Sunday, September 14, 2008


By Thursday's Child

In 1982 the UFO Contact Center International decided to take a very long trip to find a place inland where contactees/abductees could move. They felt that the coast was in jeopardy of caving in because of the earthquake faults. One place we visited was Alamosa, Colorado.

We had an experience there! Alamosa is where the first publicized mutilation took place on "Snippy" the horse. We asked around town about the incident and the old timers told us it was on Harry King's ranch and then told us how to find Harry. Snippy's bones are supposed to be on display at the College in Alamosa.

We were more interested in Harry King. (There are several things in this report from Harry that have not been known publicly.) We drove out to where we had been advised to go. After finding the wrong farm we finally found the King Ranch. Barbed wire fence and gates with signs all over saying No Trespassing and Keep Out! I saw Harry putting his car away as a storm was coming. I yelled at him while standing at the gate. He came over to see what we wanted and then invited us in. Just in time too, as the storm hit right then.

While driving down the dirt road to his farm we saw these huge Australian Jack Rabbits. They had black ears and feet and a cute little black bunny tail. Harry told us that they had proliferated so much that next they imported Jaguars to thin them out. I have not heard if the Jaguars are still in that area or not.

Poor Harry. He was a bachelor - 79 years old - lived all alone. He was a devout Morman. He said that the "Holy Ghost" told him things and if you were a Mormon he told you even more!

Harry was sure the government had mutilated Snippy to create a diversion away from the activities happening on Mt. Blanca to the east of him. He told us that sheep and rabbits had been mutilated during that same time period but it never got into the papers. Also said they saw foot prints of unusual shape 12 feet apart around Snippy. He never reported that either.

Harry also told us about "government" flying saucers that had flown all around his ranch and had scared the people in their cars on the highway by flying up and over them. He told us that one landed in his yard but by the time he got outside to see who was in it, it flew away. He also said that one day one of these little ships landed and a man got out that was the pilot. He said his name was Larry Childs! I almost fell over. Larry is head of MUFON in Seattle now and a very good friend. Harry said he was invited to take a ride in the little ship. I cannot recall if he said he did or not.

Harry had much more to say and it wasn't about UFOs. He was anxious to tell us what happened one day when he went into town to his bank. Alamosa is a college town and the students were on the sidewalk yelling "Hitler, Hitler" and pointing to the bank. This was 3 days before the war ended. Well Harry didn't know what they were talking about but when he walked into the bank, Hitler was walking out and ran into him. He said there was no mistaking him! Later Harry found out that Hitler's cousin was the President of the bank. He also told us Hitler had owned a horse ranch over near Denver before the war started. I have never researched this to find out if it was true or not but it makes for an intriguing story, like how did Hitler get there? And where did he go? Something we will never know the answer to.

Thursday's Child

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