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by Dirk Vander Ploeg

I was introduced to a woman who states that she and her entire family interacted with several extraterrestrial alien races for many decades.

This remarkable woman's name is Evelyn B. and she is 72-years old. Before she retired, she worked as a reporter. She has a very unique view of her visitors and claims to have felt no fear while in their presence.

For the past five months we have been corresponding by email. A friend named "MJ" suggested I write Evelyn because she was a nice person and had a great story to tell.

After reading sections of her story she seemed detached from her experiences with the visitors. It is as if she was an observer and the events she was retelling were those of someone else. When I pointed this out to her she said, "Interesting question, Thanks. My 'almost detached' reporting style: definitely a mark of maturity! Having been a reporter helps."

She recalls in great detail encounters with races known as "The Nordics," "The Invisibles" and "The Greys."

The Nordics and Invisibles

She remembers her first encounter with aliens in September 1938. Her family was staying at her grandmother's house in Martinburg, West Virginia, when their neighbor's daughter brought some visitors to their yard. Evelyn describes them as "beautiful blond people." They looked college age, were bright, friendly and athletic.

Evelyn's family members walked toward and met the strangers in her grandmother's driveway. Within a few minutes of polite conversation, the topic turned to the possibility of life on other planets. They mutually agreed that life probably did exist on other planets and Mars was probably the best candidate. The science of the day believed there were canals on Mars and Flash Gordon's movies and Saturday afternoon serials made alien life almost acceptable. She remembers that the young people appeared delighted with the discussion and called us, "Open minded!"

At some point she accompanied her eldest sister up the street to fetch her middle sister because it was time to eat. They had just begun walking up the street when Evelyn was "summoned" to a tree across the street. She knew or realized that a man was there who wanted to ask her questions. Evelyn's eyes were special and she states that, "as a child, my eyes were sensitive to subtle light energy and I was assigned to lead family members in the dark more than once."

She crossed the street and arrived at the tree, which bordered on a large field. As if directed, she turned and looked where she knew the man was standing, but only sensed the vibration in the air. Decades later the alien in the movie, "Predator," reminds her of this man!

Within seconds her eldest sister was at her side. Her eyes were wide with anticipation and the hair on her arms stood straight up. She explained to her sister that they were staring at an "invisible man"! She told the man that they had to leave and find their sister. Suddenly, Evelyn saw something move and realized that a woman was moving around the tree. She heard her tell the invisible man that they were out of time and had to go. The man leaned over and touched her shoulder saying" "You're a good little girl."

Then both sisters quickly ran away.

When they arrived at the house where their sister was visiting, they were surprised that the girls were reluctant to open the door. They were afraid. They had encountered a man near the same tree, but he was dressed in a silver suit, wide belt and strange buttons. He asked the girls to follow him to the hills to meet his people. (Sounds like a horror movie or pedophile).

The story about the people in the silver suits soon overshadowed her tale of "the invisible man."

Her grandparents remembered the gypsy caravans that camped on the outskirts of town and of the stories of children going missing. They warned the children again to be polite but under no circumstances go anywhere with a stranger.

Later that night, Evelyn was sitting on the porch as her grandfather smoked his pipe when she felt an "invisible woman" approaching. The woman whispered into her ear, "We came from out there in the stars" and added, "Far, far away." Apparently, Evelyn's entire neighborhood had been visited by blond extraterrestrials. Evelyn had continued encounters with the Nordics and "the invisibles" for over a decade.

The Greys

In 1944, Evelyn and her family were living in Somerville, New Jersey. One day she and her oldest sister were in the upstairs office of a bottling plant when they were taken! Evelyn calls this period of time "the TERROR stage" of their continuing relationship with the Greys. Upon regaining consciousness they experienced nose bleeds, distorted space and out of body experiences (OBEs).

This introduction to the Greys was a very strange period for the entire family. Neighbor pets went missing and then suddenly reappeared with shaved patches and clean incisions. Their own cat was taken twice, only to be returned shaved, treated with bloodless wounds.

The family was living in North Carolina in 1948. They had just returned home late after a dinner out. Upon opening the front door, they were surprised to see the entire living room bathed in blue mist. And they heard, "Come in, we won't hurt you." And then time stopped.

The next thing the family, mom, dad, and the three girls, realized was that they were walking on Virginia Beach, when Evelyn shouted, "What's the matter with you all? Why are you acting like nothing happened? We've got to get out of here!" Her sisters remember their father saying something about waiting for their pet to return.

Evelyn was in Jacksonville, Florida in 1950. She remembers seeing flying saucers and one of them landed near her. Three Greys approached her apartment building. One of the trio stood guard at the entrance, a second waited outside their apartment and the third entered. He was bald with a smashed-in profile and had a notable pallor.

Evelyn remembers they were wearing tight fitting jumpsuits and their eyes were covered with goggles. The gray in their apartment approached the eldest sister and telepathically conveyed the following, "We did not come for you this time." Evelyn had the ability to hear their communiqu├ęs. They were having problems because they had overly complicated something and were trying to establish better relationships.

Later leaving, the Gray said, "You will not remember this."

Evelyn said that bits and pieces of the events with extraterrestrials have come back to her, but it was her curiosity that made her seek out help and undergo hypnotic regression in 2003 to regain more memories.

She is hoping to undergo more hypnotherapy to answer questions, which have arisen since her last regression. She would really like to know why she told her mother that a monster, which resembled "The Wolf Man", was chasing her and her sister! Evelyn wonders if this type of alien is like the Yeti: a race resembling Chewbacca from Star Wars?

