Sunday, August 3, 2008


I received a correspondence today from an Irish fisherman who had an incredible close encounter. His name and specific location are being withheld for privacy and fear of ridicule. By permission, I have edited the original for comprehension reasons.

“Approximately one year ago, my mate and I went out to sea to fish at night. We left the port at 7:00 PM local time and planned to return at 9:00 AM the next morning in order to land our catch.

It was my watch at the time, around 3:00 AM, and I was sitting in the wheel house drinking some tea. My mate was in his bunk below getting some rest. We had been trawling about 2 hours and the horizon was just starting to brighten up a bit, enough that I could see the ocean surface.

As I sat watching the nets, I noticed that the seagulls that follow the boat were quiet which is unusual. It was obvious that something had spooked them. I walked out of the wheel house and looked along the side the boat and noticed a strange silhouette floating above the water surface that was moving at the same speed of the boat. When I took another look, it resembled a small human lying flat and floating. I was immediately stunned. I rushed back to the wheel house and slammed the door. I was paralyzed with fear and muttered uncontrollably.

I cautiously looked out the window and noticed the being float alongside the boat towards the bow. The navigation lights were on and I could see that the being now turned upright and was floating towards me, no more than 5 feet from the right side of the wheel house window. I just froze as this creature stared at me.

The being had an oval head, more round than most depictions of ‘greys’ in the media. It had large black oval eyes without pupils and a small mouth that looked like a frown. The skin was very pale, almost a sickly grayish white color. It was dressed in a black hooded robe that covered everything except the face. The being opened it's mouth for a few seconds then closed it again. Then it floated into the darkness and disappeared. My best estimation, the entire encounter lasted less than one minute.

This encounter has affected my life immensely. I have trouble sleeping and dream about the incident constantly. As well, I go out to sea less and less now and will probably stop soon.”

Note: This close encounter parallels one of my theories that extraterrestrials move ‘inter-dimensionally’ and don’t always need vehicles. There have been other stories of aliens showing up suddenly, though this account is definitely unique.

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Very interesting , I wonder what more may of happened ?
Thanks for sharing .