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From The Coming of Tan
Riley Martin's contact case

(A good treatise for election day)

... In most civilizations, advanced or primitive, living or dead, legends and recordings of space visitors are an integral part of their history. Even in those ancient times, we find that these sky visitors generally chose to contact and communicate with the common man instead of with those who were rich and powerful, and the same holds true even unto this day.

The aliens don't seem to be interested in the political and position aspirations of man nor are they interested in literally preserving most individuals from those privileged walks of life. The future survival of the human species will not lie in the hands of the dictator or the privileged dynasties but in the propensity of the common man to assure mass survival by the sharing of available resources. Those who hoard and control any commodity of necessity to the masses are the cause of most of man's ills and are of no present inspirational or spiritual value to the aliens and are of no real future value from the practical sense.

Then be sure, there has always been and there will always be a definite need for leaders among humans, just as there are always leaders among the animals of nature. If prehistoric leaders among the human species had been of the same quality as are the leaders of today, the Homosapiens could not have survived. If the strongest hunter had hoarded all the meat and fruit from the rest of the clan, then the masses would have starved. If the stronger males had killed all of the weaker males, or failed to protect all the members in sickness and in health, they would have died out. In order for any race or society to endure and prosper, each member of that society must be given or have unhindered access to at least the bare necessities of life.

The aliens look upon this planet as just one world community and tend to measure the worth of man by how he treats those the least among his kind. They do not recognize country, state and city boundaries when observing the planet. This great imbalance in the possession of natural resources is a thing restricted exclusively to man on this planet.

The aliens revere the wisdom of the aged and view all children in a common parenting sense. No Biaviian would ever permit another of their kind to live in want of the common necessities of life. It would be, to them, an unbearable shame, which would reflect upon them all. In their eyes, when compared to all of the other living orders of above animal intelligences, the human species must be placed at the very bottom, not because humans are technically or even spiritually inferior to all other intelligences, because we are not, but because of man's willful perversity of moral character concerning his own.

During the course of our extensive conversations Tan asked me a question which I've never since forgotten. He asked, "Martin, if all humans were given those things essential to survival, would the rich be made poorer or the strong made weaker?" I said that I didn't think so. "Then the humanoid bi-ped is a most repulsive species indeed, for not even the Targs are guilty of such a thing nor the Skreed."

Of course, the overall situation on Earth is not that simple but the concept of a global community free from the want of food and shelter is clearly within our agricultural and technological capabilities, and it wouldn't necessarily alter the balance of social and economical power. In other words, the rich would remain rich, the famous famous and the powerful powerful. Bearing this in mind, the aliens have concluded that such negative circumstances are the results of man's willful inhumanity toward his fellow beings.

Our first recorded rules or laws governing the workings of a communal society were probably of extraterrestrial origin. These first rules and laws were not born of divine inspiration but were simply a structuring and humanization of a more primordial method of progression. No philosophical or spiritually exalting doctrine has yet managed to improve upon the simple premise of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If this rule alone were followed as closely as possible, it would nullify most of the greater problems afflicting humanity. The common elements of decency and fairness are truly universal in their application and hold true on Biaveh just as on the planet Earth.


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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

On or about July 19, 2008 I attended a MUFON meeting. At that time, I was asked to become an Investigator in order to assist others who have also had UFO sightings, abductions, and most importantly contact. I know that the state director was sharing his time with me based on my first hand experiences and my reports made to MUFON.

Earl Benezet, the Kentucky State Director mentioned my psychic skills and I explained that everyone has these intuitive abilities but that not everyone chooses to use and enhance their abilities. Also, I explained that certain people who are contacted are encoded with extra DNA that are camouflaged in the earth medical tests performed so there is no difference shown or in other words, we cannot be detected from being other than normal. I cannot prove this but I know this to be the truth. My basic thoughts:

Being that I have been a paid professional Investigator most of my life, as either an Arson Investigator, Insurance Investigator, Private Investigator, Legal Investigator, General Service Investigator, Investigative Reporter, and Syndicated Journalist, I decided to consider the offer.

I had lived a life with these other beings in my life and kept it a secret in order to appear normal and lead a rather simple covert life. Why not assist others with their future changes that will occur. I had been involved with these other than earth beings while doing what I could to be a normal human being living on earth.

What makes me different is what makes me who I am. I realize now that there is more to life than simply existing and going through the motions of the social community and cultural settings with the word normal used as a guideline in life. Normal was all I ever wanted to be and as I became an adult, I learned that normal only paid the bills and allowed one to get by in life. Normal was what the major populace was and became based on the normal standards set by the cultural standards on the location where one was born.

Since my birth, I have seen change. Through time, life seems fluid and in constant flux. Life is forever changing. Energy flows in all beings and I want to know how it works together to complete life on earth.

From the time I was born and had my first memories, I can still remember thinking and seeing from my baby bed with bars while holding a bottle. I have memories that apparently are not normal until one becomes at least three or four years. I believe that children today can retain their memories much earlier than is expected of the normal children born in the past. This is another reason to assist others with the alien abductee ET UFO Contactee reports.

Regarding financial gain, there is no pay involved, in case others want to know. It is considered a hobby at this time on earth, and the only way Ufologists are paid is if they are fortunate enough to write a book that sells or if they have the credentials and the interest in their speaking abilities.

Most authors who dare to write a book are smart to promote their own product and most are expected to promote and market their own book. They do this in many ways and most have book signings and begin a lecture tour. The people who get paid are those who take their interests and create their services into a product. It is a simple procedure in the democracy in which we live. It is hard to collect on labor and services unless in a recognized professional field. Therefore, those in the field of Ufology, have to take their own time and money and invest it into their equipment. Usually the equipment consists of cameras, recorders, video recorders, measuring devices, and the investigations are similar to that of forensic crime scene investigations.

I personally paid for professional training in college, in the Illinois Academy of Business and Public Security, fire, arson, fraud, and subrogation classes, and in the military training I received. The best experience for investigators is still in the field with hands on experience. The more investigations the more experience one receives. When I first began in the 70´s, we would take our findings to a forensic lab. Most states have different types of forensic labs some are government and some are public. MUFON has a book with the way they want their investigations submitted to the main office. Remember, all those who are doing these reports use their own funding including paying postage. It´s a big business. I as most people, will not do it expecting financial gain. It is a nonprofit organization. We do it with charity in mind to assist others. Same goes for writers. Most do it to let others know to share, network, and to let others know they are not alone. That is why I bother to write and share what I know now. It´s not for personal gain.

I learned to work among professionals in the late 1960´s around Nasa. That´s a whole other story and one that does involve my knowledge of alien UFOs known among astronauts and engineers of Nasa. Background paperwork on me began in 1968 so in the computer system since then; FYI interested former government readers.

Regarding my history and my first contact, I can only remember my first recollection of when I was first up in a UFO and looked down. I saw my own body lying in a field. I cannot explain how this occurred and this is one of my first memories. Being an Investigator by nature, I have gone over my memories through the years. Other than lying in my baby bed looking out at the sky and watching them outside my window in the clouds in the sky, I can only remember finally taking my first ride on one. I realize this sounds unworldly and strange to readers and makes me seem rather unique or different.

