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On the "I was abducted" forum I found messages from a man that has been abducted and in contact since he was small. Now he has been instructed to send out the messages from a tall dark gray alien by the name of Zeus. After you read all these messages that have been sent out (so far), if you can make sense of them please write to me and tell me what you have ascertained. I am trying to do the same. So here goes.

MESSAGE 1 - June 29, 2008

Hello: My name is Jeff and I am an abductee. Over the years I have received messages from the grays and I am now trying to quickly get out their message so that all abductees can be in the right place next year for the withdrawal. Over the next two weeks this will be my posting place and I encourage all abductees and those interested in the final withdrawal to help me spread these messages. If you take the time to go over each message, you will find that they are valid and they will lead you to where I will be. It is finally time for the withdrawal and everything is now in place and ready. So please stay tuned for I am not trying to scare anyone. Rather, I am informing those who know what I know; that we have got to get out of here.

You can help by getting my information out to as many people studying this phenomenon as you can and as quickly as you can. This is not meant for individuals of one country but all countries. Thank you, I hope you enjoy receiving this information and I will see you at the meeting place soon.


MESSAGE 2 - June 29, 2008

Like I said, within the next couple weeks I will b giving out the messages given to me by the Chief of the grays. But before I do this, let me give you a little bit of information about myself. In the year 1974, I was abducted by a UFO containing one gray alien which was darker gray and larger than the typical Roswell being. I did not know that I was abducted until many years after it happened.

Here is how I was abducted: My neighbor across the street came over and told my mother that she had to come out and see these strange lights in the sky. My mother followed her and I followed close behind. We were standing in the street and three bright white lights were hovering above the telephone poles. They hovered for about 5 minutes or so and then I felt very dizzy. The UFO's then zoomed off in opposite directions at a speed unimaginable. There is no way possible that they were manmade.

After this night, strange things started happening to me. I developed a large boil at the base of my skull in the back of my neck. The boil lasted about a month and disappeared. It reappears often and then disappears. At night, while I am still awake, some of the lights in my room seem to flicker on and off rapidly. Then I started hearing voices and seeing the face of the gray alien. Now after many years, I no longer hear several voices but hear only one. This is the voice of the gray which I know as the Messenger of Zeus.

This messenger told me that he was going to use me to coordinate the successful withdrawal of all of the abductees. If you seriously follow the messages given to me, you will find out that this is not a hoax. It is legitimate and the rapture is going to happen next year. Please stay tuned as I will be posting most every day for the next couple weeks. At the end of my posts, you will have the information and be in the right place at exactly the right time.

I have been asked not to release any information pertaining to certain abductees and projects. I will however, release the information given to me and offer my own personal interpretation of the information. You may interpret it differently but I believe I can help out greatly. I have received over 100 messages from the gray messenger. I will list about 15 or so of the more important ones. These are the messages that give you the information to be at the right meeting place at exactly the right time.

We are dealing with a civilization of beings that are roughly 2.2 million years ahead of humans. In this time period, the grays have mastered time travel as well as traveling vast distances of open space by what they all "fragmenting space." Fragmenting space is simply harnessing the power of blue wormholes to travel at speeds as fast as light. If you travel at 186,000 miles per second and then are able to distort time, grays can reach earth many years after leaving their home in the Perseids and still be only seconds older when they get here. Sounds like science fiction, right?? That's what they told Orville and Wilbur when they were trying to come up with the first airplane.

Now, how are people still being abducted? Where's the proof? First of all, the grays do not want most people to know that they absolutely exist. For the simple reason that it threatens space. The grays knew about humans when they were still out trying to club rabbits for a daily meal. They are not going to respond to SETI and they don't want humans to be able to time travel and reach their planets. Why? Because most people live like barbarians. Humans have advanced by conquering other humans and taking their land. Do you honestly think that if humans could reach other more pleasurable planets that they would show up and be peaceful?

