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At the age of 12 a strange thing happened to me.

One night in May of 1967 - it was near 11:30 p.m. - when I was aroused by a blinding white light. I had thought at first that it was heat lightning, but the light seemed to fill my whole room.

I thought at first I should be afraid, but I wasn’t. I felt very relaxed and at peace. A strange feeling came over me, I was no longer alone in my room. I could feel the presence of something, or someone, moving around in the room.

That was all I really remember from my encounter.

That very same night I had a very detailed dream. I dreamed I was out walking somewhere and I found on the ground a 1906 Indian head penny.

When I awoke the next morning, I could remember my dream in great detail.

In the progression of that very same day, while on my paper route, I had sat down my heavy bag of papers on the first step at one of the houses I delivered to.

Well, when I reached down to pull out a paper from my bag, I saw something flat and round in a freshly tilled flower bed. After I had picked it up and wiped off the dirt, there was a 1906 Indian head penny I had only dreamed of the night before.

To this very day I can still remember the exact spot it was found.

Ever since that night of the blinding light I have had those kinds of dreams. I don’t have them all the time, just once in awhile.

I now dream of a full day’s events,, and in the same week I will find myself repeating that day in detail at work.

It is a very weird feeling to know what is going to happen before it does.

I know now that the aliens that visited me, did something to my mind.

I have heard voices at time when there was nobody around.

I have also acquired a type of cluster headaches that is very painful at times.

I had EEG’s and KAT scans and doctors say I have nothing to cause them.

From voices I have heard lately, I am to search for others like myself who have had encounters with aliens. I am to communicate with these people and record their names for future space colonies!

Those visitors that communicate with me have told me, we (meaning earthlings) are to be prepared for future evacuation of earth.

Another encounter occurred at the age of 14. A strange man walked up to me and sat down beside me at a lunch counter in a ten cent store.

The person started talking to me about UFOs: He told me that he knew that I had seen aliens in the past and that I would see more in the future. The person was holding tightly in his right hand an old, badly beaten paperback book called “Flying Saucers and the Bible.” He handed the book to me and told me to read it carefully and that its contents would open my eyes to a reality that others could not fathom.

The person patted my hand holding the tattered book and told me to hold on tightly to this book, it will help guide you toward a journey in the future.

I looked down at the book in my hand with amazing wonder then looked up to speak to him and he was gone!

After I had read through the book, I placed it among my other books and when I went back to get it to show to a friend, it was gone. It was nowhere to be found.

To this day I still search through my things hoping it will turn up.

I am hoping I might find another copy of that book through others that have had a similar encounter.

Recently I received a telepathic message from my visitors, whom I had not heard from for many years.

The message came to me while I was at work between the time of 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The message came with sharp pains deep within my head.

I can only speculate an interpretation, but I feel my speculation will not be far wrong.

Many aliens from other worlds have made a stop on Earth to choose a human mate or companion that will soon accompany them on a journey. The journey is to that alien’s planet to mate with and begin a new race of beings to inhabit newly found planets in distant galaxies able to sustain a type of human life, because soon earth as we know it, will be no more.

Soon a great number of spacecraft will be coming to claim their new eternal companions.

Before the year 2000, two hundred thousand humans will be removed from the earth (!).

I myself have been chosen as a companion to an alien female.

A’yora is the name of the female,, her facial features remind me more so of an insect by the shape of her eyes and head. Even though her head may be different, the body is almost identical to a human, though they have longer toes and fingers and also they have a small five to six inch tail at the base of their spine.

My companion has only shown herself to me once.

My feelings toward this female were at first questionable. But now I find myself feeling compassion for this being. Her speech is foreign to my ear, but yet it translates in my mind as if it were spoken in the King’s English.

I now find myself feeling alien to my own world.

My wife has noticed changes in me, that she questions whether or not I am the same person she married.

The alien female is becoming more and more attractive to me, and my human wife less and less.

It doesn’t seem long till my life here on Earth will be wiped clean from my mind and a new life elsewhere will replace it.

I am now looking forward to my new life with my new companion.

D.C. Getz, Ashland, Ohio.
Used by permission of Tim Beckley, UFO Universe.



By Betsy Warner

They come in saucers both large and small
wishing to make contact, on us they call.

They mean no harm and say they come in peace,
a part of our minds, they wish to lease.

As friendly as they seem, doubts do appear,
As they contact us year after year.

What exactly is the meaning of their presence?
Of life, are they the essence?

Do they promise us things they cannot deliver?
why does their presence make us scream and shiver?

How will we know in whom we can trust?
When they arrive, The Strangers Among us.

Stay tuned for another scintillating story next time. Until then "Peace".

Thursday's Child

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