I am only one of six billion on this planet. I have always told myself to fit in, blend in, and for God´s sake not to discuss aliens and UFOs. I was told by beings that were authorities and guides in physical form, to not talk about certain beings that I saw.

This makes one feel like they are part of something special and it is a secret. I found out how to communicate and leave earth. I wanted to meet the other person like me who could fly Gus the UFO with two seats.

I had lived my life normally, being an Investigator, working in a civilian position for the government, joining the U.S. Navy Reserves at a late age and learning all I could to be an entrepreneur and contractor. I spent the first fifty years of my life in training on earth. I spent the last seven years researching the Internet and learning about how to write a book. I had this burning passionate desire all my life to write books. I had announced this in the third grade and being a writer was what I announced I would be as a chosen profession. I knew who I was from the time I was born. I knew that I was on earth for a purpose.

I had spent time on earth being very ill in my little girl body as a child. This was very hard times and I learned to leave my physical body and return. I experienced two near death experiences that I can recall and possible more that I cannot. My first was at the age of seven and I had a complete blood transfusion and my blood was cleaned with a machine outside of my body due to Hepatitis A or the type that was contagious. I was never told how I contracted the disease. The second time, I had placenta prevea with my fourth and last daughter during childbirth. I remember both experiences like they were yesterday. This is also how I can remember most all my sightings and contacts. They became so numerous though, I got where I stopped paying attention to them and just accepted them as a way of life for me. I could not help how others saw me but I could control what I shared with others so as to only share thoughts and words that were considered normal.

I was the oldest of seven children, four girls and three boys and I had a good middle class life in good homes. We always had good food, good clothes, went to church, and made normal grades in school. We were all considered popular and our home was where all the other kids wanted to hang out. The same happened when I was a mother and my daughters were young. I put them in baton, dance, and on stage, the same as my mother did with me. I guess I come from a long line of stage mothers. But, my children were all independent just like I was and did their own thing in junior high and high school. I even went to college with my oldest daughter after she graduated but she was not interested in college. They are all mothers now and are totally independent souls raising my twelve grandchildren. Since I wanted a boy and had only girls, I received nine grandsons and three granddaughters in this lifetime. They will probably be contactees as well. I know my daughters experienced UFO sightings with me and this was a normal way of life for them.

Gus is the galaxy universal shuttle that landed in White Sands, New Mexico. He is the one I know personally and yet, I have been allowed to experience many types. Gus is made of an other than earth allow. We will never have this unless the EBEs decide to share this with us. EBE is for extra biological entities or what the military called beings not of earth in the past. My knowledge is from first hand experience or what is called hands on Contactee experience. The ones that I know are like us except they are telepathic and do not have a little finger. The others who work for them are considered the small beings that are telepathic. There are also the grays and many more types who are said to be in the alliance. There are beings that work together for the good of all.

There are some that apparently I am not aware of that others call greys and reptilians that have an agenda that is not familiar to me. I just know that they always put the beings back. This part of life I am learning about just like everyone else on earth. I was not abducted against my will. I lived a life with total cooperation and understanding of who I was as an alien human hybrid so to speak. This is a term that many people in Ufology are just now coming to terms with. In other words, we haven´t gotten much attention because most people do not even believe in EBE UFOs, much less their hybrids on earth. I don´t think others like Ufologist, Stanton Friedman, advocates or believers are to a point where they can handle my truth. To answer readers questions; No I have not heard from UFO Hunters, History Channel, Larry King or Stephen Spielberg. Media is improving awareness of my reality of beyond 2012.


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(Sent in by Ted by way of Dexx)

India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts - the secret debate is on
Staff Reporter
January 06, 2005

New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic.

It is well accepted between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time. Recently India has seen enormous news on UFO contacts and secret UFO bases in Himalayas near the Chinese bases. In Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian security forces protecting them.

Military officials and politicians have confessed the fact that India has been contacted. India has been told the rules of the Universe.

The current debate is on whether to keep it secret like other countries are doing or in tradition of a total transparent society come out and tell the truth. India is so open and democratic; it is very difficult to keep a secret for long. The biggest concern of the Government today is that unlike in other countries, it will be very difficult to keep it secret for long. If the information comes out through unofficial channels first and then the authorities are pressed against the wall to confess, two bad things can happen. First, it can really cause a panic in the country as well as the world. Second, the way the Indian politics is run, the ruling party will be thrown out of power in no time i it is ever found that the Government withheld such information from the public.

The recent rush of world leaders to India is remarkable. Starting from Russian President Putin to major Senators from America have visited or are planning to visit India. European Union is in deep discussion with India on cooperation. All sanctions against India's nuclear programs and Indian Space Research Organization are in the process of being lifted. India is cooperating with Europeans and the Americans in space explorations and technology research program. India is also part of World Trade Organization. India is receiving major outsourcing contracts in IT and call-center service work from America and Europe. India's Forex reserve is at a level never imagined before because of international direct investments from Western nations, Japan, Korea and others. Interestingly, China the arc rival of India changed its posture in the last few years to make India's friendship and trade a priority. India is slowly getting to the point when it is accepted as a permanent member of the Security Council. All the five Security Council members China, America, Russia, France and UK support India's inclusion.

When all these factors are added together and analyzed, it seems like India is being told by the world to abide by the hidden protocols and in exchange be recognized as a major emerging superpower.

The debate the country is facing internally is whether to abide by the laws of the world and the Universe to be recognized as a superpower or be truthful to its citizens and the world.

According to sources close to the Government, the UFO contacts is known by quite a few politicians in the opposition and of course by those who are in power.

The military has legitimate concern of not letting the secrets out either.

Recently, India's foreign affairs minister Mr. Natwar Singh came out and said that for India it was not necessary to become a nuclear power. He is a strong supporter of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, India's former Prime Minister who initiated the nuclear program in the mid sixties. India first exploded a nuclear device in Pokhran in early seventies. The whole country including people from his own party questioned Mr. Singh for such an irresponsible statement. But on analyzing his statements, it is evident, that based on what he knows now, being a nuclear power really does not matter much because the technologies controlled by the extra-terrestrials are so advanced that all our technologies mean really nothing. But importantly he may be irritated with this controversial ongoing secret debate and what he really meant was that if India was not a nuclear power, the debate on UFO and extra-terrestrials will never be there in India.

Thursday's Child

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By Charles Jones

This is a report of evidence, tracks and sightings of a creature in Walton County, Florida between July and October 1987. The sightings of a large animal of unknown origin, presumed to be a "Bigfoot," were made by a 13-year-old boy. I had a discussion with the parents in December 1987 and later with the boy and his parents in January 1988. The parents and their son have seen this document and agree with the details of the two encounters described herein.

On one occasion the lad, standing on a clay road, saw the animal about 30 yards into the woods. The boy and the animal both saw each other and started to leave the scene at the same time. The boy stopped and "heard the animal going down through the woods." (This is the first time I have seen Bigfoot referred to as an "animal" - TC)

During the second encounter the youth got a very detailed description of the creature. One afternoon the lad was walking along a clay road looking for deer tracks when he caught sight of the creature out of the corner of his eye. The boy said it was surprising how the animal could look like a large, dark old tree. The creature was standing about ten feet away from him and the two were separated only by a small bush.