Anyway, there is no proof of the grays and there will not be. As long as wars are waged on earth, population of people is increasing, and more environmental problems keep cropping up, the grays will remain as they now are. Present to some of us, ridiculed by most. I know for a fact that I was abducted. I know who has abducted me and I know the reasons. Unlike many abductees, I do not fear the grays. I respect them.

Sure, my abduction experiences are scary but you can take a negative experience and turn it into a positive. Abductees have been selectively chosen. Not to put them through hell but rather to advance human civilization. I have personally benefited greatly from being abducted. It took years but now I am better because of it. Anyway, I am apologizing for the grays if you believe that your experiences have had a negative impact on your life. That was and is not the intention.

Grays have mastered time travel and with that comes the ability to dimension surf. How can grays get into a bedroom when the house doors are locked and no UFO is visually present? It is simple for them. I will describe it within your current technology. Lock in on a GPS coordinate (our satellites have helped them) hover many miles above radar and slide in within the blink of an eye. This is the reason that sightings of UFOs are no longer necessary for some abductees.

Having said that, the messages I am giving you are related to broadcasting. The grays now have the ability to "suggestive sell." By this I mean, you have free will but if I whisper something to you, you can either accept it and restate it or ignore it. For example, say you are thinking of writing a book. While you are sitting there thinking, I come into your room and say, "How about naming it, "Field of Dreams". You think about and decide on the name. You could have chosen something else but my suggestion was pretty good so you picked it. This is how the withdrawal is going to take place.

Messenger Gray has given me many messages in the forms of riddles. He said he likes riddles because they can be interpreted different ways. The same as the Holy Bible. Some of the riddles I will post will require you to get a King James Bible. Others will not.

So let's get started! I am anxious but patient. I hope to see many people at the meeting place at the right time. If you or someone you know needs a ride or money to get there, please email me. I am selling stuff to raise money for this operation. Volunteers and helpers would be appreciated. So, here we go. Operation Jefferson!

Riddle - The Jefferson Starship!

"I am starting an Operation and we'll call it Jefferson, solve all my riddles and while you're at it, have some fun.

Jane, you're playing a game of cat and mouse and I would like to see more, for all of us will soon be leaving now think of this convenience store. This store is the date but be patient and wait. My starship is the Moondog and we won't be late!"

To solve the riddle please watch the Wedding Crashers. In this movie, pay attention to what Jane Seymour says to Owen Wilson when he is upstairs in the guest bedroom. Now listen to the song, "Jane" by the group Jefferson Starship.

In the Wedding Crashers, listen to what Owen says when he is quarterbacking at the family football game. "Red Moondog 7-11." This is the date we are leaving next year.

This concludes the message. When you are finished with all of these riddles (only fifteen or sixteen) you will understand all of them better as they all tie together and become a cohesive unit.


Hopefully you had the time to go through the last message because now we are on to a new one. Remember, after all of these messages, you will have a better understanding of all of them. You can post these anywhere and feel free to tell anyone you like. I will assume all responsibility for the content of these posts. So here is the next message, along with my interpretation.


"I am calling all the angels to come aboard the train. I have a crystal ball that will reveal my name"

Some people believe that the grays are God's angels given the fact that their civilization was created many years before humans. I would agree. If you are an abductee and the aliens were grays, you are cordially invited to participate in the withdrawal. The goal is to get everyone in the same spot due to GPS coordination at exactly the right time.

To solve Riddle 2, first listen to the song, "Calling all angels" from the group Train. Then watch the move, "Throw Momma from the Train" with Billy Crystal in it. In the movie, Billy Crystal's character refers to himself as Richard Kimball who is in the movie "The Fugitive." In this riddle, the gray messenger is reaching out to all of to join our train and our train is headed towards the heavens.

I have found that my gray messenger has a great sense of humor and even when talking about grim subjects he told me not to worry and have fun until the end. Certainly, he does not want you to get rid of your mother, this riddle is all in fun and the crystal ball that he refers to is Billy Crystal which brings us to the next riddle tomorrow or the next day.


Here is the next riddle/message:

"Just like the fugitive I am on the run, come along and join me for eternal fun, when you run into the sheriff go North on 789, head towards the friendly ghost then meet Wendy for the sign. Then we'll meet and ride a distance and we'll stop to sample chili, solve this riddle and you will know I can be silly."

