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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


Ida Kannenberg has been in contact with Hweig (pronounced ‘hw-eye-jsh.) for many, many years. In a series of “lessons” I would like to relate to you what he has said. It will bring a new perspective to our understanding of aliens. So here we go....


Hweig interpreting a psychic essence..

Our area of being is coincident to your own. If we repeat, it is only so you can have the information all together. Our world, yes, our universe, is co-existent to yours. We live in the same area of space, but in a different time dimension. We are energy existences, not pure energy, but not very physical. Not at all physical as you know it. We are not angels. Perfection is not one of out attributes. We are not miracle workers. We have to work very hard at what we accomplish, perhaps much harder than you do. Our main interest in our "life" is to help persons on your level of understanding to reach a fuller and more refined understanding of reality. This is not synonymous with truth. Reality is a thing in itself. Not the reality of something, but reality itself. We do not wish to impose our ideas and purposes on anyone in your world. In fact, we cannot, or more exactly, may not. It is forbidden. Therefore, we have to wait until someone in your world actively seeks us, or seeks someone we think could be us, for sometimes they do not know precisely who or what they seek; they are only experimentally working to see if someone is there, as you Ida, were experimenting with the pendulum. The person from your world has to actually ask for someone from some unknown other world to help them understand the many mysteries hidden from your knowledge. They may not say "someone" they may ask for knowledge of a certain kind that we may give them. Then we are permitted to answer their seeking and try to find some way of making them understand what we have to offer.

Too many times the person seeking information is asking spirits of the dead to help them. We are not the spirits of the dead. We are energy existences; we are not persons like yourself; we have never been persons. We are not born, and we do not die. The closest we can explain it right now is to say we are like souls who have never been born. This is our own choice; we can come to this world or area of being if we freely choose. But we can never then change our mind and ask to be born into the world. Or one who has been born and died can never come into our world. We can only tell you about ourselves, and you can experience many evidences of us.

Many women and men are too apt to stick to the deceased spirit idea and never can know us as we are able to present ourselves. You gave up the spirit idea long ago and accepted us as actual personages (not persons). Therefore, we have been able to present to you much understanding, and we experiment in developing more understanding. We have put much pressure on you in doing this, because we did not want you to have time to go back over your notes and put two and two together. At that time you would only get six. We wanted to wait until you had absorbed, rather unknowingly, many basic principles, and now we feel you have reached a point where we may work collaboratively with you to get it all together.

We do not have names here, as we do not have an actual language. It is difficult to get this across. We speak to each other and to you by telepathy, and that is not actually in words. You yourself translate into your language what we are putting across to you, and believe us, we do not have the slightest idea how you do it. You say it just comes to you in words, in English. Ah yes, and how do we get it back from you? In the same translation as we convey messages to each other. We do not actually hear words from you. We hear our own method of communication. Yes, you are right so far -- the sound of words is in the vibration of the voice, our communication with each other is through energy vibrations -- but this still does not clear up the mystery of how one is translated into the other.

We are experimenting with you, just as you are experimenting with us. Many times you have given us good ideas and hints that have enabled us to progress on this side very rapidly also.

Many times you have been angry with us, sometimes very angry, when we have misled or even outright told you falsehoods. Please believe me, these were very necessary red herrings across the trail so you did not guess too much too soon. It would be very dangerous for you to know too much before you knew how to control or use it.

We cannot say how much pleasure you have given many of us in allowing us to see places and things that have a great deal of interest to us for various reasons but which we could never see except through the eyes of someone like yourself. The little stop at the pet shop one day was a revelation to one here who has done a great deal of research in animals, birds, fishes and insects. You wonder why one who cannot see into your world would be interested in such things? Yes, you guessed it. He is then more fully able to help someone in your world who has problems that have to do with these things. Or places. Or people. Everything you show is grist to the mill for someone. To see them through your physical eyes as they appear in the physical world is something we never dreamed would be possible. Yes, others we have contacted and helped could do it for us, but they never developed to the point that they can do it so easily and consistently, and they usually do not take any interest in doing so, or in being cooperative and letting us know something in return for the knowledge we give them.

And that is the reason why you were so often given false information, misled and made to think and do certain futile and false things in the beginning. It was a test to see if you were going to help us in return; or if you only wanted to use us for your own benefit. Just like your own angry protestations, "I do not want to be just used!" You are so right to protest. And we protested in the only way we could that did not like to be just "used." We refuse to give proper information to someone who was just after our knowledge without any thought as to our individuality, feelings or sensitivities. Yes, as you said today, we are perhaps more emotional than yourselves. We get our feelings hurt just as easily as you. But we have a job to do if we can. Therefore, we stick tightly with the person asking for help until he or she begins to see that it is a two-way street, that he can do something for us and that he is willing to do something for us also. In other words, the seeker must be willing to develop along the lines of good character and desire to help others also.