The boy froze in fright and the animal also froze in a standing position presenting the boy his right profile. The creature walked on two feet as a human would. When he froze, for several minutes the animal did not move anything except his eyes and ever so slightly turning his head in its attempts to see the youth.

The lad said the animal was about nine feet tall with his crotch about five and one-half feet or so above the ground. Almost the entire body was covered with long reddish-brown hair except for a white hairy streak that ran from the base of his throat narrowing as it neared the groin. A small patch of brown hair separated the white blaze from the white beard on his chin. The nose, ears, upper cheeks, palms of his hands, and bottom of his feet were not covered with this long hair. The nose was very human, long and narrow, with the top beginning in a pair of dark eye brows. The skin was black in color.

The boy said the eyes were brown "like a hamster's eyes." This was explained to mean the eyes were slightly bulging and the entire eyeball was the same dark brown color. The eyes were set under a prominent brow ridge that shaded the eyes. The forehead was sloped back to a pointed skull. Human shaped ears with ear lobes were clearly visible on each side of the head.

The hair was so long that no mouth was visible. No fingers or fingernails were visible from the back of the hands. The animal was not facing him but occasionally cut his eyes and slightly turned his head toward the boy, then returned them to the forward looking position. The boy thinks he was face-to-face with the creature for maybe five minutes.

The lad started to tremble with fear and dropped the walking stick he had in his hand. Finally, the creature turned his head to face the boy, gave a little growl, turned and walked off into the forest. The boy watched the animal walk about 50 yards up a small hill into the forest. The black leathery skin on the palms of his hands, fingers and bottoms of his feet were clearly visible. The animal had two large hair-covered buttocks separated by a definite "crack." The buttocks shook as the animal strode away. When the animal was walking on sand, each step could be heard as the feet struck the earth. On leaves or other ground cover the steps were silent.

When the animal reached a point about 50 yards away, it turned and looked back toward the youth. The boy noted the hair on the animal's cheeks moved out and up as if the animal smiled before it turned and disappeared into the woods. (!) The Creature had a strong scent like a skunk. When it walked it swung it's arms and the boy could see the muscles in it's legs flex and the buttocks move. When asked if the animal was a male or female, he indicated male because it had a chest (pectoral muscles) like a body builder. The youth noted the animal had tremendous biceps. He also added that well developed stomach muscles were visible even though they too were covered with the long hair.

When asked if this could have been someone in a costume, he replied no; because he could see the muscles in the animal's legs flexing when it walked. He also added that the body hair was so long that when the animal walked the hair swung away from the body then flopped back against the body with each step. He guessed the weight of the animal to be at least 800 pounds and probably more.

The parents showed me about ten photographs of foot prints they had taken in the woods near their home. They indicated these were of two separate animals, one of the footprints was about 17 1/2 inches long and the other about 16 inches long. Each footprint was distinctly humanoid with easily distinguishable toes, heel, ball and instep. On one, the fifth or smallest toe was separated more than the others and set off slightly to the side of the right foot. These photographs were very similar to the eight tracks I saw in those same woods on 10 October 1987.

The tracks I saw were not as fresh as those in the photographs so the two smallest toes did not have the same sharp definition. But the tracks were definitely similar in structure and size. I followed the tracks for about eight steps through the woods before the tracks were lost in a bed of leaves and pine needles. The track was about 15 to 16 inches long and about 8 inches wide across the ball of the foot. The heel and ball impression was about 1 to 1-1/2 inches deep. The tracks were of both feet; first the right, then the left, etc. I could see where the animal transferred its weight from the heel to the ball of the foot. In one step the ball pressed the soil backward as it exerted force to push the creature's weight forward. I, at 210 pounds, stood next to the tracks and did not dent the clay and sandy soil. I stepped off the stride which was two of my fully extended strides. This distance was later measured to be approximately 84 inches. In one footprint The animal pivoted on the ball of the right foot and changed direction veering to the left. During a later interview, I was given a picture of the first footprint I was shown. This photo was taken before a plaster cast was made from it and before I saw the prints. This explains why, when I saw it, the footprint did not have the same definition as the photo.

During the discussion with the parents the mother was surprised when I told of my readings where Bigfoot was reported to have twisted off small trees. The mother said she had seen a couple of trees in their woods that appeared to have been twisted off and could possibly have been done in this manner.

The mother also related a story of an incident where something was seen rising from a nearby lake and frightening her young daughter. The mother and daughter were canoeing on the lake when something raising up from under the water was seen by the daughter. The object or animal was not in the line of sight of the mother. The young girl had not been able to explain what she saw but it was nothing she has ever seen before or since. This incident also occurred within the July to October 1987 time frame.

Although the creature cannot be positively identified, all indications tend to support the presence of a creature similar to those previously identified as "Bigfoot.

This report was given to the Fortean Research Center by Donald M. Ware, MUFON Regional Director from Florida. "Charles Jones" is not the real name of the author of this paper, however, he is known to Donald Ware.


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AIRPLANES FALLING OUT OF THE SKY,21985,24505353-661,00.html

Planes falling out of the sky near Australia due to secret technologies. I know, it sounds like something out of Lost, but the real story might be almost as interesting. Last night I was watching the news, when they mentioned that two separate aeroplanes have gone into steep dives due to technical malfunctions, both near the same location in Western Australia. Then they didn't say any more about it. I thought to myself, "that seems rather odd, why didn't they say more about this apparent coincidence?" Then this morning Rick sent this article to me, which suggests that a U.S. military base may hold the key to the mystery:

Powerful signals from a secretive naval base are being probed as a possible cause of a Qantas jet plunge last week... The Australian Transport Safety Bureau today said it would examine whether powerful electromagnetic signals from the communications base could have sparked the emergency.

The base uses powerful low frequency radio transmissions to US Navy and Australian Navy ships and submarines. It is understood to be the most powerful transmission station this side of the globe and includes 13 radio towers, the tallest of which is 387m tall.

...ATSB spokesman David Hope confirmed the new line of inquiry today, after "several" groups had raised it as a possibility. "We're looking at everything as part of a very thorough investigation," Mr Hope said. "That's been raised by a number of people to say that somehow or another this US military base has got a very high frequency signal tower there and that could somehow interfere with electrical devices - so we'll look at it."

Now for your daily dose of strange: I commented to Rick that the story sounds like something the Dharma Initiative would be behind. Then I saw the satellite image of the base. As Scooby Doo might say, ruh-roh...
[The Dharma Base]

Okay, so it's an octagon versus a hexagon. Don't spoil my fun dammit! I want to believe!

Sent in by Kalani Hanohano from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Thank you Kalani!


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Source: UFODigest.Com URL:

The Return of the Giants
by Barry Chamish

Posted: 17:30 October 7, 2008

Are the Anakim or the Refaim, the giants of the Bible returning to Israel today? There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel; In biblical days from the time of the Flood to the ascension of King David and since 1993 in modern Israel.