I am not a fugitive and I hope that you are not either. This riddle is referring to the movie, "The Fugitive" with Harrison Ford. Watch the movie closely. The sheriff who is initially in charge of the escape investigation is Sheriff Rawlins. I am very familiar with this city and have lived there in the past for about 5 months. Whether you are coming from the west or east, stop at Rawlins, Wyoming and get yourself a good meal. I recommend Sanford's which is right downtown.

When you leave Rawlins you will head North on 789 and pass the cemetery and Bureau of Land Management building on your left. From here, it gets pretty desolate so make sure you have enough gas to drive at least 70 miles. Rawlins has plenty of gas stations. Also, make sure that you have a good supply of water. This is high desert country. It is hot during the day and usually very dry. Nights are cold.

The friendly ghost that the riddle refers to is Casper. Now watch the movie, "Casper Meets Wendy." The sign is when one of the ghosts turns into a gray alien. Listen to what he has to say. :)

More messages to follow soon. Please stay tuned.

MESSAGE 5 - Follow the Sweetwater

"Add sugar to water and it becomes sweet, when you solve this riddle you'll have the city where we'll meet. For I'm the flower in the sewer so "all hail J" meet me in my city and be prepared for a short stay."

OK, so far if you have followed the messages you are heading North on 789 in Wyoming. This message gets you to the right city. Watch both Men in Black Movies.

The alien that crashes craves sugar water which in the message is the Sweetwater River. If you turn and follow the Sweetwater River you will end up at Jeffrey City in Wyoming. This is the city where we are meeting and in the Men in Black, the flower in the sewer is "Jeffrey", the big alien.

The meeting date in Jeffrey City is 07/09/09. Jeffrey City used to be fairly large but is now like a ghost town. I believe the post office even closed down. There is one bar, that last I knew served hamburgers and fries, but there are no fast food restaurants or anything else. There is ample parking by the highway. Last year, there was no phone signal. This concludes Message #5. Message 6 will soon follow.


Hello: By now if you have followed the riddles you have the date and city that we will be meeting at. Last year we ran a practice run and it went very smoothly. Next year, the exodus is for real. For this next message, you will need to crack out a King James Holy Bible.

Angels Get on Your Mark!

"Mark is my doctor that has a Holy Book, 1334 now take a look. My doctor's last name is a city that is along our path, this riddle adds up so you do the math."

To solve this riddle, watch K-PAX. Mark Power is the alien Prott's doctor. Now read the book Mark in the bible; book 13 verse 34. It says "commanded the porter to watch." In K-PAX, the real earth name of Prott is Robert Porter.

Now after we meet in Jeffrey City and organize, we will be leaving and along our route is Powell, Wyoming. Stay tuned as more messages are coming and the exodus gets clearer and better. Next year is for real and we will be in the right place at exactly the right time. The GPS coordinates have already been locked.

MESSAGE 7 - Get Ready for the Escape

"Remember Skywalker now use the force, his first name is a Holy Book and is a riddle of course. Think of banker hours and you'll have the right chapter and verse, for we are Castaways and when we leave, earth will get worse.

Like Tony and Tia we are planning our escape and our minds can communicate and we'll leave nothing if we're taped."

OK, this riddle refers to Luke and the chapter and verse you should look at are 9:25 since 2 can also be "to". Bankers hours are 9 - 5. Now watch the movie, "Escape from With Mountain." Tony and Tia - their last name is Castaway. And the planet they are from is the same planet that the grays are from. The planet with two stars just like Prott described in K-PAX. The actual name of the planet that we are heading to is "Perseid." This concludes Message 7.


Today I am going to post a few messages and remember after all 16 or 17 messages are posted you will have a better understanding of all of them. Many people believe that the greys are a harmful species because of abductees telling accounts of being abducted and stuck with needles and probed and such. I would say the opposite and please hear me out.

