Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was out walking one early winter evening, I was nearing the end of my walk when some movement and flashes of light caught my eye. I stopped, turned to face the movement and lights and this is what I witnessed. Keep in mind the weather was cool, it was overcast with a medium fog. Visibility at street level was just under 100 yards. What I saw was some spokes of lights revolving within a small dense cloud. The cloud was billowing downward; picture a CO2 fire extinguisher being discharged, it was like this...only silent.

The spokes of light were diffused while within the cloud and were of primary and secondary colors, red, blue, yellow, green and orange. The cloud halted it's descent but the lights continued with their downward spiral and began to reveal what they were attached to. What I saw was the bottom of some kind of structure that was spinning and wobbling, then the beams of lights caught me full in the eyes in quick succession: Flashes, FLASH! Funny thing is, while they were intense, bright, they weren't blinding. In fact, they seemed to carry some kind of subliminal images as if carried on a sideband frequency of the light itself.

Now the object was completely clear of the cold mass of the cloud and I could clearly see a disk, silent, hovering just over the tree top and a telephone pole that was near. How near? My best guesstimate is that it was no more than 50 feet up and no more than 75 feet Northwest of where I was standing. The disk itself was probably no more than 25 feet in diameter by 15 feet in height. It hovered there in mid air, spinning at about 30 RPM and wobbling with precession-like movement.

The lights I mentioned before dimmed considerably and I noticed an opaque domed canopy on top of the disk, it glowed from within and I could make out a silhouette of head and shoulders, then the disk began to move in a serpentine fashion toward the street on which I was standing, in fact, I was standing right in the middle of the street and I could see by the crafts' trajectory that it was going to land right in front of me, no more than 30 feet away.

I can remember saying out loud, "Motherf****r, oh WOW!" and asking myself inwardly, "Am I ready for this?"

"Am I ready for this?" I'm thinking and I search my mind for any pertinent information I might possess that could help me now. The only thing that came to mind was something that I read in a book by George Adamski! In the back of one of his books he wrote that if someone should ever find themselves in this situation that they should show the UFO occupants your car/house keys, presumably this would indicate to them just what a smart cookie you were because you belonged to a race that could work metals.

I might as well have drawn a blank, but then I hefted my book bag and quickly, mentally, performed a personal inventory. I had on me about 20 pounds of college text books on engineering, chemistry, and trig/calculus mathematics, a calculator, a watch, a Buck knife and my friggin' key ring (Thanks, George! You crazy Pollock).

This inventory took all of about 5 seconds as I continually watched the disk coming closer and closer. Ready or not, it was time for me to move. I hefted my book bag one last time and started sprinting towards the craft and the spot where I thought it would land. Another person probably would have run the other way but I was really excited and wasn't about to miss this opportunity, even if I had to tackle this thing to bring it down and gain access.

I had run about 20 feet or so when every thing went blank. This is where my missing time started, about two and a half hours total. I've recovered some memories of this missing time by various means but that's another story and besides I'm just dealing with my real honest to goodness memories here. So, here's what happened next:

Seamlessly, it seems that I went from running toward the craft to being suspended in the air. I could see my right foot, the top of a tree and the roof of a nearby building, these things were getting closer. I was being floated down to the ground, my right foot touched the curb and I was released. I took a few steps then turned my head to see the disk over my right shoulder. It was now on the opposite side of the street and ascending in the same manner in which it arrived. A small dense cloud engulfed it, and then it was gone.

Watching it go I had the most abhorring feeling, the hair on my body stood straight and bristled. I shrugged it off and turned to go. When I got to where I was going, which was only three doors down the block, the first person I saw had a very strange and wild look in his eyes as he let me in. Another friend there said that they had been worried about me, that they had expected me hours ago. I said nothing about the thing that had just happened, I don't think I could have and I still have my suspicions that the encounter was a group abduction.

The next morning I was shaving when I noticed a BB sized lump under my skin between my nose and cheek about an inch below my right eye, I thought "cyst" but wondered how it could just appear overnight. I didn't put two and two together until after I read Jacobs' Secret Life.

A couple of days after the incident I was in a supermarket parking lot, I had bought a number of local newspapers to check the want ads. I was sitting in my car reading the papers when I came across a large ad, it was 2 in. x 4 in. and in bold type said, "IF ANYONE SAW ANYTHING UNUSUAL on the night of (gives date), near the intersections of (gives location), between the hours of (gives time). PLEASE CONTACT (gives name and number)" ..... Realization sets in, no doubt about it, someone else saw it, saw me, saw me and it! All of a sudden I became very flushed, my face and neck felt like it was on fire then I became nauseated .....VERY NAUSEATED. I opened the car door, rolled out onto the asphalt and on all fours puked my guts out.

Post hypnotic aversion therapy? Hey! I think I'm getting over it!


I don't know where this came from so no credit - sorry. A good story though! Thanks to whomever this happened to for sharing! I would like to hear the rest of the story!

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