The case for the return of giants to Israel is airtight. The giants thoughtfully chose reliable contactees as witnesses, allowed their craft to be filmed and left in their wake ample physical evidence.

In fact, what characterizes the current Israeli UFO wave from others in the world, is the shear abundance of physical evidence left behind by the visitors. Consider the first incident to usher Israel into the UFO age.

On the evening of Sept. 28, 1987, a 27 year old auto mechanic, Ami Achrai was driving just south of Haifa when he saw what he thought might be a helicopter in distress hovering just above the sands of Shikmona Beach on the Mediterranean Sea. He stopped his car and to his utter amazement saw a disc-shaped craft which emitted a bright red flash before disappearing.

Two days later he returned to the site with a ufologist the police referred him to, Hadassah Arbel. What they discovered remains one of the most lasting proofs ever left by a UFO of its physical existence. The flash emitted by the craft burned its image into the sands of Shikmona Beach. A fifteen metere ellipsoid disk was burnt black into the sand but what was more interesting was what wasn't burned. In the vegetation which wasn't burned was a clear image of the pilot of the craft facing a control board.

Seven years later I sent samples of the burnt sand to the television show Sightings which subjected it to laboratory tests. The sand seemed to melt in the heat of the camera light. The reason later discovered was the sand particles were covered by a low melting hydrocarbon material. The laboratory could find no natural or human explanation for the phenomenon.

Ami Achrai's incident was followed by a repeat performance on June 6, 1988 when a similarly shaped craft was once again burned into the sands of Shikmona Beach, about 100 yards north of the first site. This was followed by the most spectacular display of all. On April 27, 1989, two teenagers witnessed a UFO explode into thousands of shards over Shikmona Beach.

By now, Israeli UFOlogists were prepared to handle the latest incident more scientifically. The beach was strewn with burning white metal which was cool to the touch. The metal even glowed in water. When picked up, the shards turned into a white ash. Scientists from the Technion Institute of Technology tested the site and found that magnetism was 6000 times higher than the surrounding area. The shards were found to be very pure magnesium.

Two hundred yards above Shikmona Beach is a biblical shrine called Elijah's cave. Here Elijah preached and here or somewhere nearby in the Carmel Mountains, Elijah challenged the Canaanites to a duel of Gods. Two bulls were tethered and the gods were beseeched to roast them. Naturally, baal failed the Canaanites but Elijah's God sent a ray of light from heaven which cooked the bull on the spot. This ray must have been similar to the kind of beam which burned the sands of Shikmona Beach into a saucer shape.

Within the Cave of Elijah is an ancient drawing of something that was the spitting image of the craft burned into the sands below. The Sightings team decided the image "was a coincidence. Maybe it was a bat." When Michael Hesemann filmed the drawing he felt certain it was a match for the burned sand pictures.

Although the cave drawing's meaning is in dispute, the fact of the modern UFO-burned inscriptions is not. Something unique occurred at Shikmona Beach. Alien craft decided to leave souvenirs there at least three times. By doing so, they revealed the dimensions of their craft and apparently pilot, as well as their construction material. These were not crop circles nor were they formed the same way. A very different message was left on Shikmona Beach's sands.

After the UFO explosion, there was a hiatus of UFO activity until 1993 broken only once in late 1991 over the village of Sde Moshe, some five miles from Kadima. There, after two straight nights of having the inside of his house lit up by an unexplained craft hovering above it, Eli Cohen captured the responsible UFO on videotape. Several minutes of the tape were filmed after daybreak making the result a most clear and convincing record of a UFO.

It seems the visitors were merely scouting the Kadima area in 1991 but they returned in force in 1993. And this time, the occupants of the crafts did more than merely hover in the sky.

In the early morning of April 20, Tsiporet Carmel's house glowed from within. She stepped outside and saw what she thought was a new fruit silo built outside her back yard. But then she saw the silo add a second storey to itself. Ten yards to the side of this magical silo, Tsiporet saw a seven foot tall being wearing metallic overalls. Its head was covered in a what looked like a beekeeper's hat. Tsiporet said, "Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face?" The being answered her telepathically, "That's the way it is."

This was Israel's first publicized close encounter with an alien being. Tsiporet could easily have been made an object of ridicule but for the fact that a crop circle 4.5 metres in diameter was found exactly where she had seen the craft. Within the circle were shards of a material later found to be a very pure silicon. I add, Israel's UFOlogists are divided over the veracity of the silicon because there was a prankster loose in Kadima.

However, within ten days, two more circles were found just outside Tsiporet's back yard. This time, they were soaked with a red liquid and this fluid would be a constant feature of upcoming landing circles. It was tested by the National Biological Laboratory in Ness Tziona and found to be composed mostly of cadmium.

This was the end of Tsiporet's incidents. Now the visitors concentrated on two other woman in their late thirties living on Hapalmach Street. The first was a Russian immigrant Mara. Strange forces shook her house so hard they caused the outside airconditioning unit to fall out of its casing into the house. Voices called to Mara in her childhood nickname. Eventually she decided the house was haunted and she moved far from Kadima.

Shosh Yahud is the treasurer of the town of Kadima. She is down to earth and wants as little to do with her UFO experience as possible. In May, she awoke to see a seven foot, round faced being in silvery overalls circling her bed as if "floating on his shoes." The creature assured her he was not there to harm her and she became relaxed. After a few minutes the being floated through her wall outside.

Shosh thought she had dreamed the incident until she looked out her wondow in the morning and saw a 4.5 meter crop circle in her backyard. The UFOlogists descended on her home and discovered the silicon and cadmium within the circle.

Next, in June, it was Hannah Somech's turn to be visited by a giant. Hannah lives in Burgata, three miles from Kadima. She was startled to see her dog go flying across the kitchen into a wall. She stepped outside to investigate and her way was stopped by an invisible force. She then saw a seven foot, round-faced being in metallic overalls examining her pickup truck. She said to it, "What did you do to my dog?" It answered telepathically, "Go away. I'm busy. I could crush you like an ant if I wanted to. Go back to your husband."

Needless to say, a 4.5 meter circle crushed out of the grass was later found in Hannah's back yard. Within, the grass was soaked with red liquid cadmium.

By the end of the summer, the credible reports of giants roaming the land persuaded the normally staid television station Channel One, to broadcast a one hour program on the subject. Tsiporet and Shosh appeared as well as the UFOlogists who had examined the circles of Kadima. To the apparent shock of the host, the viewing audience believed the advocates of alien landings. The result was two more witnesses coming out into the open.

Both were women in their late thirties who lived within ten miles of each other south of Tel Aviv. Clara Kahonov of Holon was most reluctant to be quoted but acknowledged that she had seen a giant being.

Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion saw far more than one. In early July, two seven foot tall, bald creatures beamed themselves into her seventh floor apartment. They told her telepathically not to be frightened and she immediately relaxed. She then felt they had "friendly faces." They roamed her home, "floating on their shoes" dusting her shelves with a yellow, foul- smelling powder. One being saw her son's aquarium, became very excited and called his colleague over. After a few minutes, they beamed themselves outside. The next night at 3 AM, a dozen giants visited Batya arriving and leaving the same way.