It is true that many people who have been abducted have been subjects of medical tests. I have too. This is frightening. However, the grays have chosen these people to advance interplanetary civilizations. It is kinda like your pets (although humans are not pets). You take your dog to the vet and now the vets put chips in them so that they do not get lost. The vets give them necessary shots, etc. etc. Please remember that if an alien virus was released on earth that regular humans could not withstand, abductees have been vaccinated and can live through it. This is just one example of why we have been stuck with needles. The grays should be looked at as doctors which are helping us to survive. If you are with me so far and you are also an abductee of many yeas you probably are aware of certain things that have happened to you that have actually improved you. This process may take many years as human brains are pretty primitive in relation to the grays.

Having said that, I hope that all of you who believe that aliens exist can make it to the meeting place and beyond next year. Someone wrote me and said that they thought the final withdrawal will be in 2012. To those who believe this, definitely be at the meeting place next year and as my messages proceed, I will elaborate on 2012. All star kids and people and everyone interested in ETs are invited. However, at the meeting place should have valid ID and a Passport if you want to continue onward. Bring anything you want to the meeting place as long as it is legal and be prepared to stay for a couple days as it will take some time to finalize and organize. There are only a few hotel rooms at Jeffrey City but there is thousands of acres of public land in the vicinity for primitive camping. Make sure you have plenty of water and it does get very cold at night due to being high desert.

Gray Message/Riddle - Meet Me in the Great Outdoors!

"I will be passing out Candy and then I'll whisper in your ear, if you have a golden ticket you have nothing to fear"

To solve this riddle, watch The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. In the movie Dan, whose character is Roman, refers to Chet (Candy) as Zeus and since we are going to meet at the meeting place and proceed on to an island with the Casino Atlantis, the reference is appropriate. At the meeting place, once again, make sure that you have valid ID. If you are coming from another country, flying into DIA, Denver International, and hopefully we will have shuttle service available but this it not guaranteed. Also, at the meeting place we hope to have portajohns available if we can obtain the money.

If you fly into DIA, proceed north to Cheyenne and then take I-80 west until you reach Rawlins and then follow the previous messages to the meeting place.

Next message will soon follow.


I was asked not to divulge any information as to my former employers and agency affiliations so I will not post them here. However, I can state that this meeting is legal and several agencies may be aware of it. Anyone interested in diving into this in a more secretive manner I will offer this. When I lived in Rawlins, I lived in the same building and received mail for Shatner. That is all I can say. I am not Shatner and none of this mail was opened. It was returned to sender. All agents are invited to participate in this operation as this message states.

MESSAGE 9 - I am inviting Agents!

"I will meet you in the great outdoors, my wife's name is Jane. I wear a suit with dark sunglasses, Mr. Smiths my name."

This riddle refers to the movie, Mr and Mrs. Smith. In the movie both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are agents. Right near the end of the movie, they are in the great outdoors section of the store that they are shooting up. Because our meeting is totally legal, any government agent is invited to attend. This riddle also refers to the agent in the Matrix trilogy. We will soon be covering him in the next message.


The stars are in the heavens. And as this next message will show. Those of you who believe in earth calamity 2012, we also are aware of this.

Gray Message #10 - These Riddles are the Steps to Heaven!

"Two plus zero then one plus two, this is the year that's important so here's what to do. Watch for a lady, the lady in red, for anyone can be an agent or an angel instead."

OK, now we will touch on the year 2012 and its implications. This riddle refers to the year 2012. Zero separates 2 and one plus two equals 3 which is 23. Why is this number so important? It is the year that the Mayan Indians and other tribes believe is the end of days. For more info on this topic, you can search Mayan end of days and receive a wealth of information.

Now watch the movie, Number 23. The Mayan end of days is referenced in the movie and so is the lady in red. Now watch The Matrix. The lady in red was designed as part of a training program. The lady in red then turns into Agent Smith. To finish this riddle off, you may want to watch "I am Legend" with Will Smith. Once again, 2012.