Fleeting memories of the dark haired people sneak back and she contemplates the possibility that the man her sister and friend saw wearing a silver suit was one of them?

Evelyn's Opinion of the Visitors

She does not believe that Greys are evil, but rather "cool and strange." She also likes the Nordics and the Invisibles. She thinks the Invisibles might be mistaken for angels and remembers one with black hair. She also has a memory of a stranger she saw in the background with black hair. He was wearing a janitor-like outfit and was a bit shorter than the Nordics.

My Questions to Evelyn

Dirk: Do you believe the Nordics are here to protect us from other ETs?

Evelyn: The Nordics: I didn't get any "police protection" vibes from ones I'm able to identify. Those struck me as young adults doing social studies "in the field" - new to and excited about the project. Because of events in 1938, I'd say, "Invisibles" were linked to the" Nords." If the invisible man at the tree was the same man my sister had met, unless they're "shape shifters" they may have been humans or a breed that looks like Europeans: Average size, black hair, and dark eyes. In stealth gear, those I remembered as a preschooler could observe without being observed - why would one interact with a child, while cloaked: It suggests some sort of study was in progress. (Wonder what they'd conclude, concerning a 4-year old being less frightened by an invisible than her 8-year old sister was of a man in silver?)

Dirk: Do you believe the Greys are a threat to humans?

Evelyn: I'd be surprised if Greys are still on the planet. Their "files" could have been "handed over" to other ET types, maybe clones or human initiates.

Why are They Here?

I'd say they were well-trained professionals - like union members - Docs collecting eggs or sperm didn't cross over. Troops I met may have had kids back home (on aboard their ship) who'd have loved something equivalent to sharing scrapbooks or learning hop-scotch, once they got past how strange I seemed. Greys may have taken time to discuss cultures with our big shots - having greater respect for those who have power over others. They are selective as are many humans. One Gray squad leader bothered to give information even though he was under orders to seal our memories. That suggests to me, some sociability. Perhaps he'd like a similar "courtesy" in some reverse situation. I find this too human-like to ignore.

There may be no superior race involved - only superior science!

As I've pointed out - they did provide a "good nurse" person to help this hysterical little teenager calm down a bit. I wasn't in a dispassionate state - seeing my whole family frozen, which is likely the reason we didn't exchange small talk. I'm sure I was kept mobile so I could demonstrate how buttons open a placket on the side of one's slacks. They requested, "Please show us how" - can you imagine asking an ant to please show you anything? This is not the tactics of brutes. They weren't rapists or thugs and we weren't lab rats, any more than we are at the local medical center.

Dirk: What do you believe their agenda is?

Evelyn: I feel we had all have been very "setup" for all encounters. I noticed more than once, events of "High Strangeness" have a very "scripty" quality. However, isn't that like Madison Avenue type thinking? Such "clever" ploys, you could puke.

Maybe some of them can't think six steps ahead to what protocols are going to produce a couple of generations down the road. They may be every bit as ignorant ("forgive them, they know not what they do") as many of our "Uh-Oh!" leaders who got a different outcome than what was schemed. I'm determined to keep their unsettling behaviors in perspective. Believe me, it works. The key, I believe, is to measure them against human equivalents. Aren't there even worse humans around?

Greys have been around longer, their technology is leaps and bounds ahead of ours, but I think we're more like "country cousins" than lower life forms to them. Their guys just have more fascinating toys than ours. Being motivated by more than curiosity, they may have had little to make light of in our presence. They're as frail as they are pale, they may indeed be in survival mode. They may be elsewhere, working on other possibilities, by now.

Reality is so much more complex than we're taught to expect or to "embrace" - Creation is so unlimited, compared to what our universities explore - we need to teach expansive thinking! Outside the box" that boxes the boxes!

Evelyn remembers "TOO REAL DREAMS", a type of virtual reality that was used on her to demonstrate possible future events. She was a witness to end of the world scenarios: such as a 5-story tidal waves, giant boulders emerging from swamps, wind so cold she had to seek shelter, ground upheavals, the sound of crying and wailing.

She believes she was told to "keep the faith". That some natural disaster was approaching that would last 3-days and then the world would be like new.


As I mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this article, Evelyn's statements and answers are detached and what I would expect in light of her experiences with her extraterrestrial visitors.

She states that she believes that the Greys are "cool and strange." She seems to be completely willing to ignore, forgive and rationalize the actions of the Greys.

Her first encounter with the Greys was in 1944 when she and her sister were abducted from the bottling plant. Her own words describe this period as, "The TERROR stage of our relationship with ETs had begun!"

An example of this rationale can be taken from one of her emails to me, "while they worked on me, but had the courtesy to provide a trained team member to comfort and distract me (her) during my forced (physical) exam." So she believes its O.K. to rape her as long as someone tells her "It's alright." She appears by her own words to be completely mesmerized by the Greys.

Again, she tells about the trio of Greys that came to their family's apartment and admits they blocked the doorways, preventing escape, and admits (albeit telepathically) to the kidnapping the eldest sister, by saying: "We did not come for you this time."

When the entire family was taken and suddenly found themselves walking on the sands of Virginia Beach. Evelyn shouts out, "What's the matter with you all? Why are you acting like nothing happened? We've got to get away from here!" Her yelling shocked her family out of their trance-like state and they collectively asked what she was going on about? She admits that she then went blank, but was terrified.

Evelyn also remembers her family being frozen as members were examined. All of the evidence, her evidence, paints a picture of the Greys not as being "cool and strange," but rather evil and demonic.

Evelyn is putting pen to paper and writing her family's experiences. She plans to publish the tale in the near future. Keep a lookout for "Sometimes You Just Have To Wonder!"

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