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1983-Alfred Burtoo Abduction

By Billy Booth,

Alfred Burtoo Abduction
Timothy Good

Summary: In 1983, 77-year-old Alfred Burtoo was enjoying some fishing in the Basingstoke Canal in Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom. Very early on August 12, it was a nice, quiet day for his favorite pastime. Suddenly his concentration on the water was interrupted by a bright light descending from the sky. Whatever this was, it landed not too far away from Burtoo. There was a Mod base in the vicinity, and he thought maybe he had seen a helicopter land.

Two Strange Beings: Burtoo had just poured himself a cup of tea, when his dog Tiny became very nervous. Two beings suddenly appeared out of the darkness. "They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot," Burtoo told reporters. "And they had helmets of the same color with a visor that was blacked out." The two beings beckoned for him to follow them. He obliged. "I was 77 and didn't have much to lose," he later explained.

Black, Metallic Chamber: Burtoo followed the two strange beings until they arrived at a flying saucer landed on the ground. He ascended the stairs leading up to the flying machine until he could go no further. The ceiling was too short, and he had to bend over to continue. He was now inside of a black, metallic chamber. The room had a foul smell, like decaying meat.

Seamless Construction: "I did not see any signs of nuts or bolts, nor did I see any seams where the object had been put together," he recalled. "What did interest me most of all was a shaft that rose up from the floor to the ceiling. The shaft was about four feet in circumference, and on the right-hand side stood two forms similar to those that walked along the towpath with me."

Scanned by Orange Light: The curious old fisherman was then instructed to stand underneath an orange light. This light seemed to scan his body for several minutes. "What is your age?" asked one of the beings, in a voice which sounded like "a mixture of Chinese and Russian". When he told them his age, he was told that he could go. He was told he was too old and sick for their purposes. Burtoo then walked out of the ship, down the stairs and back to this fishing spot.

Greatest Experiences : "The first thing I did... was to pick up my cold cup of tea and drink it," he recalled. "And then I heard this whining noise, just as if an electric generator was starting up, and this thing lifted up then took off at a very high speed. I got into what I had come out for-the fishing!" He would later tell newsmen that it was one of the greatest experiences of his life.

Conclusions: What are we to think about this bizarre experience of Alfred Burtoo? To my knowledge, there was no physical evidence of the crafts landing, and no marks of any kind on Burtoo. This is one of those cases that we are not able to fully validate. Burtoo was the only witness, and we have to take his word, as he was not given to making up stories, and had no reason to perpetuate a hoax. He gained nothing from his experience except being in the local papers.


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