In the movie The Number 23, you will notice, The Steps to Heaven. Follow these messages as that is where we ar heading. When you come to the meeting place, please be aware that anyone present may be an agent. So, if you are a criminal or are bringing illegal items, you may be apprehended for the security of all others participating. We will visit upon this riddle again later.

This concludes my messages for Wednesday, June 25, 2008. Stay tune for the messages that will give you our escape route.



"I am a good shepherd, Shaggy is now my name, to honor who is on this bill, come aboard our train."

To solve this riddle watch the Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen. The shaggy dog is a sheep dog which is very good at shepherding and guarding sheep. In the movie, Grant and Strictland is the laboratory where animal research is taking place. Ulysses Grant was probably the best general ever and was Commander in Chief of the Union forces during the American Civil War. Due to his efforts, the Union won and he was honored by putting him on the fifty dollar bill.

I might add here that Grant's name refers to Odysseus. Odysseus was the Greek leader of the Trojan War. Ulysses means Odysseus but instead of being Greek is Latin.


"Georgia is an artist, her paintings freshen up the air, on our flight we will need four, black hats they all shall wear. For it will soon happen, check out the name on the boat, we chose a city that is easy to secure and is also remote."

In this message, there are a few things to look at. Georgia is referring to artist Georgia O'Keefe, who is famous for her paintings of flowers, especially lilies. Now watch the movie, Redeye. The plane they are flying on is a Fresh Air aircraft. In the movie, the Homeland Security official that is targeted is Keefe.

Now look at the name of the boat in the water. It is named Rapture and that is what these messages are referring to. Jeffrey City is extremely remote an easily guarded if so desired. Which brings us to message 13.


We need a transporter two take us to our plane, which should be fueled and ready sitting in Tom's last name. Your pastor knows where to go for he shares the same name, so read, "The Rapture", page 127 and be sure to join our train."

Now watch the movie, "Transporter Two". In the movie, Jefferson Billings is being targeted by terrorists who want his money. This riddle is giving you our route. We are first meeting 07/09/09 in Jeffrey City. We are then heading to Billings, MT for the airplane flight.

The pastor who is in he book, "The Rapture" by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye is Pastor Billings. The book is an interesting read. I would suggest reading it, however, this Operation is not going to go down like the book says. If people suddenly disappeared it would create total chaos.

At the meeting place, we will be organizing and heading to Billings, Mt. for our flight.


"We will be meeting in the desert, UFO's we'll see, then it is off to Paradise and in Atlantis we will be."

To solve this message, watch the movie, The Island. In the movie, Lincoln 6 Echo with his girlfriend stop at a bar in the desert. The bartender asks them if they are into desert UFO's. Paradise in the movie is, the supposed island, but Paradise Island is for real.

Paradise Island is in the Bahamas and that is where we are heading. In Jeffrey City we will be meeting and organizing. Then we are headed to Billings, MT (Logan International) for our flight to Miami, then onto the Bahamas.

Atlantis is a large casino resort in the Bahamas.

I am going to come clean here. What is really happening? I have been chipped and am shepherding some people to where we need to be at exactly the right time. You do not need to be an abductee to participate and every nationality is encouraged to participate.

I am not going to go into details as to what is going to happen once I am out of the USA. If you really take the time to follow all of these messages, you will find them to be credible. Why do the aliens want us all in the same spot? It is to align the chips so that they are working together. Many miles now separate those that have been chipped. To bring them together means that they can be aligned and all can work as a cohesive unit. Telepathy abilities will greatly increase after this meeting.

This concludes Gray Message #14. I might add that the validity of my posts are controversial and many people are trying to stop this Operation from occurring. Please go over them yourself and think for yourself.

Message 15 will soon follow.

MESSAGE 15 - This message is top secret

"I'm in love with Vespers, this one's beautiful, I'm the dog who flocks the sheep and hopefully you wear wool."

Previously, I said I was a good shepherd. This riddle solidifies that statement and will show you where we are heading to. Watch "Casino Royale", the latest one. Pay close attention as 007 brings up Paradise Island on his computer. That is where we are heading to from Billings. Vesper is James Bond's acquaintance and lover.

