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The South Carolina man was taken by a group of ETs to an underground lab where a series of bizarre experiments were conducted on him. A small "tattoo" was even placed at the base of the abductee's back.

This article was in "UFO UNIVERSE" and I have put it on the blog as a follow up to the last article by Ed Conroy because it is intimated that the underground lab was in or near Dulce, NM. It involves Christa Tilton and Donavon Masters and they are the authors of the article. (Used by permission of Tim Beckley)

On the morning of October 12, 1980, at approximately 3:30 a.m. i, Donavon Masters, received a call from a man who had a well-publicized sighting in the area in which I lived at the time. South Carolina was becoming well known for its UFO sightings and contacts. Interested, I had gone to speak with him earlier about his sighting. The call went something like this: "Donavon, there is a strange light in the sky and it's headed your way! Would you mind going outside to see if you can see it?" I assured him that I would and I hung up the phone, wiped the sleep from my eyes, got dressed and went outdoors.

After a few minutes I spotted a strange object headed in my direction. At this point it was rather small and difficult to see through the trees, so I decided to get in the car and drive to a better location. I kept my eyes on the object so much that I drove the car off the road a couple of times.

As the object got closer, it also got bigger. I had reached the intersection in the road so I stopped the car and got out, watching this object as it came closer and closer. Then it stopped right across the highway in front of me. There it was -- a brilliant white light the size of a grapefruit just hanging there in the Eastern sky.

I was totally mesmerized by a feeling of warm security which words cannot easily convey. There was this feeling of an electrical charge or tingling sensation, which flowed in waves from the top of my head throughout my entire body to the tips of my fingers and toes. It was as though time stood still; there was no perception of time.

As I watched the object, I noticed a very small white light that blinked constantly. It was then that I spotted two more objects out of the corner of my right eye. They were smaller and revolved with red and white lights. The erratic movements were like a penny falling to the ground. One flew from my right to the top of the larger object, the other to the bottom, simultaneously. They both lined up with the larger object in a vertical fashion. It appeared that they were being drawn to the larger light. There was absolutely no sound coming from any of them!

It was then that I decided that I had better come to my senses and drive back to the house. Basically, I wanted to grab my camera in case I saw them once again. Unfortunately, upon my return, the objects were gone.


In February of 1980 this incident took place. My wife was in a town abut seven miles from where we lived. She was approached by a strange looking man on the street. The following conversation ensued:

Stranger: "You are married to Donavon Masters, aren't you?"
Wife: "Yes."
Stranger: "Has he ever told you of his belief that he is a being from another planet or world?"
Wife: "Yes, as a matter of act, he has. How did you know?"
Stranger: "That is of no consequence. You think he is crazy, don't you?"
Wife: "Well, maybe not crazy, but perhaps he has a screw loose."

He went on to tell her many things about Donavon Masters that only I would know. "As for the belief that I'm from another planet, until now I had only told my mother and wife, for fear of ridicule. Well,the last statement the stranger made was this: "Your husband is not crazy. Although most of the beings of your world cannot comprehend nor understand such intelligence, because of the high standards they have set for themselves. Please tell him that when the time for him is right, he will know everything."

With that statement, the stranger turned and then walked away, leaving my wife very perplexed. Neither my wife nor I have seen him since.

When she came home and told me about the events that had just transpired, needless to say, I was amazed! I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was asking myself who was this mysterious stranger? On the other hand, I really felt good about the confirmation of a belief I have held all my life.


The following is, I feel a very real experience, which I believe ties in with the experiences of Christa Tilton.

Three of my friends and I were taken to what I perceived to be some type of underground installation or UFO base. I say "friends" because that is how I perceived them, although I had not met them at the time. I remember feeling as though I had been drugged, as if everything was kind of going in slow motion. We were placed on and strapped to a conveyor belt by our wrists and ankles. The conveyor was activated and as it began to move, our bodies were passed through blocks of pure intense light. These blocks of light (perhaps laser scanning devices) were either green or blue in color. At each block there was what I perceived to be a robot controller. They also were either blue or green in color. Their color corresponded to the color of the light in front of which they stood. The robots were in human form, but with no distinguishable human characteristics. Along the wall in the first room were barrels of some substance which had a very pungent odor. These barrels were stacked one on top of the other.

Suddenly we were on a different conveyor belt or at the end of the first one. As the belt moved around a circular console, it stopped. There were two men, human in form and characteristics, seated at the console. One assisted the other. One of them picked up what I thought was a razor and shaved an area on my back left side, just below the waist line. I remember the spot bled considerably. I was released and then I observed them carrying out the same procedure on my friends. I remember thinking over and over, "What is happening to me?" Then I heard a reply from one of the aliens. "You have just been implanted with your government control extension number." I remember looking into a mirror and looking at the area that bled. The number "04" was there.

