Sunday, November 2, 2008



Over the years, I've encountered three different little humanoid groups whose skin was white or a chalky white. The Greys are gray and their eye shape differ.

I met with human appearing people with different color hair from Coma Berenices and the scientists from other star systems who shared that enormous ship jointly.

Some of the humans were close to 7 feet tall, while others, were around 6 ft. and 5 ft. 9 inches average etc,..variety of hair colors...brunette, red, black and blond hair male and females.

I've seen a couple of beautiful blonds with page boy hair cuts and beautiful larger than normal eyes. A male and female that looked like twins.

I've met other nice looking blonds both again male and female. The male had piercing eyes. Penetrated enough it shocked a person he was staring at. This girl couldn't get over it. She kept repeating how the guy's eye's burned right through her. She felt like he penetrated her soul. Apparently, his interest was in me because he struck up a conversation and pointed out a few things.
The list goes on.

At any rate, no Reps nor Grey's.

The Divine were not physical.

They were the Whole Light Being messenger's and what I think of as a Grand Instructor I would describe as a God of it's realm.

I really can't describe this unlimited Living Royal White Light Consciousness. There were no boundary's. It was one of the Creator's within.

They reign collectivity in the names of the Most High. The names given to me were Shekinah and El Eliyon. The Most Highs Spirit.

I was shown the actual Power Source of the Great White Living Light that animates Life and I believe all of the material side of Creation. The Power's appearance and rumbling was so Great and Immense it made the sacred ground I stood on tremble. I wondered how bright this White Light could get. It showed me. The Living Light began increasing it's brightness it had to erect a wall in front of me to shield it's intensity from burning out my eyes. That overwhelmed me.

These are similar experiences the Prophets have described. Hurtak included.



Used with permission.

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