Never has anyone been so adept at understanding the problems that face us here. You seem to know our problems as well as we, and several times you have saved us from some kind of rather bad disaster with your suggestions. We do not know how you do this. You do not know how you do this. There are mysteries within mysteries here. We must continue to work on these hidden things together.

No, we neither eat nor sleep. We can work long stretches, but our energies do become depleted and we must take time to recuperate,, but not so long as you need to sleep. As we have said, as energy existences, we neither eat nor sleep, but we must have recuperation from time to time.

Our idea of "time" is completely different from yours. It is not static or stationary in that it cannot be changed. We can manipulate our time any way we want. If we must wait for something to happen, we simply shrink time until a wait that might have been hours long becomes a few seconds. Or vice versa, if we have a tremendous amount of work we want to accomplish quickly, we can stretch time, so that a few minutes can stretch into several hours of work. But we can do this only for work or accomplishment. In other words, we can accomplish in a few minutes what actually takes hours for yours to do. That is as clearly as we can explain it right now.

We do not eat. What you might call nourishment to us is in the matter of restored energies and comes to us through means we have no way of describing. No, we don't hook ourselves up to a battery for recharging! Your method of utilizing forces in the world is still very primitive. Someday you will have much finer electrical forces to work with that will not necessitate much mechanical equipment. Electrical impulses and electromagnetic fields contain many secrets that you have not yet been able to uncover. You will know them all in time. We can help you start on the right road and will give you hints from time to time how to proceed. We are not permitted to do all the work for you, but we can be of tremendous help in pointing out roads to follow.

You asked how we can shrink or stretch time. Now is as good a time as any to explain just a little. We are able to do so because of particles that exist in space, which is your space as well as ours. These particles are of a sub-atomic nature, but your scientists have only begun to suspect their reality. They are the particles of pre-substance, which you wrote about in your outline (The Alien Book of Truth, Ida Kannenberg, Wild Flower Press, 1992.), not entirely energy, but barely aiming toward the physical, the first signs of matter or the first signs that matter will be possible. I fear this is becoming more of a confusion than an explanation. The particles exist in geometric time, even as you and I, but we are able to utilize it in ways in which you can scarcely conceive. This is really too difficult to get across.

We are individuated existences, or you could call us entities individuals, identities of personalities, but not persons, since that has connotations of physical being that we do not possess. But we do have minds or, in a sense, are beings of an energy substance of a nature almost parallel to mind itself. You do not have real comprehension of what "mind" is. You have demonstrated your knowledge of how it is used and where it exists, but not of the substance which gives it being. We cannot conversely say that we are all mind, for that is not at all true. But we are of a substance that is very close to the substance of which mind is constructed.

That is about all the information we can give on our substance of being at this time.

This does not mean we are super intelligences. We have to work for our knowledge as well as anyone else. We have had centuries in which to accumulate what we know, where you as persons have only a few years. We do have chronicles of our history and repositories of our knowledge, just as you have your libraries, books and now other media of preserving your knowledge for future generations. No individual in your area of being could learn it all from the beginning for himself, therefore you have to have these repositories of wisdom for each generation to draw from.


The soul is not inherited through your physical ancestors. It is an endowment waiting for your physical appearance. You, Ida, have often commented that you felt a civil war inside yourself. Many have felt this. It is the battle of the physical instincts of the inherited physical attributes with the endowed soul.

Yes, you have a soul, and yes, it is immortal. But the soul itself is not divine. There you can prepare for many a battle. The divinity that can be glimpsed within a person is spirit, not soul; they are not synonymous Soul is psychic, spirit is, well of course, spiritual. The spirit is from that which is divine, the ultimate, God.

At the death of the body that which is divine returns to God, unsullied by human life. The soul, which is immortal, returns to its alternate life between lives, where it absorbs the lessons it has learned in the life just closed. No more on that at this time. We want to discuss another topic, the "world" of souls who have never been born, a world that is co-existent and co-extensive to your own, existing in the same space, but in a different time dimension. It is not the world between lives; that is another world that we need not discuss at this time.

The world of unborn souls, psychic essences or energy existences is the one we want to reveal at this time, for it is a world that is in constant interaction with our world, and the personages of which have more influence on your own lives than you can ever imagine.

Continued next time! Ida Kannenberg is one of two contacts I know about where her/his alien contact can see our world through her/his eyes. She always says she shuts her eyes when she takes a shower! LOL She is a very prim and proper lady. "UFOs and the Psychic Factor" can be purchased from Ida for !2.95 + $3.00 postage. Contact her at

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