In a very upset manner I turned to a woman in a uniform and exclaimed, "You can't do this to me!" Incidentally, all the personnel in this facility wore uniforms. I then ran back to the console where they allowed me to leave. By that time, my friends had been released also. I hurriedly told them what I had discovered what was happening to us. As I was speaking, the two men at the console were gathering materials in a great hurry, in what seemed to me like an attempt to escape. In particular, I remember the man that had implanted the number on me had a computer print-out list. He protected that list with his life as my friends and I ran after him and another humanoid. They escaped through a set of double doors.

This is what is strange.... that during the time I was there I sincerely believe I saw Christa Tilton in this same facility. I also do not think it was our first meeting.

Like Christa, I also have been plagued by intense, repetitive drams of meetings and communications with what appear to be non-human, other-worldly beings. I am also continually frustrated by my inability to learn the truth about my experiences. Also, like Christa, I suffer from insomnia and the fear of what might happen if I fall asleep. I believe that I have been abducted countless times and it was one of those vivid times when I am sure I saw Christa aboard a craft.

I remember walking around a circular corridor, just sort of checking things out unattended when I came upon an open door. I walked just inside the door and there she was, just lying there on what seemed to be an examination table. She was surrounded by light grey alien beings, 1/2 to 4 feet tall. They were wearing what looked like close-fitting coveralls, almost like a second skin. I was then told telepathically that I was not to enter that area nor to ever contact her. I was not only asked to leave, but also escorted out of the room and down the corridor. At that very moment things became very hazy and I fainted. That is all I can recall from this experience.

I believe that the grey aliens are perhaps a cross between biological and superior electronics or cyborgs. As for the human-looking aliens, I believe that we are direct descendants of them,, seeded here on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago by space travelers from other worlds like ours. These two passages from the Bible are called to mind at this point: Genesis 6:2 "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." Also verse four: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that,when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

Not only do I believe that these passages are the very crux of the abduction experience, but also a very real explanation for the reason behind Christa's continued abductions. I further believe that thousands of abductees have very important parts in the ushering in of the "Golden Age of the Millennium" or the "Age of Reason." These are spiritual teachings taught to me by our space brothers in a higher dimension of reality. Although, Christa and myself are not alone, I suggest that there are thousands out there like ourselves, perhaps afraid to seek out help and a better understanding of their experiences because of the ignorance or lack of knowledge concerning this vast, exotic subject. They are like the ostrich who stick their heads in the sand because they are afraid to question their own fates.


Much of what Donavon saw underground cannot be discussed here for some of what happened remains too painful for him to speak about. In the April/May UFO Universe, I detailed my numerous experiences which took place in an underground UFO base located under the community of Dulce, New Mexico. I saw an array of conveyor systems in this underground facility and at every checkpoint there was a computer console. Also, Donavon saw what he could only call "a computerized elevator," which correlates with the magnetic elevator I was taken on. There is also the matter of the pungent smell when he came close to the large barrels.

We both saw human entities and small grey aliens working in the same area. What the purpose is for them to be working side by side; researchers still have found no answers to this enigma.

What is unfortunate is that Donavon's marriage broke up because of his obsession in finding out what had transpired. I too, have loved and lost because of my obsession with what really happened to me.

For the most part, the aliens seem oblivious to our emotions. Can you imagine how horrifying it must have been for Donavon to be shackled down to this conveyor system and actually feel the tattoo being embedded into his side? The tattoo is apparently only visible under some special type of lighting the aliens have. It brings to my mind our branding and tagging of animals to track them. This is exactly what I believe happened to Donavon Masters.

Donavon has had other abductions, but this one particularly stood out in his mind because he recognized me as being on board and he felt helpless because he wanted to try and assist my escape.

Another interesting aspect to this experience for Donavon is the fact that the people he labeled his "friends" were all of a different culture. He remembered being especially close to a black man who was also experiencing the same tattoo. They both were angry because they had no control over the situation.

But there have been certain negative aspects to this encounter, overall these experiences have had a positive impact on Donavon's life. In many ways, he feels different and special.

On March 30/31, 1987, I had a strange abduction south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was taken on board a UFO and given another physical examination. I remember looking to the left and seeing a young blond man just standing there with tears in his eyes. I telepathically heard the head alien tell the man to leave immediately. I have to wonder, "could that young man have been Donavon?"

Donavon sent me some of his medical records in which it stated that there was some type of strange object found under his skin. It still haunts him to this day.

