Sunday, July 13, 2008


While camping on the Arizona desert around 9:00 p.m., the subject and a friend are levitated into a 200-foot diameter, saucer-shaped UFO.

The subject finds himself and witness in a small room, paralyzed and unable to resist. Suddenly several 7-foot tall beings enter and undress them both, then take them in opposite directions down a curving hallway. The beings are ugly, with sloping shoulders, crocodile scaled skin, elephant-like feet, and hands with three fingers and a recessed thumb. Supported by two beings, the subject seems to glide rather than walk. Heavy fog or mist is everywhere.

They stop at a door with an insignia on it. There are blinking lights at the top and sides. When touched by one of the beings, the door seems to explode, and the subject moves in a very bright room. After actually walking some distance he is placed against a curving wall, from which he is unable to move. The wall lights up, and he feels pleasant.

Two of the 7-foot beings station themselves at consoles of some kind, and a third stands beside a pole on which there is a movable box with many tiny colored blinking lights, and two large intense lights. One of these large lights holds the subject's eyes in a fixed gaze; the other is apparently some sort of biological probe. The subject experiences a series of uncomfortable if painless sensations from his feet upward: he senses he is bleeding; he urinates; he feels water run from his stomach; he feels his chest opened and he thinks his heart has left his body briefly; finally his head feels "pulled" violently. Then everything stops, and shortly the lights on the box go off.

The subject senses that the intense lights on the box are connected with blinking lights which seem to traverse a clear cable leading from the moving box to the pole, and perhaps up the pole to another level.

The subject detects a distinct unpleasant odor. Then from across the room out of the fog comes a 9-foot being, like the others only larger. He approaches the subject, who is frightened but calms suddenly when the being places his huge hand on the subject's head. The 9-footer apparently communicates telepathically with the subject, without moving his mouth. A message is communicated to the subject. Then the subject experiences an out-of-the body trip.

The message is a combination of vague philosophical statements, general information about the aliens' origin and purpose, and a promise that they will return. The aliens seem to the subject to be clones of a central host intelligence in the form of a vast on-board computer. The host once had humanoid form, but now can either inhabit the computer or materialize as a humanoid. There is a large lab on the second floor of the UFO where young clones are grown in cylinders. The ship is "checking the original biological plantation" on earth.

The subject's telepathic trip is through future time to the aliens' home, a harsh, purplish world, domed, with two suns. However rugged its geography, the subject senses that it is a very happy place.

On the way to the aliens' home, the subject views earth during a future war -- bright flashes apparently signify total atomic destruction (Dates given for this "doomsday" range from April 3, 1985 to December 24, 2011, but settle on June 7, 1985 at high noon exactly.) (What happened on that day??)

The subject is taken from the wall and returned down the curving hall to the small room where he meets his friend, who looks weak and ashen. They dress and then are floated to the ground. They stumble around in the darkness until they find their camp. About two hours has passed. Neither remembers what has happened, but, frightened and disorientated, they frantically throw all their gear into their truck and race home.

This took place on March 14, 1971

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