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Recently Tom Richards called in to Coast to Coast am. He lives in the Seattle, Washington area. Retired from the Boeing Company, he has always been interested in airplanes. He worked in the "wind tunnel" at Boeing before he retired.

His claim to fame is his contact with extraterrestrials. He has a workshop where he works on different things, like he has a jet plane he has invented, a hawk that flies, etc. He has pieces of airplanes all over his workshop.

I ordered his DVD called "Aliens in My Toyshop". Most of it was about his inventions but he finally got around to telling about his contact with the ETs. There were a few significant things he told that I hadn't heard before. One is that the eyes, are not eyes at all. The big black coverings are virtual reality lenses and they see 1/4 second ahead in time.

Tom had built models of the aliens. There were four ETs that visited him. However, even though they look alike he felt they were like tourists because they would ask the same questions as the previous ones, therefore he believes it is a new group each time. He has had 34 visits so far from the ETs. They are as tall as him, have white heads and a one piece covering down and over their feet. He said the material is like T-shirt material and it covers their faces so that they do not pick up bacteria while here or give us germs. They have a stripe around the waist. The main one had a different colored stripe which depicted rank. It is repeated around the neck. He also had a white belt around his middle. These are their military uniforms. Their hands and 4 fingers are very long.

Tom said they told him that before they can fly their craft they were aviators. That is why they were interested in his jet airplane he has invented. They would ask him what he was doing and he would tell them. Then he asked them how their craft flew. They put a picture in his head of flip charts, like on a a tripod, and the pages went zip zip zip by so fast he could hardly see it. He felt with hypnosis perhaps he could draw what he had seen but he hasn't tried that yet.

They enjoyed looking at his tools. They would pick them up and go ahead in time and examine them then after two minutes they would bring them back and put them down in another place, which drove him crazy!

The ETs told him they had lost their history. That is why they were so interested in what he was doing because it was like their prehistoric history. They cannot volunteer information because they have a rule that they cannot upset the culture. Sometimes after they ask him things he sneaks in a question and they answer it. Everything he is doing is new to them.

One time he asked if he could go for a ride and see where they came from. They said yes. Next thing you know he was on this huge mother ship which took five minutes to get there from here. From there he was placed in this power unit that was turned on which compressed time and gravity. You drift across this field and when they turn it off instantaneously they were on their planet which is 28 light years away. They did not let him see anything on the way to the mother ship but when they got to the planet he was able to see the surrounding area which was pristine with green grass. It looked like golf courses, forests and parks. There were ramps shaped like circular mounds and the little craft they use were parked on a ramp that went around and around the mound. This was like a parking garage to them.

The ETs do everything under ground. That is where they live and work. He said they come from an area around Zeta Reticuli in the Draco constellation. He is not afraid of them at all. They told him they have always come to earth.

One reason that they can disappear before your eyes is that they are 1/4 second in time ahead of what would be our normal time. The leader had a black box on his side and if they felt threatened he would touch it and they would go ahead in time so that they disappeared immediately. That was new too to what I have heard before. The first time they came one stayed in the yard, 3 in line were coming into his shop with the main one in front. He saw them and he heard them shout in his head, "He sees us!" The main one reached down and twisted something on the little black box on his belt and they were all gone. They had gone ahead in time. He said that they cannot be shot or hurt because going ahead in time they are not there.

I thought it was interesting that they can only stay a minute and a half. He hears them beeping in his ear and he knows when they are coming back.

They must have put an implant in his head sometime or other, because he said the way they are able to communicate with him was by an implant in his head that it is artificially alive. He thinks his answers or questions, it goes back to the main guy and the rest hear it. He then interprets it into English and sends back the answer! Hope I have that correct.

Tom has written a book which will be coming out soon. It tells about his contact with the ETs.

The DVD was very short but I enjoyed it. He had a good sense of humor which made it more enjoyable.

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