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By C. B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.

The field of exploration into UFO and ET phenomena is now in its own Phase Two. It has moved from showing that these phenomena are real to a search for how they relate to the lives of each one of us. Former fighter pilot, Navy Commander, and intelligence officer Scott Jones has been involved in both Phase One and Phase Two of this area of subtle energies.


Years ago, during the Cold War, a friend and I designed a project to play with the minds of Soviet leaders. What we wanted to do was to transmit information to the KGB that would have been very difficult for the CIA or any other intelligence service to gain - personal, inside the Politburo, gossip. It would have left them puzzling whether that information could possibly have come from a former, now deceased, Soviet leader. We hoped to plant the seed that there is more to "life" than the earth-based experience, an idea that might have caused them to reflect on the karmic implications of some of their actions.

Working with assorted former Soviet leaders in spirit, we finally got from Nikita Khrushchev the type of titillating Politburo gossip that we thought would get their attention. At that point, the Soviet leadership changed, and Gorbachev took over. I began to get feelings that what we were doing might not be a good idea. A friend called and invited me to attend a joint presentation by Caroline Myss and Sir George Trevelyan. This was welcome and I looked forward to asking Caroline and Genesis, the entity she channels, for some mid-course guidance. When Caroline and I were alone following her presentation, she suddenly said, "You are doing something with Russia, I want to hear about it." I told her about OVERLORD II, the name we had given our project, an invasion of the Soviet mind, and wondered if it was still a viable effort. She chided me, reminding me that she had told me before that I was my own psychic, and to do my own work. I responded that I did get my own input, but my concern was that much of it was so subtle that I missed it. She was quiet for about twenty seconds and then the powerful voice of Genesis spoke, "Dear Scott, what is subtle about the people we send to your office, and have call you on the phone, and send you faxes?" (This was pre-email). I was humbled by the truth. He then said, "Telling this chap about survival after death is like teaching your grandmother how to whistle." We closed down the project. I had been reminded again of the many ways that non local awareness works.

Cultural Trance: Manipulating Consensus Thinking

Cultural trance has intrigued me for years. Charles T. Tart, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of California at Davis, is an expert on this phenomenon, and his book, "Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential," covers the subject well. Tart refers to consensus trance, the sleep of everyday life, as our "normal" state of consciousness. He observes that to become "normal" involves a selective shaping: the development of approved potentials, and inhibition of disapproved ones. "When you automatically think, behave, and feel 'normal,' when the internal workings of your mind automatically echo most of the values and beliefs of your culture, you have achieved cultural consensus trance. Our interlocking set of beliefs includes the belief that we don't have a 'belief system.' Foreigners have strange 'beliefs,' but we know what is right!" (Tart, 1986, page 89).

Throughout history, there have always been institutions and individuals who have recognized the powerful potential of using and manipulating consensus thinking for their own purposes. The most successful counter-intelligence operations have been run by those with great insight into a culture's trance state. We are on the brink of challenging the world's consensus view of the nature of reality and the power of many established institutions and organizations around the world.

For ten years my small non-profit organization P.E.A.C.E., Inc. (, has been involved in encouraging colleges and universities around the world to adopt our Sustainable Peace and Development (SPD) program. A few have, and many more are considering it. The SPD program has some unique features, but the important point of our work is to involve the future leaders of the world during their college and university years in the study of conflict resolution and peace. Our pitch is that this will increase the odds that they will have a world in which to realize their dreams and express their genius. Until a year ago, all of this was most conventional and solidly within the bounds of every culture that has adopted the Western model of the university.

Challenging the Consensus View: The ET Phenomenon

However, for eighty years I have had personal experiences that appear to me to be related to extraterrestrial phenomena. The first event happened when I was an infant, dying from pneumonia. According to family history, the doctor had told them that the battle was over and he did not expect me to survive the night. My own memory of what happened was recovered after extensive hypnotic regression work and finally with deep, targeted meditation. What I saw was a tall Gray Alien step out of the shadows of the darkened room where I lay in a crib, and placed a hand over my flooded lungs. Someone apparently had other plans for me. The next morning the fever had broken, breathing was near normal, and I was hungry and cranky. Therefore, I was not surprised when I started getting input during meditation, the dream state, and particularly during travel to present the SPD program. The message I received was that the most important level of peace work was not terrestrial, but cosmic. I found this most intriguing and opened myself up, requesting details. The details are still flowing in, and I will share some of them here. With these recent messages I am again in the realm of subtle energies.

When you give serious thought to the potential impact of the disclosure that there are cultures from other star systems, and perhaps other dimensions, visiting Earth, the phrase, "Houston, we have a problem," takes on new meaning. It will be a massive challenge to the consensus view of what is real. Few of you reading this are unaware of the 1947 Roswell incident, and know of continuous reports from around the world of sightings of craft that can perform in ways that are beyond the most modern technology. There is probably much more we could see but do not because our cultural trance clouds our perceptions.

"Believers" have many sightings; "non-believers" have very, very few.