Our flight pattern has us meeting at Jeffrey City, then up to Billings, MT (Logan Intl) flying with a stop at Miami, and then on to the Bahamas.

This concludes my messages for today. I will soon conclude all of my messages. I may add more right before the meeting date.


Today I am going to conclude the messages for the Rapture event next year. By now, you know where we are meeting and the escape route. Like I said before, the grey messenger that visits me refers to himself as the Messenger of Zeus. Whether you call him Zeus, Amen-Ra, Ra. Amon, et. he is the Chief deity. For the following message, you will once again have to pull out a King James Bible.

Grey Message #16 - I Have Revealed the Fountain!

"New beginnings begin at the end, for those who are thirsty the fountain I send."

Please read Revelation 21:6 and then watch the new movie, "The Fountain." In the movie, they are attempting to find the fountain of youth, which is the Tree of Life. While searching for the fountain, they encounter Mayan Indians. Remember the year 2012? The Mayans believed this year is the end of days and by now you may agree.

It is important to note that we will be safe from what is going to happen so be sure to meet at Jeffrey City.


This message is the conclusion. Let me first say that if you are coming to the meeting place or would like to help out, you may contact me within the next year at I will try to answer all emails about this monumental event.

Grey Message #17 - I am Always Wright!

"I am an architect, just like Frank Loyd, listen to what I say and the end you will avoid. We will buy an island, my friend Daniel is helping me, for now I am a bullfighter and you will learn where we will be."

To solve this riddle, watch "The Matrix Reloaded." When Neo meets the architect, pay close attention to what the architect says. He says that 23 people should be chosen and then everyone else will perish. Once again, the Number 23 which is the year of the end. I personally believe that more than this number will be saved though.

Now watch "The Matador" with Pierce Brosnan. In the riddle, Daniel means Danny. Julian is retiring to the Greek Isles and that is where we will be heading. The new Atlantis which is by the island Delos.

I am in need of volunteers to help this event go smoothly. Last year, the practice run went very smoothly without causing much panic. Next year is for real. If you would like to help, please email

We want this to be well organized and somewhat discreet to avoid last minute panic. Please feel free to let others know that you think would be interested.

What you should bring and when:

The meeting date in Jeffrey City is July 09, 2009. It may take some time to organize here, so be prepared to stay in this area for a day or so. You will need a few gallons of freshwater, and possibly a tent and camping supplies. You may bring whatever you want as long as it is legal in the state of Wyoming. Sunscreen is highly recommended as the sun will be beating down. Jeffrey City is high desert country so the days are hot (maybe up to 100) and the nights very cold (may be around freezing).

There are very limited facilities in Jeffrey City. About twenty hotel rooms but ample primitive camping space very nearby.

If you would like to be put on our mailing list to receive updates, etc. please email Also, I am selling lots of toys and stuff on ebay to raise funds for this event.

If you want to attend but need a ride contact us and perhaps we can arrange it.

We will be seeing you all at the meeting place!




If I were stranded on an island, a volleyball would be my friend, his name would be important and his values I'd defend. A Gust of wind can crash a plane, my name is 007. Charlie helped me get lots of funding so soon we'll establish heaven.


Gray Message #19 - Back to the Future!

We are going Back to the future to get my almanac, but instead of sports, commodities we'll stack. So release the kraken in the Persian sea and throw your trident so all the world will see. Nettles sting like Needles now check out his address, for the sum of fears will not happen if you clean up the rest. (


Gray Message #20 - Perseus is Faithful and True!

The mother of Andromeda wants you all to know, the white witch cometh and her strain will go. For she has a sea named after her and the square miles are precise, for this number is angelic, so come on to paradise.


Gray Message #21 - Denver is Guarded by Calypso!

If you are from another country be sure and fly into Denver, this sea goddess knows John well for he sang a song about her. Soon we will be at the world's end and this operation is not pretend. If you want to know what will happen soon, the new world order I will send.


He must mean John Denver and the Calypso boat. So that still goes along with the Bahamas.