I have to wonder just how many of us have had similar experiences and have never reported them to anyone? Maybe sharing the experiences will help all of us. I know it helps me!


It would be nice if Donavon's experiences ended here, but unfortunately -- for him -- they did not. Soon after he reported seeing objects in the sky and this strange man approached his wife asking far too personal questions, Donavon began noticing a black car driving around the trailer park he owned. This man poses as a man working in conjunction with the government and even began scaring the neighbors. No one knew who this man was or where he really came from. In a small town like Liberty, South Carolina, everyone knows what is going on with all their residents. He never approached Donavon, but would park across the road in his black car and just sit there for hours.

Scared and confused, this is when Donavon contacted me at researcher Wendelle Steven's home. I tried to comfort him, but it is difficult when you truly feel your life is in danger. Then mysterious, unmarked, black helicopters began flying low over the trailer park. Donavon felt they were of government origin, but could not be certain. Donavon began to feel weak and his health deteriorated during the next few months. I received a letter from him the other day which bordered on the bizarre. It was as if Donavon was not writing the letter, but I knew it was his handwriting. He had never come across as being overly religious in any sense, but the letter was quite the opposite. Maybe this is Donavon's way of dealing with his experiences. I know I have a closer relationship with God because of my experiences. But again, men-in-black activity haunted him for quite some time. It is too bad that more has not been written on the subject of these strange MIB. More investigating is certainly required if we are to understand and help the victims of unwanted harassment by the strong arm of some unknown agency.


When first interviewing a man about his alien examinations I always try to allow them to tell me "all" the story. Sometimes, for a man revealing things of a sexual nature to a woman he has never met can be quite disconcerting. So I spoke to Donavon on many occasions before he ever mentioned the possibility of genetic tampering with him.

This reminds me of the case of Jocelino de Mattos from Maringa, Brazil. Jocelino was taken to an exam room inside a UFO and laid down on a table. The beings examined him, taking sperm samples with a tubular device and placing the specimen in a clear package. Later, Jocelino and his brother Roberto had sexual relations with two of the beings on board the craft.

For Donavon, I believe, something such as this may have happened to him and it is being suppressed by his subconscious. Donavon has often showed interest in trying hypnosis, but in the years gone by, I believe the thought is jut too painful for him to dredge up at this point.

At some stage, I believe there was some speculation on Donavon's part that he and I could possibly be lined in such a way. I try to play this down because even thought it could be humanly possible, it would be hard to prove that both Donavon and myself were on the same craft or in the same underground facility at the time this happened to him. For now, Donavon is happily living alone. His wife divorced him right after these strange events and Donavon has chosen not to marry again. He seems happy and has not had any events occur recently, although the aliens have been known to wait for years before contacting their subject again. I believe the tattoo might be the answer to many of our questions.

The puzzle of the underground facility still remains. At the time Donovan reported his experience to me, he had not read any material on the underground experiences of others. I think that many of us here on Earth are herded up like cattle and maybe given some type of invisible implant underneath our skin in the form of a number. In Donavon's case he had only one implanted if true. But, in my case and in many other instances, we remember numerous implants placed in many areas of our bodies. What do these implants do for the aliens? What do they do for us? The study will continue and there will be many more like Donavon who have these encounters with beings from another world.

We are being manipulated by some force outside of our realm of understanding. Maybe by reporting more stories such as Donavon's we can place the pieces of the puzzle together. The best we can do for now is give support to our friends who do not understand. An update may be warranted in the future, but let us hope Donavon will be left in peace. For this is all we want here on Earth anyway, PEACE.

Donavan's real name is Samuel Paul Holcombe. This is an update dated 2005 from his web site.

One of the more recent inexplicable events is as follows, September 28, 2005. I left my friends house driving home at 11:00 pm. As I was approaching a road side park which is 4.4 miles from my friends house I was thinking that I needed to stop by my post office box and pick up my mail. That was my last conscious recallable memory until I was standing in my bedroom with a nose bleed and my friends truck was parked behind my house, I looked at the clock, it was 1:30 am. I was feeling as though I had been drugged and went straight to bed. The following morning I didn't wake up until 11:30 am, still feeling as though I had been drugged, that feeling lasted for about three hours after I awoke, and my legs were weak and unsteady. It is 4.4 miles from my friends house to the aforementioned roadside park and 5.3 miles from that park to my home. A trip distance of 9.7 miles which would have normally taken no longer than 20 minutes lasted for more than two and one half hours, with absolutely no recall of what happened from the roadside park to my home. Consequently, I never did stop at the post office to pick up my mail that night.

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