Thursday, November 13, 2008


Back in July, 1965, there were three boys spending the night in sleeping bags in the backyard of a home in southwest Seattle. Two of the boys wee awakened by a loud fluctuating humming noise and a brilliant light that bathed the whole area in a white glow. They saw a circular object, roughly 4 feet in diameter, with a transparent dome on which was a rotating fixture the boys referred to as a periscope. On the bottom were four appendages that looked like the coiled springs from old fashioned car seats and were thought by the boys to be feelers.

The object descended to within 3 feet of the ground, then began maneuvering around the lawn. When it came close to the boys, they leaped to their feet, grabbed their sleeping companion in his sleeping bag, and literally dragged him into the house.

From this sanctuary in company with one boy's parents, they watched the object until it disappeared, a matter of a few minutes. While it was searching around the yard one of the boys had left his shoes outside when they hurriedly ran for the house. The craft picked up his shoes and put them inside the craft!

It later developed that the object had broken a power line in its descent and was seen to have entered, then left, a storage shed, leaving a messed up interior in its wake.

The boys found a scorched spot on one of the sleeping bags, and the grass in the area over which the UFO had hovered turned yellow and died.

About four months after that July sighting, a teen-aged youth was spending the night with a friend of his in the north section of Seattle. They were both bright boys, one was a straight A student and neither had displayed any particular interest in UFOs.

This night, November, it was, they had stayed up watching TV with the adults until 1 a.m. When they got into their bunk beds, they noticed a bright light shining through the drapes. The boy in the top bunk reached out to pull back the drapes to see what was causing the light. He received a shock, like an electrical shock. He snatched his arm back, but later tried again and this time the boys saw an oval object, 15 feet in diameter, sitting between their house and the neighboring one, about 6 feet away from them.

An alien creature, 7 feet tall, was standing beside the craft, pounding against the side of the house. The blows struck just above the head of the boy in the top bunk. The one boy called for his parents, but the shouts apparently sere dismissed as normal high spirits, and the parents didn't respond.

Let's communicate with him, one boy said, perhaps accepting the wall of the house as a sufficient bulwark against danger.

They settled upon their own code which they hoped to put across telepathically to the out side visitor. They would ask questions. A YES should be indicated by a speed-up in the continuing humming sound made by the craft. If NO the hum would remain the same.

Q. Do you have blood in your veins? No speed up.
Q. What have you in your veins? Water? No speed up.
Q. Do you have a water-like substance? Liquid? Definite speed up.
Q. Are you from another planet? Boys then started naming planets.
Q. Venus? No speed up
Q. Mars? No speed up
Q. Jupiter? Definite speed up

They spent an hour on these questions, then heard a pronounced dot-dot-dot-dash sound that led them to think the craft was leaving. They tried one more question. "Will you return?" There was a perceptible increase in the hum.

(One question that was left out of this write up is when the boys asked the alien how he could fit in that little tiny craft. He answered through the yes and no system that the insides were much different in size than the outside. That reminds me of Carl Higdon that was abducted on Elk Mountain in Wyoming. He was put inside a little craft that had 5 elk in it too! Somehow he and the elk were miniaturized to fit.)

The next morning a dark smudge was found on the outside wall of the white house where the alien creature was said to have pounded. (It was approximately 10 feet above the ground) The boys and their parents, reputable business people, wanted no publicity on the incident and it was a month before word of the landing reached Bob Gribble. We visited the home with a compass. The needle went wild in the immediate area of the landing site, showing a strong distortion in the magnetic field. We also found an oily residue that we collected on the grass and put it into a jar. I took it home hoping to find someone to analyze it but that never happened. It had an odd smell about it too. Hope it wasn't his potty break!

We were told that one of the sighters previously had been an adventuresome boy, afraid of nothing, the type who would quickly accept a challenge to "walk though a cemetery on a moonless night." Since his experience, the youth has refused to go out at night unless accompanied by an adult.


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