Message 20 - Perseus is Faithful and True. The following explains what kraken and Perseus is all about:

There is one very interesting story in Greek Mythology about the hero named Perseus. I've heard this one in English class and I have a personal interest in Greek Mythology and was intrigued by the story. It has small information about what it looks like but is most definitely a sea monster as you may know already. (kraken) Anyway, here is the story.

It all starts in the City of Argos, King Acrisius was told of a prophesy that he would be killed by the son of his daughter, Danae. He then locked his daughter away from the world and especially men, in a bronze tower with no way of entry. Well, almost no way of entry. Great Zeus desired to lay with Danae, so in one of his greatest guises, Zeus descended upon Danae in a shower of gold. After this Danae bore a son... Perseus. Acrisius was infuriated when he heard the baby crying from the tower. He couldn't bring himself to kill the infant, so he locked Danae and the infant Perseus in a wooden chest and let it drift across the ocean. Zeus would not allow his son to die at sea, so he had Poseidon calm the ocean and drift the wooden box to safety. Danae and Perseus landed on the island Seriphos. The two were looked after by the fisherman, Dictys. Later they were taken in by the King of Seriphos, Polydectes. Polydectes eventually felt lust towards Danae, but didn't dare force himself on her as at this time Perseus was full grown and more than able of protecting his mother. Polydectes then had an idea. He sent Perseus on a quest to bring back the head of the gorgon, Medusa. To help begin his quest, Athena sent to Perseus a mystical shield and Hermes gave him an unbreakable sword.

The first thing Perseus needed was information. He then sought out the Graeae, three witches who all share one mystical eye and tooth. Perseus took these items from them and promised to return them only after he got the information he required. With the help of the Graeae, Perseus found winged sandals, a satchel to hold the head of Medusa, and the helmet of Hades which granted the wearer invisibility. With these items, Perseus made his way to the Temple of Medusa. Using the helmet and viewing Medusa through the reflection on his shield, Perseus decapitated Medusa and secured the head in his satchel.

En-route back to Seriphos, Perseus had a run in with Atlas. He used the head of Medusa and turned Atlas to stone (creating the Atlas Mountains in Africa). As he flew over the desert, blood from the head of Medusa dripped onto the sands creating deadly vipers. Also on his way, he came upon the lovely Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, King and Queen of Ethiopia. To receive Andromeda's hand, he first had to answer a riddle. To do this, he had to first free her from a former suitor who had been disfigured into a demonic creature living in the swamps... Calibos. Upon Perseus' return, he answered the riddle and wed Andromeda. Their wedding was without peace however. Upon the union of Perseus and Andromeda, Cassiopeia stated that Andromeda was more beautiful than the sea nymphs (Neriads). Outraged, Poseidon proclaimed that Andromeda must be offered as a sacrifice to the Kraken, or their land would be flooded and destroyed. Andromeda was then chained to the sacrificial rock for the Kraken. Perseus defeated the Kraken with the head of Medusa. He then threw the head of Medusa into the ocean and from this came Pegasus. The head of Medusa washed up on shore and was retrieved by Perseus.

With all this done, Perseus had yet a couple more issues to take care of. He returned to Seriphos only to find that Polydectes was attempting to force himself upon his mother, Danae. For the last time, Perseus used the head of Medusa and turned Polydectes to stone. After this, Perseus gave up the sandals and satchel to Hermes and the head of Medusa to Athena. Athena then fused the head of Medusa to the Aegis. His final act was to fulfill the prophesy... he returned to Argos and killed Acrisius.

With his journey finished, he finally lived in peace with his wife, Andromeda.

Check out Delos in the Cyclades Islands:

If there are any more messages I will send them on. Let me know what you make of this.

Thursday's Child

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Atrueoriginall said...

Whatever it is he sure can ramble from subject to subject while not completing his thoughts.

It sounds a little like excerpts from a book someone is trying to write.

There are too many convenient statements made that I've seen others make, which means that they could have been picked up elsewhere.

If he's legit, he's might be out of touch. Or, he could just be yanking everyone's chain. That's actually popular today, especially in forums.

Where did you get the messages?