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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.

This lesson may not agree with some of the readers but I include it because it is a lesson in what religion has done over the centuries. Asket took Billy Meiers back to the year 32 through time travel so he could determine for himself the errors that had been perpetrated on purpose to control the masses. He was able to talk to Emmanuel himself.


Now, Asket was becoming tired. They walked back to her ship and lay down on the couches to sleep. Early the next morning they were startled awake by the sound of a gun being fired. They went to the viewing screen and discovered the same man that they had met 3 days before, standing about twenty meters away, looking upwards at the ship. Asket and Meier exited the craft and the man walked forwards, stretching out his hand to them. He forcefully shakes Asket's hand and then Meier's hand as he expresses his surprise at their ship and introduces himself as Jitschi Ustinov. He asks if they are from Venus or Mars and they tell him that Meier is from Earth and Asket is from another world.

Asket considers what to do with Jitschi who says that he did not wish to interfere in the activities of God's angels and explains that he is a devout Christian. She says that she is sorry to disappoint him because she is neither an angel nor acting on God's orders. She tells him that those stories are misleading by wicked elements who seek to use religious concepts for evil purposes. She also says that when he is a believer of religion, then he has fallen for evil heresies. Jitschi is shocked by this. Asket then invites him to come with them in order for him to learn the truth. Jitschi confesses to be afraid of dying and when he tried to quote a passage from Jesus, Asket tells him that the correct name for Jesus was Emmanuel. After many deliberations, Meier leads Asket back to the ship in disgust of Jitschi until he asks for them to wait. Many words are exchanged before Jitschi agrees to come with them.

They enter the craft and Jitschi sits in terror until he finally calms down and remembers that he left his belongings at his campsite. So, he exited the ship and was gone for more than an hour before returning with all of his belongings. Asket explained that they would be traveling for the next week into the past and future in order to observe certain events in time. The first destination would be back to the 13th century. Reluctantly, Jitschi agrees to go. But when Asket asks him to remain silent about all that he sees, including ever having seen Asket and Meier, Jitschi complains that it would prevent him from becoming rich by selling his story to the magazines. He is told that if he were to speak about this he would have a short time to live. When Jitschi asks why it is so important for him to remain silent, he is told that it depends upon the existence of mankind on Earth and the whole universe. So, he agrees to remain silent.

The ship rapidly ascends into space. Jitschi's face becomes white and he vomits into a pot from his belongings. For a moment, everything appears to disappear and then Asket announces that they have arrived in the 13th century. Meier attached the language translation device to his belt and they all exited the ship. Jitschi ran about 50 meters into the forest. Everything appears normal except for the sounds of many birds and the air seemed fresher with more oxygen and no pollution. All that could be seen were only forests, hills, and meadows with no house or village anywhere. There was a herd of deer that took no notice of them in this beautiful paradise.

Asket explained that they were in the 13th century France during the reign of Louis the Holy. They all walked through the forest toward a small recuperation house that Asket knew about from previous visits. It belonged to a rabbi by the name of Jechieli who was known as a scientist, sorcerer, and magician. There was a horse tied up behind the house and a dog barked inside. A door opened and a bearded man came out and went quickly towards the three advancing people. Asket introduced the two men to Jechieli. She explained that they were from a far away land and also far into the future.

He asked about the device on Meier's belt and was told that it was an electric lamp with batteries. Meier shows it to him and he is very amazed by it. Meier gives it to him as a gift along with four batteries and Jitschi explains how it works to him while Meier and Asket take a stroll through the meadow. When they return, five hours later, Jitschi tells them that Jechieli is very clever and plans to create a dynamo for creating electricity and intends to provide protection for his house. Asket laughs at how Jechieli will certainly go into history as a secretive magician. Jitschi is now interested in researching French history to see if this is true. He asks Asket if he can take with him some gifts given to him by Jechieli for historical worth and she agrees. But, she says they will not grow old inside her ship. They returned to her ship for another six days of traveling to different events into the past and future to see things that will never be agreeable to historians or scientists.

Meier had to recognize many scientific thesis of his time to be completely untrue as well as many events of history Often he believed himself to be dreaming because it all seemed crazy and unbelievable. Many times he felt the need to test his reality and always found that he was not dreaming or hallucinating. Jitschi also had difficulty accepting everything. Often, he would angrily mark out whole chapters in his bible with red crayon and curse all the while. It troubled him greatly to discover things were completely different than had been written in the bible and grew to become hostile against religion.


Asket tells Meier and Jitschi that because they have gathered the necessary perceptions from their different travels into the past and understand the need to keep everything confidential, they will now travel back to the year 32 in order to learn that what is written in the New Testament is false. Jitschi realizes that this is the year of Christ's crucifixion and becomes angry over having to witness it since he has come to realize how religion has been created by power-hungry people to exploit humanity. Meier warns him to be nicer to Asket and reminds him that he forced himself upon them and agreed to come along. He is told that only he is to blame for having been led astray by religious heresies and not seeing it for what it truly is. The mistake was in converting religion into a cult and being governed by principles of delusion. Religion is not bad in itself, only what has been done in connection to unreal principles.

When Jitschi says that he will choke Emmanuel when he sees him Meier tells him that he will not do so because Emmanuel is a wonderful human being who cannot help having been used against his will as the foundation of a new religion. Jitschi apologizes and says that his emotions have overcome him. Asket gives the men clothing from her home world to wear under native clothes of the period that they will be traveling to and they dress accordingly. They all carried a language translator with them.

