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Hey my friends, this Alaskan reporter answered me back on my email today about the found missing boy and his "little people" story. I thought you'd find it of interest!


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Hi Brent; I haven't followed up on the e-mail story. The boy's family isn't interested in commenting further, but others tell me he's fine. The girl would have still looked as she did 40 years ago, as I understand it. Time gets suspended, like in the supposed alien abductions. One oft-told story from Chevak involves kids who went out trick-or-treating, or the Cup'ik version thereof, and disappeared. 20 some years later, they all popped up again, still kids.

Or so goes the story.

There was a long-missing girl who may or may not have been the one the boy said he met. I was told her name by a couple of Marshall folks, but asked not to repeat it.

Lot of response on this. Several people outside Alaska have written to me about having rocks tossed in their direction by unseen hands.

Thanks for reading. MD
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Dear Mr. Dunham,

I recently read this story that allegedly appeared in the Anchorage Daily News and had your byline as the author. Entitled "'Little people' e-mail zips through rural Alaska," it's a story about a boy who allegedly had been abducted by the Ircerraat (little people) of Yup'ik folklore.

If this is true, how is the boy doing, have any more details on the case emerged, and did the little girl from over 40 years ago actually still look like a regular little girl? I assume so, since it seems to read that way.

Was there a name? Was there a missing girl that might have fit his description?

Below is a copy and paste copy of the article I have, to make certain that we're on the same page, so to speak. Any response/comments you can give me will be sincerely appreciated. I've been interested in mysteries like this for some four decades.

Thank you and take good care.

Brent Raynes

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