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I remember an incident when I was about two years old. Due to my mother's illness, my paternal grandmother took my father, older sister and me to live in her house. My sister slept in my deceased grandfather's bed. I slept in my sister's bed that had ropes, to create a bed rail to confine me. On this day I was standing in bed holding on to the rope when a "playmate" came into the room.

During my childhood my family tried to convince me that the beings I saw and played with were figments of my imagination. They teased me about my invisible friends. My sister told her friends who had siblings my age about the imaginary playmates. Since I was the only one to see the creatures, I became the laughing stock of the school. I was born 12/29/40, so you can gather what the situation did to my self image and self esteem. When I was five and ten years old, I saw child psychiatrists who proclaimed me sane. I have felt that one of the Visitors was watching over and protecting me since I was five. In my fantasy dreams, I called him my "brother."

My first marriage produced a daughter. I left my first husband when our child was a year old. We moved from St. Louis to Jonesboro, Arkansas so I could get a divorce. After that, the beings' visits must have increased, as there are more frequent blank spots in my memory. At times, my daughter became difficult for my second husband and I to wake, and we both had unexplainable problems with our right nostrils. I noticed that the "holes in my memory" seemed to precede periods of unexplainable agitation. The agitation has occurred from our move to Memphis to this date. One incident that I recall in Memphis may have some relevance. On a particular morning, my daughter awoke and suddenly announced that she wanted to start a collection of owls. She had previously had no interest in them. At the time I thought it was strange.

A few months later I became fascinated with the Pyramids of Egypt. I looked for a pyramid necklace. A few years later I found a pyramid with a circle inside it, but never did find the one I really wanted. It had the pyramid inside of a square, with the circle inside of it. whenever I asked for this design I received strange looks. Now I understand the significance of it.

There were several recurrences of a nose problem. Similarly, my husband began to have the same affliction. When his persisted, he went to the doctor. One nostril was an unusual robin's egg blue. The doctor said it was strange and prescribed a medication that worked, much to the doctor's surprise. Did the visitors cause the agitation and the nose problem?

Another incident was when I woke up near dawn dripping wet with perspiration and in an uncontrollable, raw, crude, animal-like terror. In the center of my head I heard a voice say that everything was all right, and to calm down and go to sleep. I took a few deep breaths, lay back down and went to sleep until the alarm woke me. Years later my husband had a similar dream about what he described as a gun pointed just above his eyes on his forehead. He heard a similar voice. On two different occasions I woke in the middle of the night with extreme burning below my ribs and above my diaphragm. Several doses of Pepto-Bismol eased the burning, but not the diarrhea that followed.

Two years ago, the last child married and moved out. That's the next time I have a memory of visitors: My husband had left for work, and I was also preparing to leave. This is the first time I experienced a compelling urge to take a nap. As I was lying in bed, I saw a human-like figure enter the room. I felt total terror, but I felt as if I knew this entity. The feeling began to calm me down. The being seemed surprised at my reaction. It, or she, asked me why I was afraid, as it had been many years since I'd acted that way. I asked if this had happened to me often, and the answer was "Yes." I was a "chosen" one for them and the Supreme Being. It was then that I made an agreement with the creature. The deal was that it would completely answer all my questions, now and in the future; for this I would cooperate with them totally and completely. With negotiations completed, we proceeded.

The first question I asked was, "How long have you been visiting me?" The reply was both before and after I was in the womb. My sister was born in 1934, and during that pregnancy, my mother suffered with uremic toxemia. The doctor advised that mother have no more children. The entity explained that they had been seeing my mother and monitoring her pregnancy with me. They made tests on me while I was in the womb. The visitor revealed that one of the tests caused my six-week early arrival. It was not her illness, as previously thought.

Next I asked the being if they were the things that my aunts told me my mother sees. To explain, mother's sisters decided it was time I knew the truth about my mother. They thought I was old enough to understand, now that I had completed my freshman year at college. They told me about the beings that mother reportedly kept seeing, and the things they allegedly did. Could these events have caused her to lose her sanity and be hospitalized, not brain damage from the toxemia? She kept seeing those things in the hospital until she died, much to the family's dismay. Answering these questions, the being confirmed my suspicions.

One other question I remember asking was why I was told that I'm a "chosen one," and what does that mean? All I remember is something about being trained to do something for the "hierarchy" and the "Supreme One." I will know the rest "when the time comes." Who is the Supreme One? The one that we say is the All Knowing One God. As far as I know, this was not from my imagination.

When I was reading the section of your book (Whitley's book) regarding the triad, there was a voice in the center of my head. Quite simply, it said, "The triad is simple. The Saints form one side of the triad; others call them the Ascended Masters, or Spiritual Guides. We, the visitors, form another. When the Masters and the Supreme One came together, we (visitors) were the resisters. When the time comes for all of us to work together, the resisters will be involved in our work together."

What is the goal? The answer continued: "The ultimate aim of the work is to save Earth. This is part of the message that the two of you must work as a team and deliver to the people."

Unlike your experiences (Whitley's), I'm not able to obtain confirmations of mine. Everyone from my childhood is either dead or I've lost contact with them. The exceptions are my sister and two senile aunts. My aunts say that they recall nothing regarding my mother's "hallucinations." My sister says that I am the strangest thing that she recalls from those years. She says she remembers no single incident. None of my children nor my husband recall anything unusual.

This case was excerpted from "The Communion Letters" by Whitley Strieber


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