Then, Asket guided the ship into the year 32. Their landing site was the same location as where they had left in Jordan. It appeared nearly the same except for changes in the mountain range, villages, and the small town of Jerusalem. They exited the ship and walked through rugged mountains for four days toward a small walled village. They ate food that Jitschi procured before their start and Asket acquired a bag of coins of that period. During their long walk, Asket explained how to behave and not appear conspicuous to others, until they reached the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem, in front of the village of Bethphage.

They noticed some men coming their way. Asket said she knew that Emmanuel and his followers would be walking past this way at this time. Jitschi becomes excited and angry that Meier is so calm. Meier tried to calm him, but to no avail. So, Meier hits him in his nose and causes it to bleed. This brings Jitschi to his senses once again and he apologizes for his behavior. The group of men, sat near a path and Emmanuel walked toward them. They exchanged greetings in peace. Emmanuel directs Jitschi to go over to the other men who will nurse his injury. Without a word, he obeys and the men care for him. Emmanuel calls Meier by the name of "Eduard" and indicates that he knows of Asket. He also complements Meier for his actions because Jitschi had lost control over his senses and was in need of pain. Meier is impressed and says that he now knows why Emmanual is thought of as a god-like superman. They exchange complements and sit together on a stone to talk.

Emmanuel explains that he knows them through the force of his spirit and is able to foresee these times. He is surprised that Meier understands about his clairvoyant abilities and recognizes Meier's ability to do the same. He says that living provides for many things and that it is necessary to walk their own way with honor, under the laws. Emmanuel agrees to answer some burning questions from Meier before he asks them. He says that the lessons that he gives to others are not new and are well known to the scribes who disregard, distort, and interpret them for their own purposes. They abuse him with their lies because he preaches against their lies.

They have constructed cults out of the old lessons of creational laws and the laws of the spirit, which take away the freedom of the spirit and force their followers into bondage for profit. They have committed heresy by humanizing the Creation as a human being which they call God. Their God is a ruler over humanity and all of his dominion. It is never allowed to be equal to the Creation for it is considered to be above everything else and nothing else exists.

They accuse him of lying because he offers the truth and the truth is not always requested. When someone like him speaks about the truth, he will be hated and persecuted. Emmanuel says that he will not escape persecutions for this is his destiny. He tells Meier that he will also be persecuted because he will perform his mission in the future as Emmanuel has done. He says that his coming days will be very difficult and he feels pain and bitterness inside because he knows what lies ahead. But, he will not evade his destiny. People of this world have been forced into need and confusion by the wrong lessons of scribes, preachers, and all of those who walk in their footsteps.

He says that, truly, this will lead the world into very much need and misery. The scribes and preachers are hypocrites that preach lies, deceit, and distortions of the truth. Outwardly, they appear as being pious and good, but inside they are full of hypocrisy, deceit, and falsehoods. They are worse than any snake. They want to be great in spirit, but yet they have no brains. All those who are just, have been murdered by them, from the first prophet whom their fathers and forefathers killed, to those that they will murder in the future. They murder in the name of love and goodness, but actually do so for profit and power.

They have altered the lessons of spirit and the laws of Creation into a very wicked cult and cause humanity to worry about death, revenge by their blood-greedy god, and angels armed with swords. They educate humanity to fear the magnificence and unity of Creation. They deny its existence and substitute it with their god and saints. This is truly the way things are and the future will become very evil. There will be fear and howling in the world. Innocent human beings will be sacrificed and their blood will deeply soak the dry earth. The fate of this world and humanity will truly become very hard.

Emmanuel is righteous and fights against injustice, which is thought to be evil within him. Yet, he knows the truth, the wisdom of the knowledge, and has the force of spirit to fulfill his mission No amount of hate against him will cause him to go astray. The truth is more important than the temporary pain of the body, which may be tortured and damaged, but the truth and spirit can never be killed. Even though one can see this truth in him now, this will change in the future. From his having been a human being, a cult will cause very evil consequences. He will be slandered as being equal to the Creation. Although he knows of these things occurring in the future, he cannot change them. He will live as a human being, perform his mission, and suffer his fate of bodily death after 83 years. Although his body will be very old, his spirit will remain unbroken. The coming event will change nothing except for being thought of as a martyr. The event causes only bodily pains, which will drift away by force of the spirit and he will end his mission.
The above was taken from the book, "Essence of the Notes" by Maurice Osborn.


By Jason Hooten

They each hold future's key
Buried deep within their soul.
It wasn't easy to get the key.
First they went through agony.

Unknown they walk the earth
A secret even to them.
They are just like you and I
But their soul belongs to the sky.

By the strangeness called fate
They have been chosen.
This they may not know
But they have a special inner glow.

There are those who help to understand
That - they greatly need.
For nothing helps more.
Understanding unlocks the first door.

Their life is a hall of portals
Each requires a key.
The one they hold inside
Will be used as a guide.

For once they reach the last door
The mystery will be solved.
Behind the door is light,
Warm, comforting and bright.

It all starts with hope
and understanding through awareness.
If to understand is too much to withstand
Aileen is there to give you a hand!

See you next Sunday for another enlightening talk!

Thursday's Child

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