I have had extensive conversations with the contactees and there is much in common with their stories. That is fit subject for a separate lecture. In short, all were the same age, all were white collar workers, three have been haunted since their encounters telepathically, all their men slept through the encounters, two had mysterious pregnancies etc. But the core commonality is that these women did not know each other and separately described the same seven foot tall, bald, round-faced giants.

And if absolute proof that giants were about in Israel was needed, it came in December in the village of Yatzitz, twelve miles east of Rishon Letzion. The giants had opened a new axis after Kadima, a triangle of twenty miles linking Rishon Letzion, Holon and Yatzitz.

Herzl Casatini, the village security chief and his friend Danny Ezra were sharing conversation when they heard an explosion and felt Ezra's house shake. Herzl opened the door and stood face to face with a nine foot tall creature in metallic clothes whose face was hidden in "a haze." He shut the door and called the police. They arrived and discovered deep boot tracks in the hard mud. The tracks sunk 35 centimeters into the ground meaning whoever made them had to have weighed, literally, a ton. Thinking there might have been a terrorist incursion, the army was called in.

Military trackers were totally stumped. The tracks carried on for 8 kilometers. The heel dug in only 5 cm. meaning whatever made the tracks was walking almost on tip-toes. If you can call it walking. Sometimes the distance between tracks was twelve feet, meaning the intruder was a world record holding broad jumper weighing about a ton.

The Yatzitz incident confirmed, even to the deepest skeptics, that giants were indeed sighted and they left proof that was nearly impossible to dispute. The best the Israeli authorities could come up with to explain the tracks was they were left by an unknown cult. It would have to be very unknown for records of cults whose ceremonies include dressing as giants and leaving miles of unidentifiable tracks are undoubtedly quite rare.

After Yatitz, giant sightings were reported in Ramat Hasharon, Rehovot and Afula. And 1996 became a vintage year for UFO evidence gathering with a good dozen craft filmed. Two incidents stand out. In August, a UFO was filmed over three nights with professional equipment at Kibbutz Hatzor. The results include a closeup of what appear to be rows of square-shaped vents on the craft. In December, a Netanya household reported constant contact with small greys, the first such report from Israel. The witnesses backed up their claims with an abundance of physical evidence, including stones that melt ice immediately without a known energy source.

The Israeli UFO experience is unique and very complicated. I have touched on just one aspect of it; but it is vital to understanding the Israeli puzzle. Of the seven best documented close encounters with alien beings provably connected to UFOs, six involved giants. These giants were determined to leave evidence of their arrival in the form of cadmium-imbued landing circles, miles of impossible boot tracks and deliberate communication with witnesses. Indeed, the abundant evidence more than indicates that there are giants roaming Israel today.

As there were 5,000 years ago and they also left proof of their existence. The giants were descended from the nefilim, literally the fallen ones. In ancient time, entities fell on Israel from the heavens and later became the mortal enemies of the Hebrew nations.

One giant king was Og of Bashan. The bible records that his bed was thirteen feet long. Bashan's territory included the Golan Heights. Sitting on the Golan Heights is the Israeli version of Stonehenge. Called Gilgal Refaim, the Circle of the Refaim or giants in English, this site consists of five concentric rings whose beauty can only be appreciated from above. Unfortunately, there was supposedly no way for the simple nomads of 5000 years ago to see the circles from above.

The site is enormous. The outside circle has a diameter of 159 meters and over 37,000 tons of rock went into the construction of the complex. Two openings in the circles may have been used to measure the solar solstice and the rising of Sirius in 3000 BCE.

The fact remains that Israeli archaeologists are totally mystified by the Gilgal Refaim. No other complex built in the Middle East resembles it and it predates the pyramids by over 500 years. The indigenous nomads of the time did not engage in this kind of megalith building, so outsiders were probably the builders. According to the Bible, the only outsiders living on the Golan Heights back then were giants.

Maybe it's a longshot, but no one has come up with a better explanation for Israel's current UFO wave. I believe the ancient giants may be coming home. I conclude on a somber note. The biblical giants were God's enemy and Israel's armies were the means to their utter destruction. There is a legitimate reason to contemplate the recent re-arrival of giants in Israel with a good measure of dread.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008


A Witches Howl, 101st Airborne Soldiers
by Sandy Nichols

Cops chase a UFO over Cardiff
101st Airborne Division shoulder sleeve insignia.

Up front I must say that I was not a witness to the event I am about to share. I am however the father and father-in-law of two of the witnesses, as well as knowing the other witnesses. It is also important at this time for me to state that I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of the witnesses involved, and believe every word that they shared with me of their experience.

Half of the guests arriving that summer night in 2005 with their wives and girlfriends for a cookout only wanted to enjoy the evening with good friends and relax.

They were war weary, veteran soldiers of the 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell, KY, having returned stateside a few weeks earlier from a tour of duty in Iraqi and soon to be redeployed again in 2006. Their hosts for the evening were my daughter, Theresa, and her fiancé and soon to be husband Bryan, also a veteran of the Iraqi war and still in active reserve. Nobody had a clue when the cookout began that a few hours later they would have a strange experience that would create an air of apprehension and leave them scratching their heads in wonder and amazement.

The cookout itself was no different than any other cookout that these guests have attended throughout the years. Hotdogs and hamburgers were being grilled and devoured; fruit bowls salads and desserts being prepared and served, and an occasional well deserved beer being consumed. The only difference between this cookout and others were the stories being shared. These were stories of brave men, all who volunteered after 9/11, willing to risk their lives in the defense of their country, of gallantry in battle and fighting an enemy whose bravery consisted only of murdering innocent men, women and children with car bombs and by other means. In the past I have asked these men to share some of these stories with me and at times have met resistance…resistance in the sense that they wish not to be thought of as heroes, but only doing a job that they believed in. As I shared earlier, one of these men was my son-in-law. As a sometimes overly protective father of his only daughter, I could not be any more proud of her choice in a husband with whom to create a lifetime of precious memories.

As the evening progressed, most of the group decided to sit cross legged in a circle on the driveway at the back of the house. The conversation was flowing freely and unabated until it was interrupted by a scream that seemed to emanate from the air itself and every place at once. Chill bumps suddenly and unexpectedly took the place of the warm night air caressing their skin. At this exact same time someone yelled that there was a glowing, white Orb the size of a basketball emerging from a seven foot tall line of bushes that ran down the left side of the driveway not more than 20 feet away. One young lady then sprang to her feet and declared with some conviction that the scream was that of a "witch," and then ran into the house to tell those few who were not outside sitting on the driveway. By this time everyone in the circle was standing. Bryan and two other men ran into the basement a few feet away and returned a few seconds later with weapons…a blow torch and two large automotive wrenches. By this time the Orb had slowly floated through the air about 5 feet off the deck into the back yard some 40 feet from where it had first been seen. Not knowing if the glowing Orb was a friendly, Bryan and the two men began to converge on the Orb using military tactics…one left, one right, and one in the middle. The Orb seemed to sense the presence of the three and began to veer left into the neighbor's yard. Whether using intelligence or instincts, it slowly maneuvered through an array of trees and seemed to be using the trees as a buffer to separate itself from the three. A few moments later the Orb stopped. The three continued their advance on the glowing Orb until they were about ten feet away from it when it suddenly vanished right before their eyes. The "witches scream" ceased at this time as well; its blood curdling cry no more.

