mutilations in the Chieftan correspond to those compiled by such recognized investigators of the phenomenon as Tom Adams and Linda Howe. For example, we found one article that stated one bull was found with its sex organs removed, with an incision made around its anus and its blood drained. The organs had "apparently been cut with a sharp instrument." That same article stated that "According to reliable sources, many people have viewed mysterious objects in the area at the time the mutilation occurred." (Chieftan, May 8, 1978, "Bull mutilation discovered.")

It was clear from the record that the matter had been of great concern to the community, even resulting in a public hearing. The Chieftan did not sensationalize the reports, although it did publish a photograph of perfectly round (4" diameter) markings found in the mud in the immediate vicinity of a mutilated cow, with the cut line reading "UNUSUAL LANDING GEAR." There were signs, however, of an attempt from an official level to squash public interest in the matter. A front page Chieftan story dated July 30, 1979 related a report made by Ken Rommel, then the state of New Mexico's chief cattle mutilations investigator, that "from the cattle he has seen, he couldn't find anything that cannot be explained"

According to Mary Polanco, though, not everyone in Dulce was of that same opinion. The Chieftan itself reported a comment at a state hearing from New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez that "It is hard for me to believe predators could pull the heart of a cow out through a small hole in the chest." (Chieftan, May 7, 1979.) Valdez, it might be noted, was named New Mexico Officer of the Year in 1978 by vote of his fellow officers. We learned from Mary Polanco that he had moved to Albuquerque.

Mrs. Hernandez had granted our request to drive onto the reservation, as well as to inspect and photograph as much of it as we desired, so later that day we drove out of town looking for signs of the road and structures which Bennewitz had reportedly mentioned.

In doing so, we explored the only road that leads out of Dulce in the direction of the Archuleta Mesa, as well as the other two roads that lead from Dulce onto reservation land. What we found in going toward the mesa (following directions in the "situation report") was that, once the paved road from the Dulce town ended, we were at all times on unpaved dirt roads of normal width. At no time did we see anywhere in the vicinity of Dulce or Archuleta Mesa anything at all like the description of a 36' wide gravel "government" road, nor did we see any electrical antenna or other structure that could be construed to be a "telemetry trailer." There are, in fact, no gravel roads to be seen in the entire area. The only structures we saw on the reservation near the mesa, aside from bridges, were the ruins of an old water tower for a locomotive train that once traversed reservation lands and a small house, visibly inhabited by an Apache family.

Nor, for that matter, were we chased by black limousines.

Most of the roads that wind up the hills around Dulce are narrow, serpentine, logging roads that would slow down any vehicle intent on chasing anyone. Through using a map of the reservation we obtained in Dulce, we found a road which appeared to ascend the Archuleta Mesa, and began to follow it, hoping to get to the very top of that small mountain. All along our trip up the mesa, we saw not a single sign of a "launch pad" or any indication that the land had been used for any purpose except logging and camping.

Mrs. Hernandez had also put us in touch with a tribal official who agreed to take us on a tour of part of the reservation and speak to us regarding what he knew of unusual happenings in the area. This gentleman asked to remain anonymous. Like Mrs. Hernandez, he had heard of the outside world's interest in Dulce, but had not previously seen the "situation report."

Our guide took us to land his family holds, and up to a promontory where we could see both Archuleta Mesa and Mount Archuleta, the latter also reputed to be a possible site of an alien base. On his family land, he showed us a circular patch of ground approximately 30 feet in diameter which he had said had exhibited a resistance to crop seeds for as long as anyone in his family could remember -- well over 80 years. This area, which lies in the middle of an alfalfa field, is indeed unusual in that only a minimal amount of weeds grew within its border, while other, lusher greens grew about it in the encompassing field.

Our guide was familiar, as well, with the many cattle mutilations that had occurred in the Dulce area, having been involved in their aftermath in an official capacity. He did not accept the idea that they were the work of satanic cults or another relatively prosaic source.

Upon returning to Dulce in his vehicle, our conversation turned toward traditional Native American ideas of the Trickster-Coyote, who plays such a large role in the myths of the Southwestern peoples. Our guide warmed at this turn in the talk, and pointed to a lake we were passing. He directed our attention to a certain bend in the road that clung to one shore of the lake.

That bend, he said, has been the site of a number of car and truck accidents where drivers have run off the road straight into the lake. Where the drivers had survived to tell what happened, he said, they all reported having seen what appeared to be a straight stretch of road at the point where it actually curved.

While that was odd enough, he remarked, he had spoken with elders of the tribe who had told him that people who walked by that curve in the lake in the years when the road was only a trail also reported a similarly strange distortion of their vision, sometimes having fallen into the lake.

Those same elders, he said, absolutely refused to talk about the cattle mutilations, following a strict "mind your own business" policy. Our guide could not help but comment, though, that he found the ideas of some kind of underground activity associated with UFOs and the mutilations to be very intriguing, particularly in the light of the Jicarilla Apache peoples' own creation myth, which states that they emerged from the underworld -- a curious foreshadowing of the modern stories of underground bases and genetic experiments. The Jicarilla myth further states that humanity was not directly created by god, but rather by supernatural beings who live within the earth.