Could it be that off-earth cultures that are tens to hundreds of thousands of years older than Earth cultures are using a combination of technology and mind power to allow us to gradually experience what we can accept? That would be a very loving way of saying hello. I believe they have been saying "hello" in this way for over sixty years.

Now it appears that there is an additional message being sent: "The time for disclosure is at hand," and, "You either start disclosure or we will do it for you." I think that the reason for this timetable is very serious. The Visiting Others (my preferred collective label for the dozens of different visiting cultures that have been identified) have shown specific interest in our nuclear facilities. ICBM sites in both the US and Russia have been monitored by them, and to our great consternation, systems have been shut down during these visits. I speculate that now some country has either placed nuclear weapons in orbit, or is planning to do so, and this is a line in cosmic dust that we should not have crossed.

Government Disclosure Imminent

I was Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell when he was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. One of my joyful jobs was to visit research facilities in countries that we knew were seriously involved in the study of consciousness. The US was respected as well as feared in those years, and Pell could open the doors needed for my work. To my surprise and pleasure, the labs I visited in the Soviet Union that were involved in consciousness research were also responsible for trying to figure out the extraterrestrial enigma. They explained that since so much of what they were discovering about extraterrestrials was psychic in nature, that they were assigned both jobs. Their reference to psychic phenomena was specifically related to telepathic communications and to control of the craft, some of which appeared to be organic in nature. Now here are two interesting examples of the use of subtle energy: the first, telepathy, is very familiar, while the second, mind control of a living vehicle is less so.

The briefings about extraterrestrial research I received in Moscow and Leningrad were clearly based on the recovery of crashed extraterrestrial craft. I asked them if this was the case, and they confirmed it. Later Mikhail Gorbachev publicly stated that ETs were real and we needed to pay attention to them.

There is a direct correlation between the capability to view the dark side of the moon and movement toward disclosure. In July 2008, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is scheduled to launch its first mission to the moon. They will join the US, Russia, Japan, China, and the European Space Agency in this achievement. Even before this launch, there have been news stories in the Indian media that India is on the threshold of discovery of extraterrestrial moon bases. In September 1990 my visits with Chinese researchers on this subject were not as productive as later ones in November with their Russian counterparts. But a member of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs did tell me that when the US made such an announcement, China would be a close second. France and Belgium have issued strong and concerned statements on the subject, and the UK has recently released thousands of pages from their UFO files, although what they have released is raw data without any assessments. In Japan, the issue has been broached in the Diet, their legislative assembly, and commented upon by the Defense and Science Minsters.

We do not know how coordinated the public comments from knowledgeable countries about extraterrestrial contact with Earth are, but we do know with confidence that no country has a monopoly on the knowledge and that the fraternity of countries with proof in hand is growing. The inevitability of disclosure, coordinated or not, is assured, and my assessment is that the US has been pressured by the increasing number of countries that can speak with authority about the subject, to initiate its own strategy for disclosure.

There are bound to be some serious issues ahead in confronting our cultural trance. I believe that the little Grays, one of the types of Visiting Others, are androids with just enough consciousness to do what they are programmed to do. I am sure that they are semiconscious from abundant data about their ability to induce a range of emotions from stark fear to calming peacefulness. Their culture is limited to what their creators want them to be capable of doing. The real business will be with their creators and controllers.

Contactee reports about various races of Visiting Others are confounding and complex, exactly what we would expect when trying to figure out an entity with an unimaginable IQ and whose likely principal recreation during an eight-hundred year life span has been mind games. The primary mode of communications with the visiting Others is telepathy. I suspect that when the VOs really want to make a point they will amplify the subtle energy involved in telepathy to a voice-in-the-head level.

The Task Ahead

What can we do about what lies ahead? We all must transform to move away from violence, avarice and uncaring and become peaceful, compassionate and generous. Perhaps these turnabouts could impress the Visiting Others as they decide what is in the best interest of the cosmos. President Reagan's Star War solution to an alien threat was a dream for the military-industrial complex, and probably caused a few Visiting Others to question if they had seriously overestimated human intelligence.

My peace mission now involves something I have called "Plan C." It is designed to prepare the global public for disclosure; to influence the strategy of disclosure by the terrestrial powers to achieve the most positive outcome for everyone; and to send a message to the Visiting Others that we are concerned, determined, vigilant, and working hard to merit inclusion in the Cosmic Community as a trustworthy, intelligent, valuable and peaceful member.

Right now we don't meet any of these conditions. What that means is that disclosure either results in a massive transformation of our current global economic and political system, or it will be "Lights out, Earth."

Earth is important, but we have failed to organize and function in a way that honors and protects that importance. Pay attention to disclosure. Get involved. It is a one-in-a-world event, where, as always, subtle energy abounds. If individual transformative action isn't enough to pull this off, nothing can. Ralph Waldo Emerson has nailed this: What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. No surgeon's scalpel can access these realms. Only the most subtle energies reach these treasures of power and knowledge.

We thank Dr. Leo Sprinkle who submitted this article. It is from Bridges Magazine, Summer, 2008

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