Needless to say everyone became a bit apprehensive during and after the experience. The emotional impact on one soldier was more telling than with the others. He vanquished himself to the house and upon leaving stated loudly, "I didn't sign up for this!" On the surface this might seem a little strange for soldiers to feel any kind of fear after having fought a vicious enemy in a war and having to soon face him again in the future, but not really. In my extensive, hands on research of the paranormal, I have periodically been involved in cases where the bravest and strongest of people fall prey to the fear of a ghost, a Bigfoot, UFOs, aliens (ET's), etc. I believe that this fear is based on the belief system of each individual. The majority of the population's belief system is based on what supposedly learned men of science and religion tell us as what is real and not real. Not many people dispute religious leaders when they tell us that we must fear God and the Devil, and that aliens are demons, and that by messing around with any aspects of the paranormal it will surely carry us to the gates of Hell. On the other hand, scientist's state emphatically that anything in the paranormal realm is not real; that those who claim to see or have contact with such things are either lying, delusional or they are just plain mistaken about what they experienced…as in misidentifying a star, the moon, a plane as a UFO.

The brave soldiers at the cookout had been trained to fight a physical and tangible enemy who cannot suddenly materialize and disappear into thin air as if on a whim. What the group experienced that night falls into the category of the paranormal…something unknown was real and tangible and did materialize and disappeared on a whim.

From my own personal paranormal experiences, I strongly believe that most people who share paranormal type experiences are not lying or delusional; that they actually have paranormal experiences that are real; that though what they experienced cannot be seen, touched and studied in our three dimensional world, it is still real nevertheless.

A good example of my belief is fortified in a survey poll conducted for an article that Life Magazine ran as their cover story in the March 2000 issue, an article about UFO, Aliens and Abductions. I was interviewed and my personal abduction experiences were one of the main features of the article. Though the writer did a hatchet job on the whole subject matter, including me, the poll tells a different story as compared to the writer's beliefs and so called unbiased writing style.

One of the questions was this: "Have you or anyone else you know ever seen a UFO, or haven't you?" Though 79% answered "No" to this question, 2% answered "Not sure," while 6% answered "Yes, personally" and 13% answered "Yes, someone I know." Now if you take the 19% who answered "Yes" and divide this with the estimated population of just the United States in 2000, you get the rounded off figure of 53 million individuals.

Now according to what scientist's state and believe, this would mean that almost 20% of the Unites States population is either liars, mentally ill or can't tell the difference between a stationary star, or a big, white moon, or a fast moving plane and an unknown object that looks like none of the above...

I don't think so!

Sandy Nichols


Sunday, October 5, 2008


CALIFORNIA: Two brothers, both businessmen in Orange County, California, had a terrifying encounter in the Nevada desert on the 14th with six UFOs, which apparently took control of their truck and, flanking it on three sides, floated it slightly off the ground, disrupted its electrical and mechanical systems, and guided it to a halt. One of the craft was seen landed on the road ahead on Highway 93, the others in the air. The two were driving a 23-foot U-Haul truck loaded with furniture and were located north of McGill, Nevada when the driver looked out of the left window and observed a round, orange object that appeared to be 10 feet off the desert floor. He then looked out the right window and saw three more smaller objects.

The truck was moving at about 55 miles per hour, and suddenly it felt like they had been hit by a blast of wind. The lights on the truck flickered on and off and the engine started to miss. Then the driver lost control of the truck and couldn't steer it. Before they could stop, the transmission selector jumped out of drive into neutral, and the truck coasted to a stop in the middle of the road. As they sat in the road with the motor running, they observed a huge silver metal ball with a dome on top and sharp wings, standing still over a hill to the left. It was pulsating. Then they spotted a huge light on the road in front of them about a mile away. The driver then got out of the truck and looked under the truck to discover the drive shaft turning. Fearing for his life the driver got back into the truck, and they both kept watching the light as it appeared to be moving closer. They felt that they were in a vacuum of some kind and isolated form the rest of the world. This lasted for about 20 minutes then it seemed to disappear and it was over.

Just then a car or whatever it was zoomed past us so fast we couldn't tell what it was. Another car stopped and took the brother's into McGill where they got another U-Haul truck. After unloading the disabled truck they had to shove it off the highway, as the back wheels would not move.

Lewis Sandberg, owner of the U-Haul outlet in Ely, said that the entire rear end of the witnesses' U-Haul truck had to be replaced -- the tires, the rear axle, the outside housing, and the gears, "which were all messed up. The rear end was beyond repair. The back axle was twisted right off. When our two trucks lifted up the back of the truck, the rear wheels just fell right off. Those men stopped that truck just in time." The driver of the damaged truck said that when the truck had been hit by the blast of air, he felt that the truck had been lifted off the ground. "It was floating slightly off the highway in the air," he said. "None of the wheels were touching the highway." When the transmission selector skipped into "neutral," the truck swayed in the air, he said, and the vehicle came smoothly to a stop without skidding.

NEW ZEALAND: "There I was alone in the middle of the night on the 17th on a very lonely road with this thing following me," Eric Marks said. "It was like a flat plate with a bell-shaped dome on it. I was nervous...terrified to be more exact. The bell shape of the UFO glowed like a million car lights and it appeared to be suspended on many pencil rays of bright white light beamed towards the ground. I was going down a steep hill near Warkworth (New Zealand) but it felt as though something was holding the car back," Marks explained. "I put my foot flat to the boards but the car wouldn't go over 45 miles an hour. The UFO must have been exerting some type of force field... but at he bottom of the hill I was able to accelerate away at top speed.

Clay Knight was the only witness to a series of three landings and takeoffs by what he described as a silvery object with flashing red or orange lights. The landings began about 4:30 a.m. on the 28th while the rest of his family was asleep, and the object made a "high-pitched whistling noise." Knight, a dairyman, was getting his herd out for the first milking of the day at that time. The UFO frightened his cattle, causing them to scatter. It caused their milk production to fall off about 100 pounds. In the series of three takeoffs, Knight said the UFO first rose straight up from his pasture, landed after traveling a short distance, took off and landed once again, and then "went straight up in the air and disappeared."

MINNESOTA: On the 19th an astounded policeman tailed a meandering, flame spewing UFO along the outskirts of Rochester, Minnesota as dozens of motorists pulled off the road in bewilderment. "I followed the object and kept it in view for above five miles," said Officer Jim Preiss. "I continued to chase the UFO and it started to zoom away. It climbed very rapidly and within six seconds it was out of sight." The bizarre pursuit began shortly before midnight as the 28-year-old patrolman was cruising along Highway 52. "About 1000 feet in front of me I saw this mysterious object with jets of fire coming from underneath it. I got out of my car for a better look, and saw the object moving above the road without making a sound. It was about 100 feet off the ground when it started to slowly move away and I decided to chase it."