Talking with our guide was a challenging experience. He occasionally tested us with disarming questions and statements, but also seemed to share our interest in exploring the hidden aspects of life around Dulce. It was clear, too, that he was completely at home in his own Native American culture, yet at the same time very conversant with the ways of the mainstream culture. He was willing to consider the possibility that real, alien bases existed somewhere near Dulce, but no sooner would the conversation move in that direction but he would turn it back toward a more Apache point of reference.

We did notice one particular area where his point of view differed significantly from that ascribed to Bennewitz. According to the "situation report," the "base" at Dulce has been in operation "since 1948." To our guide, stories such as that of the mysterious road to the lake and the strange circle in the field were as old as the memory of his people.

It would be a mistake, however, to conclude that our guide chose to interpret events through only a sort of regional, ethnic screen. He was convinced, for example, that unusual happenings in the area were of great interest to people in the federal government and law enforcement agencies. He told us, in fact, of the landing of a black unmarked helicopter in the town of Dulce which occurred a few years back (he would not specify the year), out of which emerged men in camouflage fatigues carrying M-16 rifles. The men's uniforms bore no insignia of any kind, he said, making it impossible to identify them with any known detachment of the US armed forces. Upon being approached by members of the tribal police driving toward the area in their trucks, the soldiers got into the helicopter and flew away.

Similar stories of landings by black, unmarked helicopters and men in uniforms with no insignia have been recorded in various parts of the country. For example, a similar report was recorded in the Orange County Register of May 10, 1987, which described the landing on a Southern California beach of two black helicopters manned by armed soldiers in unmarked green uniforms who refused to identify themselves.

We could not leave Dulce without reflecting on and discussing what appeared to us to be the irresponsibility evident in much of the obviously inaccurate "reporting" that had been circulated about Dulce without any contact with the Jicarilla Apache Tribe. The "situation report" document states "After Bennewitz briefed Air Force Officials (sic) on what he had found, a trip to the area revealed the following data:" and goes on to describe the 36' wide road, telemetry trailer and other features quote earlier. The "situation report," though, does not explicitly state who took this trip. Judging from our extensive tour of the Dulce area, it is hard to see how the description of the road, trailer, dome and "launch site" could be correct.

Upon re-reading the "situation report" after our Dulce trip, we were also struck by its implicitly racist assumptions. It was evident that, for its author(s), the real, Indian people living in and around Dulce were insignificant. Considering the extraordinary attention given these unverified stories by UFO investigators and publications, it is amazing that they had put so little effort into investigating Dulce. It would also seem that, for some people in the UFO community, the thrill of publishing scary stories -- without a shred of concern for how they may affect witnesses -- is greater than concern for the facts.

What we believe should be underlined in bold strokes, is the manner in which the UFO community has apparently gone about making assumptions about Dulce without even consulting the Native American people who live there. For the author of the "situation report" to have released it to major UFO investigators around the country without sending a copy of tribal officials in Dulce reveals an extraordinary lack of respect for the Jicarilla Apache community.

What we do know about Dulce, drawn from the record of the bizarre and as-yet-unexplained cattle mutilations which occurred in the area, is disturbing information. Yet those mutilations, the strange lights in the sky, unusual marks on the ground and some witness testimony regarding a black helicopter landing do not by necessity point to the presence of a secret alien base in Dulce. They are without doubt strange occurrences, and the story of the black helicopter may well point to some kind of interest in monitoring cattle mutilations by federal authorities. Yet, were one an Apache elder and not disposed to assume an alien-outer-space scenario for the larger pattern of events, they could also be understood as "trickster" phenomena managed by a modern-day (or perhaps very ancient Coyote), not to be taken at their face-value alone. Within the context of a traditional people who have made certain social adaptations to their environment, there may be valuable insights in the lore they have attached to unusual phenomena around them.

There are indeed mysteries in the Dulce area, but who are we to think that we can explore them without the help of the people who know the area best? It may well be that what is required to understand the strange events reported in Dulce is not so much high-technology equipment and sensors, but perhaps something subtler; the ability to think a little less like a white man, and more like an Apache.

Ed Conroy reports on the arts and electronic media for the San Antonio Express News. This article was written in 1990.

How do you explain this then?

El Vado New Mexico, 25 Miles South Of Dulce, NM Lights

Date: June 28, 2008
Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: El Vado New Mexico, 25 miles south of Dulce, NM.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: ?
Shape of objects: Lights.

Full Description of event/sighting: I took a photo of the lake in front of my house before heading out the door for a drive. I took this photo from inside my living room looking outward. There appears to be 3 bright lights that I thought were campfires. My husband told me that was impossible since no one is allowed to burn in the area and also it is above the lake area into the Jicarrilla Apache mountain side which is impossible since there are no trespassing signs posted everywhere. People have been arrested in the past for walking in these areas. Also there are no roads where these lights appeared. When I looked at my photo on my computer I also notice streaks flying across. All of my lights were off in my house so there was no way it could have been a reflection from inside my house. I checked my camera to see if the lens was dirty which it was not. The speed was set at 1600/auto. It is a Canon G9. I would love to send you the photo to take a look at it and give me your opinion.

Thank you.

Thank you to the witness for their report, and I am requesting the photo.

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