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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


Ida Kannenberg has been in contact with Hweig (pronounced ‘hw-eye-jsh.) for many, many years. In a series of “lessons” I would like to relate to you what he has said. It will bring a new perspective to our understanding of aliens. So here we go....

We, Hweig, Amorto and Jamie, are all as physical and corporeal as yourselves, but we can extend ourselves into other non-corporeal or semi-corporeal selves and be cognizant of each and all simultaneously, although the various “selves” may be active in separate places, or even separate time dimensions.

We are no more superhuman or supernormal than yourselves - you of the Earth have merely forgotten.

We said, “We come to waken, to make aware.”

And that is our purpose, for our own reasons, and our own ends as much as yours. There will be no antagonistic invasion of Earth, if we can meet and discuss on levels of friendship and understanding.

We have had contacts for many centuries with Earth, but always from our own viewpoint and for our own desires and purposes. Now we are trying to see from the Earthling’s view and understanding.

There are several manners in which we are trying to make contact with Earth at this time. In this we use telepathic contact, and we are the communicators. We are in charge of carrying out on Earth instructions received from elsewhere. Out instructions are quite broad and general; the specifics we provide according to circumstance.

Material is sent to us to “deliver,” and general instructions are given as to how to proceed with the various tests and experiments. We are the people of the UFOs, but we are not the originators of this total experiment. We carry out our instructions to the best of our abilities, and our abilities are great. Therefore, we cannot always give you the “proofs” you ask for,, not until it is released for us to do so. We work for a cause larger than our own.

The Earth Fellowship

We have mentioned the fellowship before, but we repeat it here to keep the thoughts all together. The Earth fellowship, of which we are members, and in which you are training, is composed of acutely trained persons dedicated to the aims of helping peace and justice return to the world. The fellowship blends with many other worlds, many kinds of personalities and persons, for what concerns one of God’s creatures concerns us all. An infinitude of souls are collaborating in this endeavor from many worlds and many kinds of worlds.

Thought Reconstructs

The thought reconstructs are only temporarily real, but able to give advice, instruction and information. Such a personality draws its intermittent life from cosmic consciousness. It is perceived by those who are able in their superconscious, but it is not always perceived by their consciousness. Perhaps that is more of a confusion than an explanation, but it is the best we can do at this moment. When you learn more about the superconscious, the meaning will come unraveled.

Legendary Ones

The legendary ones who are called up by the method of thought reconstruct also have “life” for a temporary period. The man who saw the warty fellow with the pointed ears and green cap at the foot of his garden saw a “real” existence, but really only for the period of time he was needed, that is, only for as long as he was held in the mind of the person who called him up. Nature spirits, Pan, centaurs, all of these legendary creatures can be called “forth” by the one adept at such abilities.

At this time the only others we can explain who appear on our list are the energy existences, but this explanation will help answer many, many questions that you have in your minds.

Energy Existences

We have said that we, ourselves, the UFO people, are as human and corporeal as yourselves, but we can also have being in other alternate states, as energy existences in our psychic essence and as semi-corporeal personalities. When we are in our psychic essence state,, correspondent to your out-of-body experience, we can image ourselves into a world that is co-existent and co-extensive to your own,, existing in the same space, but in a different time dimension. At such a time we merely use the realities of this co-existent world as much as it is convenient for us to do so.

However, this world and its very real inhabitants exist very well, without our intervention, and we shall describe and delineate this world and its personalities as they exist in themselves.

In this world there are beings of several degrees of complexity, from almost one-dimensional creatures to highly complex souls who have chosen never to be born into a physical world.


We shall take up first those one-dimensional creatures that are a clan of organizers and obtainers. These have the attribute of psychic existence and that is all. They serve as messengers and thing bringers to those who have more complex being or to those who have come into this world on an errand or for a purpose temporarily.

They are not as observable as a wisp of smoke of fog, not even that much. They would be more as a wave of energy or a very slow whirlwind of energy. Their sole purpose is to serve other, more complex and purposeful beings.

Psychic Connectives

The next, little more complex personalities in this co-existent world are the personalities who take charge of psychic experience when sought by an Earth individual. Did you think you did it all by yourself? No, these are the connecting links between the searching individual and the manifestation he is trying to bring about.