After following the UFO for a mile, Preiss pulled off the road to where Jim Kuhlman had parked his truck to gaze at the object. "Kuhlman looked a bit shaken and said that the craft had passed right over him," said Preiss. "I almost pinched myself to make sure it was happening," said Kuhlman, 27-year-old owner of a tow truck service. "As it passed over my head, I could clearly see that it had a square base with a dome on top. The craft was about the size of three tow trucks and was traveling about 20 miles an hour. The strangest thing of all was that it had five rows of what appeared to be afterburners like those on jet planes. Six jets of very bright orange flames were spewing out of each row. When it passed about 100 feet over me, it made no noise at all."

These reports are from February 1974.


Thursday, October 2, 2008


He's a firm believer in aliens and UFOs (unidentified flying objects), and researches the topic night and day. He first came to His Story's attention earlier this year when he sent an email response to the article, 'What Frank Grandison saw'. In the email, he suggested that Frank might have been abducted by aliens and taken to the Blue Mountains.

In my effort to find out exactly what he was talking about, Paul 'DJ Pablo' Riley, as we shall call him, opened up a whole can of worms, well, a spaceship of aliens.

"People might think Frank is going nuts, and I can understand, because we all do when faced with something we do not understand, but what if he's not? Then we have got a very dangerous and scary situation on our hands," he wrote.

"It is quite obvious that Frank might just be an abductee, who's been used for some form of experiment by what is known to many people as the Greys, who have been using religion, witchcraft and other things to manipulate us for as long as we have existed on this Earth. From what I found out they are actually like robots, 'cyborgs', alien-made bio-mechanical organisms, used to just do work, manual labor."

Overactive imaginations

But what is the basis of this strong belief in creatures, objects and abductions that some people are convinced are mere figments of overactive imaginations?

Riley: "I have always had this gut feeling from when I was a child that there are more intelligent beings elsewhere than just humans on Earth, but I could prove nothing. I have always been a huge scifi fan, big fan of Stargate.

"I have some DJ friends who live overseas, and who are actually doing research on this stuff, and they used to talk all the time about aliens and I used to not really take them serious. Until one of them sent me a link to Zeitgeist (a documentary film produced by Peter Joseph about the Jesus myth hypothesis, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank , as well as a number of conspiracy theories related to those three main topics ).

"After watching that, I found a link to an interview on the Disclosure Project, hosted by a Dr Steven Greer, with people from the military giving testimony about what they know over the years about aliens. I was so shocked, I started spending hours on the Net, just digging. I decided that, to be sure I should check the FOIA, which is the Freedom of Information Act, at

"Lo and behold I found tons of declassified files. I went to, found some stuff there too. From there I found a site called majestic That site is like out of this world. They have stuff on the team who took the bodies of aliens who were discovered when a UFO crashed."

Mysterious objects

Now Riley is an ardent ufologist, who has a voracious appetite for information on mysterious objects and alien beings. His collection includes audio-visual, textual, and electronic documents. In one of the videos, there is an "actual alien interview", he said. "That particular alien is not really like us, that one would freak people out."

But who are these aliens? "All I know is they are here. I have interviews of men who have seen them up close. What I have since found out is that they have always been here with us, from the beginning of the human race, which I have since found out is a hybrid race," Riley stated. He said there are 57 species of aliens from many places, some walking among us as humans.

Researching aliens and UFOs is a serious preoccupation for Riley but, when he's back to Earth, the 39-year-old father of two is a music producer, sound engineer and a disc-jockey, known to many entertainers. Music is his life.

We Earthlings have nothing to fear for, according to Riley, "these aliens are friendly. They don't seem to be here to kill us at all. That's the weird part. They are like scientists checking out primitive animals at a zoo".

Yet, a belief in the existence of aliens might run counter to the belief in God, and thus the public might treat his philosophy that there are greater beings than humans among us with suspicion or ridicule, even. But Riley doesn't believe in "the one (God) being taught to the public in church. So it's definitely not the God of these so-called pastors".

Greater power

He said the belief in God was discussed with a particular group of aliens and they said even they did not know of him, but they know of a greater power. "All the religions we have on Earth were created by aliens in the first place," he claimed, "If you ever know the half."

"I would like to show you the stuff I've got because telling you will only make me sound crazy. It's better you see some evidence, but I swear to you, they are real, and they are here, all the time. This will not be easy for you to understand, and I can understand. Look, you have to think with an open mind because I'm gonna tell you stuff that will have you wondering if you're in a nightmare, but it's all real."

From Phantoms and Monsters web site.


Thursday's Child

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have been reluctant to send this out but now I feel the need to so you all will know why this crisis is taking place. It is not by accident, it is manufactured. Funny, I heard someone say that on the news just yesterday!

I took this off of GLP (God Like Productions) July 5, 2006. I sent it to a couple of people but was fearful of sending it to too many because of TPTB monitoring the internet. The person that posted it was only signed "Z". Since he sent this out I have not seen him again. There is another that uses that moniker but it is not him. I am going to take out the significant parts as this is too long. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS as it woke me up and I have been watching ever since. Some things there is no way to know what has happened but the one significant thing is at the end and you can see it yourself.

I'm retired now, and have done quite a bit of work on astral travel. In the military we worked on similar things but I was always a controller, and never got involved in this stuff myself. But I have seen enough things to blow people's minds. Now I'm trying to do this stuff with all my spare time.

This time I woke up and asked to see President Bush, and see what he's doing. I was whooshed away through the sunny sky across the planet at very fast speeds. I crossed an ocean, and then it started getting dark. Next thing I knew I was near some old building and a country that looked pretty run down as far as industry. The housing looked like something Eastern European.

I saw a white and blue plane, and then poof I am inside some room, that is dimly lit. At a desk sits president Bush and he's talking with two uniformed people. One looks like Air Force, the other looks like Navy.

I start to listen to them, But Bush had in his hand this metallic device as he as talking. I overheard one of the uniformed people say, something like "Assets moved to Japan" and "movement of material and personnel inside the USA was almost complete." Bush acknowledged this and asked what the other person had for him. The other uniformed person mentioned something about "offworld resources" have been moved back to home soil as requested. He also mentioned something about being ready for the visitors and that the plan was on schedule or July.

Bush then got disturbed. He was waving around that metal device again. Then it was like light shone from inside him, and his eyes glowed. His eyelids blinked and it looked like when you see a deer in headlights or when you see a cat but don't use his inner eyelids. Reflective is the word. His eyes went reflective.

He pushed a button under his desk, and I saw some guy in a suit come into the room, he pulled out this device and aimed it around the room. But when he pointed it at me, they all looked straight at me!!! They said, I shouldn't be here and then poof I woke up. Last thing I remembered was the suited guy pointing something at me!!

WILD!!! It was the biggest wildest trip I ever took!!

(On a recent television show about the President ((a series)) a similar thing occurred. The president was in his office and one of his aides came in and waved this object around the room. He then said it was safe and they proceeded after shutting the door. Now where did that come from?)


I asked to see President Bush right now as he was in time. I was wooshed through the sky at such a fast speed this time I had no clue where I went. I just saw buildings and underground rock and dirt for a few minutes.

