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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.

TODAY'S LESSON: COMPLIMENTS OF THE "TRUTH TELLER" (from The Essence of the Notes by Maurice Osborn)

Asket is one of Billy Meier's former contacts who came from the Dal Universe.

ASKET'S EXPLANATION on February 3, 1953

As Meier listened, Asket explained that, in order to perform their mission, they had to neutralize the space and time structure of our universe for harmonic passage without hurting their ships and the universe. Asket's home world was in a similar system called Akon in an entirely different universe known as the DAL universe. It is one among others that enclose this universe. Many lay in other time planes and different spaces. The DAL universe is a parallel universe to this one and in the same time plane.

The reason for Asket to come into our universe is in a spirit of research, for the human race because of earlier centuries. Due to their technology, a universal barrier was opened and they explored the widths of this universe 3,300 years ago, they discovered Earth in the Sun's solar system. In their research, they also discovered the original home world and history of the human race because humanity did not originate on Earth. Human beings are the descendants of a race from the Ringed Nebula. The actual descendants of earthly forefathers no longer populate the Ringed Nebula, but live on planets in the region of a cluster of stars referred to as the "Seven Sisters" or the Pleiades. Meier was told that, within twenty years, these matters would be cleared up by the descendants of humanity's forefathers themselves, when he becomes mature enough to bear the new explanations and concepts.

Until that time Meier was told that it was his obligation to gain much more knowledge and wisdom in order to fulfill his very heavy mission. He was informed that he was elected to be a truth teller, like innumerable ones in early times before him. But, in order for him to be prepared for this mission, he would have to become greater in spiritual knowledge than any other earthly human being of his time. Because of this, he was placed under the guardianship of a certain form of life which had to protect him, lead, guide, and educate him since before his birth. This also happened for all former truth-tellers that were chosen before their births. This embodies a Law of Creation that cannot be disobeyed. It is false to believe that truth-tellers are called for their missions in certain years of their lives because their way is already destined at their birth and will develop itself accordingly. Such a life is extraordinarily difficult and hard because there is so much to be learned. Prophets are never able to have easy and smooth lives.

True truth-tellers and prophets only offer words of liberty and knowledge, of love and wisdom in absolute logic. Wrong truth-tellers and prophets only bring heresies and illogic which must be continuously developed over time while actual truth-tellers and prophets offer lessons of truth, being eternally the same and never altered. Meier was told that within twenty years, he would write a great lesson of truth, being transmitted to him from a very high spiritual entity. It will come from the same level as where also the carpenter's son Emmanuel, whom is erroneously known as Jesus Christ, received his knowledge. It will become the final lesson of the New Time; a lesson of truth, knowledge, the clearing up of love, and a lesson of the Age of Aquarius. It will be a lesson of absolute truth about many other things and for all coming times. If new forms of life come and want to change it, then they are only of deceptive character and evil lies.

Asket explained that it is the obligation of each higher developed form of life to assist under-developed forms with help in responsible measure to influence its evolution. This obligation is for all forms of life in all universes because it is in creational law. So, when they come from another universe, this duty requires them at a certain time to officially make contact. After many years have passed, Asket said that she would contact Meier again when she has returned to her universe. They have recognized many matters in our universe in need of change and especially on Earth, which are very dangerous. Mankind has entered an age of knowledge and development that is badly disturbed, especially by religions that influence enslavement, humiliation, and exploitation of humanity.

The limitless greed for power is evident in all earthly religions and represents the most dangerous threat for the eventual goal of a world government. All earthly governments are subjected to religious influences that endeavor to unite them under a single world government. These wicked efforts have always resulted in wars and the death of numerous human lives. Mankind has developed deadly weapons of destruction and will soon venture out into space in manned rocket ships. Earth humans will walk on the moon and speak words of peace and love. But they are only words of deception for the unconquerable greediness for a world government. Humanity has evolved to a high level, but only technologically and in pure materialistic regards. Spiritual evolution has been wickedly prejudiced and forced aside in favor of the worldly and material concerns. That has resulted in many kinds of degeneration and fanaticism. The most evil factors of earthly religions are in the cursing and denial of all reality and truth.

Nowhere else do such religions of delusion exist in the universe as they rage on Earth. They become a danger as they slowly and deadly begin to spread. Not only have earthly human beings pushed their world and the whole solar system dangerously close to destruction, but also space traveling races have excited three of their home worlds with earthly religious delusions, requiring them to be brought under control again by outside forces. Expeditions were sent to Earth to explore the facts concerning religion. All of their nations were educated in the earthly Christian religion and after thousands of years of living in peace and harmony with all forms of life and themselves, their world changed into the very picture of life on Earth. Soon, they murdered each other until they degenerated into an evil worldwide war.

Eventually, transgressions against the other two worlds ensued and caused one of them to be destroyed. At last, other space-traveling races interfered and ended the deadly dissension which was already being carried into the universe. All religious material was destroyed. Christianity was strictly forbidden, and the old form of living came back again. All visits to earth were prohibited and a regulation was established that, if anything should go wrong with a ship on the Earth, the whole crew had to eliminate itself along with the ship. A great spaceship had malfunctioned over Russia and was unable to leave the Earth's atmosphere. As a consequence, the ship and 4,300 extraterrestrial beings turned to dust in an explosion and damaged the landscape, causing an extensive crater. (Tungusta?)

To be continued next Thursday.



Elena Ruiz de Castilla

Is it all a game to you, my alien friend?
You know my mind and the secrets which lie within.
And yet, would you allow me to know you?
You visit me in the night,
and in the daytime I wonder if it was real?
I long to love you, but what do you know of love?
I only want to know... after all, you know everything about me.
Whoever you are, my soul cries out to you.
It cries out against the sadness I have known
with the hope that there may be a better world.
I cling to that hope...
And therefore I believe.
I would risk everything to know the truth
and yet the truth evades me...
The more I learn about you the less I know
and somehow I feel, you like it that way.
To you perhaps I am just a specimen
As insignificant as a tiny gray mouse
and stupid besides for I do not know your ways.
Or perhaps it is not your time to reach out to me.
I await you with open arms and a heart full of love.
If I am wrong, it will be my worst mistake
And if I am right... then what?
And if you don't like the person I am
Mold me into the person you would have me to be.
I love you, my Alien
I am your willing abductee...

See you next week. Think about today's lesson. It is very significant to what is taking place now on Planet Earth.

Thursday's Child

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