These personalities, although individual and quite conscious and “knowing,” are not indicated by names, for there is no need to tell one from another. All are the same in every respect, just as all molecules of water are the same. Each one can perform exactly the same function as the next. If they are pursuing a task one time, they do not in the least need to return to it later. Any one of their number will simply fit himself into the job at hand and do it equally well. Their memory is all one, a kind of memory bank on which all draw whatever information is needed to continue.

Because we have had centuries of experience working with them, we are able to use them easily, and I think, quite wisely. We simply direct their efforts so they fit our needs.

Pseudo-demons and Inspirators

The third level of personalities in this psychic world are those who do have names, are self-directed and who can be very helpful or very mischievous depending on their whim. They can manifest themselves corporeally if they desire to do so,, and sometimes do, taking on any shape or appearance they desire. It is not a permanent appearance, though it may persist for some time until they tire of it and go on to something else. All of this is very startling, confusing and, or course, frightening to any human witness.

The mischievous ones are what we might call pseudo-demons and at times they can be most disruptive and even harmful to human beings.

However there are helpful ones from this area also, and their aid can be very beneficial and useful indeed.

We depend a very great deal on this third level of psychic existences and mingle and work with them when we are in our psychic essence manifestation. Their character and abilities then are very much like our own when we are in that state. We converse by pictorial telepathy and move about in their world quite as freely as they do themselves.

At such times we do not have the use of our physical senses to the same extent we do in the physical world. We do not detect odor or color. The great advantage we find in this world is that it exists in a different time dimension than your own. Time is simply non-existent in your idea of mechanistic time. That is, it can be so stretched or so shrunk that it no longer has any meaning.

These personalities are not spirits but are as souls who have never been born, vastly evolved souls, very sophisticated and very complex. They are wise with a wisdom of incredible eons of experience. Their efforts in your behalf are many; they are supportive of many of your endeavors and serve to guide and protect. You reach them by means of supplication to whatever gods,, great or little, that you pray to. This is their purpose, to aid you in all your activities. You are fortunate to be able to attract the most evolved ones relative to your own evolutionary status.

They live by stringent laws and may not impose their own ideas or purposes on anyone in your world. In their endeavors to aid the people of your world we have called them the inspirators.

Most people are helped in this interior fashion as long as they keep their minds open to reception. Some are very delicately attuned to reception; some resist with all their might.


Of the same purpose as the inspirators are the instructors. Everyone has them to one degree or another. You can equate the reception of the work of the inspirators and the instructors with your mental in-take, and while the capacity for this is in your inheritance. It is not altogether dependent on your heredity. From the instant you are born you start to choose, accept or reject the various stimuli that come to you. By this use of your own free will, you contribute to your evolution as a soul. You are endowed with a soul at birth; it is not inherited through your physical ancestors.

The variance between the inspirators and the instructors is that the latter are every bit as human and corporeal as yourself!

The instructors inhabit many worlds and many places. In some worlds their work is secret and unknown, as it is for the most part on Earth. In other worlds they work openly and freely among those who have learned and who accept their presence and aid.

The instructors hold and condense the knowledge of the Universe. All will be passed on to Earth people when you are able and willing to accept it.

The instructors carefully guide and guard through the aid of the inspirators who make the direct contacts.

We have used their world and their aid to contact and develop many persons in your world. All have been chosen years ago and are waiting, without knowing, for our call to come forth. Someday all will be told.


Hweig will be telling us much more about who he is and what he looks like, and what souls are, in the coming lessons. We thank Ida Kannenberg for letting us use the writings of Hweig. If you are interested in buying the book these writings came out of, it is entitled, "UFOs and the Psychic Factor", $12.95 plus $3.00 postage. Contact Ida on



This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through,
We came from somewhere way beyond the blue.
The heavens beckon me since we found that it was true
And we can't feel at home on this world any more.

Oh friends we know, we have no one like you,
If space if not our home, then what are we to do?

The heavens beckon me since we found that it was true
And we can't feel at home on this world anymore.

(A slight variation from the original hymn but oh so appropo!)

See you in church on Sunday!

Thursday's Child

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