I saw an office with large paintings, with no windows though. There were drapes along the walls,, but it seemed to me that this could have been underground.

I saw him reading some memos, and scribbling some notes down. I saw some notes from an office of naval intelligence, something about an operation in the Pacific completed and simulated casualties. It looked like an assessment of what would have happened during some war games if it were real and what the current status would be.

I saw him writing notes to the effect that it was acceptable and whether or not it could get worse. Like he wrote asking for a third time how sure they were about this plan, and the fact that they'd have to get out of there fast. I immediately had the impression that he was planning on attacking North Korea, to provoke them into invading South Korea. He plans on letting the North take it over as a way of getting the world to go after North Korea. I saw China this time laying back and staying out. It all flashed by so fast it freaked me out.

Here is the overall impression I got from Bush. They are planning on having some form of accident or some sort of military operation that will provoke the North into going into the South. They are going to do what they did to Saddam. Make Kim Jong Il look like an aggressor and the whole world including China will be in on this. They'll take care of the whole Korean peninsula and turn it into a democracy. It was the agreement ahead of time. The USA along with the UN will kick them out, and the Chinese will go in from the North. The country will no longer b split apart, it will exist as one country similar to how East/West Germany merged. At least that is the whole impression I got.

(Things can change as we move forward in time, so obviously this did too.)


My guide was waiting for me. He said that I had wished to see "the powers that be," and learn more about this situation. That I had wished to understand the nature of evil and why we must fight it. He said now was my chance. George was having a meeting with RARELY SEEN PEOPLE. THEY ARE NOT SEEN IN SOCIETY AND DO NOT EVEN HAVE LEGAL NAMES. THEY DO NOT EXIST AS PEOPLE LEGALLY ON THIS PLANET. THEY ARE NOT BOUND BY ADMIRALTY LAW, AND HAVE NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR EXIST IN ANY GOVERNMENT FILE ANYWHERE. I knew of them, but now I was going to have my chance to finally see one in person. I had only heard reports from team members on this.

These beings are also known as the Annunaki. They look human enough, but are much much older and more advanced than us. They seem to be part reptilian, but like I said they had this sort of ability to see into the astral realm when they need to.

They are millions of years ahead of us, and think they know better. They are the SECRET RULERS BEHIND OUR WORLD. I've heard that they have a form of "familiar" that have similar powers. You could almost call it the dark side of the force really. I had suspected a few people were familiars, like Bush and Co. But that is another story.

There was a fireplace in the background, which was lit, which I found odd for the summertime. It was a cheery looking room with fleshy colors, pictures of families and military memorabilia. George Bush Sr., was with a woman, who was serving him something what looked like tea. He looked much older than usual, and did not have a very happy look on his face. He motioned for the lady to leave, as his phone rang. He talked and acknowledged someone on the phone, asking them to please hold to verify they were alone. He stood up and looked around the room, scanning everything with his eyes. They were glowing RED as flame!

I then realized that George Sr. had finished his phone call and had hung up the phone. THERE WAS A BRIGHT FLASH OF LIGHT OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. THE WINDOWS WERE BEAMING IN ORANGE LIGHT. Minutes later, 3 mean in suits entered the room. One of them had a device I had recognized before as some sort of detection device, and was waving it around like a Star Trek tricorder. After a few waves of the "tricorder" he nodded.

THE MAIN INDIVIDUAL who talked was old, with a black turtleneck with a suit coat. His hair was white as snow, and had an accompanying white beard that was trimmed nicely. He seemed tall from my perspective, much taller than George Bush Sr. who had only briefly stood to acknowledge them when they entered the room.

I didn't hear any names called, but I did hear Bush mumble under his breath when greeting the person "annoo" or something like that, and the old man ignored him.

I thought to myself, could that be ANU of Sumerian lore?

THE OLD MAN BEGAN TO TALK AND MENTIONED THE IMMEDIATE SITUATION INVOLVING SYRIA, IRAN AND NORTH KOREA. He also mentioned a few other countries with key people who were still in power. He seemed to be talking down to George Sr. Almost in a demeaning way. Nevertheless George Sr., was respectful in every way. They discussed how now the time had come to interface these remaining rogue countries with the ruling part of the world. That there was a DEADLINE and that George and their government had stalled long enough. He stated that other nations were following orders and the USA had lagged behind the plan.

He was upset that he had COME ALL THIS WAY and things were not ready. He was very upset that he left his Son's to handle this world, and they had done nothing but quarrel with each other for millennia. George argued respectfully back that doing something obviously against the will of the people would cause a revolt and that they were still in the process of installing new powers, to continue to sway the public into DOCILITY. He argued that the military would not follow them unless they had a good reason to go to war.


George asked "what do you want us to do?

The elder replied, "Unfortunately, the only way to bring the plan to fruition will be the SUFFERING OF YOUR NATION. Your way didn't work, and now it will be my way. IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUED TO SERVE ME, I SUGGEST THAT YOU DO EXACTLY AS I SAY."

Then the elders eyes narrowed and he got very serious. "I know about your secret projects to try and defeat us."

George's face went flush. "What projects? We only are doing R&D INTO TECHNOLOGIES, THAT'S ALL."


George looked very old and tired now. He looked like a defeated man. "I will do as you say. What do you want us to do with North Korea?"

The elder stood up, and said "First of all, I want you to seek political solutions while moving more equipment and people into South Asia secretly. I want you to fly your aircraft to spy on them and provoke them. Publicly I want you to say nothing too provocative, but try and rally nations against them. Their tests bother you but you will pursue sanctions with the UN. Secretly I want you to continue your preparations to start a war on multiple countries. You know which ones I'm talking about. But you must wait for my command. I will return once I have instructed our Israeli people what to do about their situation. THINGS ARE FINALLY STARTING TO HAPPEN. THE WORLD IS ALMOST OURS."

George agreed.

Then the elder started walking to the door. "Do whatever you need to do on your home soil to secure the power you need. Whatever is necessary! Dispose OF ANYONE IN YOUR WAY WHO PREVENTS YOUR FROM THIS. OUR DESTINY IS ALMOST UPON US! THE DESTROYER WILL RETURN. WE WILL HAVE THE RADIANT SOULS OF BILLIONS, AND HE WILL NOT HAVE HIS PRIZE."


(And that is exactly what is happening - TC)

He turned in the doorway, and with an evil smile, he said "We must make war by the end of next...."

I also remember part of my dream last night involved Bush talking on the phone with people. I wake up and see that he has been calling world leaders. I remember something before about how they had plans with Russia and China being all in on "it" with North Korea. That they had to play out their parts to keep their people happy,, but they all agreed on the plan.

I woke up. I heard the doorbell wake me up from sleep.

Believe what you want. This is your choice. This information is only for people who understand anyway. Soulless ones are incapable of understanding until they are awake. You will eventually awaken, if it is not too late, but by being a debunker, you only prolong your path to the light. Search and you will find.

This woke me up! I have been aware ever since I read this. I have watched what is happening and it is coming true, whether we want it to or not.

Now you can see why I was reluctant to post this but I have felt the need recently to let you all know. Do with it what you will. There was much more but this was the important part.