Thursday, April 3, 2008


Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


The young always want to throw out what the old man has learned and do it all over again for himself, thus limiting himself and depriving himself of years of time when he might have been progressing instead of regressing. It is one of the frailties of human nature, yet it serves a purpose - it edits what has been learned. Every generation someone or other goes back through the wisdom of the past and weighs and measures what had been learned in one area or another and often is able to detect distortions or misunderstandings, which thereby can be corrected. So the rebel youth often make corrections that must be made if the path of future knowledge is not to be waylaid, blocked or sent off in wrong directions. There is a purpose for everything, even seeming disaster and injustice. If you could see everything from what you have called the opposite end of creation, that is,, from the viewpoint of the Creator, the reason would be apparent and shown to be for the eventual good of the suffering individual. There is no way to show you this.

Our daily existence is not set off in hours as yours is. We do not have to rise from sleep and have breakfast as you do. Nor do we need to rest as much as you. We simply do a piece of work that interests us, and when it is finished we play until we feel the desire to work again. Our play is quite different from yours. We do not have sports, ball games, horse races or wrestling matches. It is indeed all mental sports or mental activities. We match our wits in what you would call games of intellect. And we do puzzles of a kind I do not know how to describe, since I have seen nothing in your world to correspond. But it is all mental. This is all we have to work or play with -- our mental and emotional life. Yes, and well, I can't tell what most corresponds -- I guess spiritual life, although we do not have religious beliefs or religions. We simply know what we are and what exists, and we accept these laws of being and try to collaborate with them. I suppose this takes the place of any religious life such as you have. You do not really know. We know. It is forbidden to discuss this topic with you to the extent of changing any ideas you previously possess. We can from time to time acknowledge when you have seen the way things are in reality.

Yes, we do have an emotional life. We have emotions of concern to the point of "love" in that sense, and we can be angry,, upset or frightened (that we have inadvertently broken or badly bent a law of our existence). We can worry about a friend or a person in your world as we worry about you (Ida). We have as many or more emotions than yourself, and some you never dreamed of. We do have jealousies, but not to any great extent. We all want to work together for the good of all and the good of your world also. That is our purpose. To work, otherwise, is the same as death to us. We have penalties for misdemeanors; usually we are given some task we do not particularly care for, and which can be a drudgery.

We have said we are not angels; perfection is not one of our attributes. So we do things sometimes that are not altogether acceptable. Only once in a hundred years does anyone dare to commit what could be called an actual crime, and only once in thousands of years does anyone receive the severe penalty to which we are subject if the crime is of such a nature that it is totally unacceptable in any degree whatsoever. That punishment is -- I am not sure how to describe it -- that our energies are so mixed up it takes us a few hundred years to get ourselves put back together to function as ourselves again and to progress in our work. In other words, we act somewhat as idiots while we are trying to reconstruct ourselves, and that is why you have detected varying degrees of intelligent behavior among us. Some are not yet fully recuperated from this punishment. But they are very few, and they cannot return to the full area of being until they are very close to their normal selves. Some of these explanations are pretty clumsy, but we have the problem of translation plus the fact that the ideas we want to convey have no comparable analogy in your area. We do not want to be too technical at this time; you do not have a technical vocabulary.

We can tell you a little more of our way of being by describing what we can do rather than how we look. You saw or imagined you saw us as shafts or pillars of light. That is exactly as we would look to you, could you actually see us, but it is not at all how we look to ourselves. To us we see each other as patterns of energy, and we recognize each other by the pattern. Each individual or pattern is able to do specific things. One serves as what you would call a psychiatrist or mind doctor; one is what you what you would call a nature scientist. While we do not see the physical world as you do, we learn about it through other media and know more than you do yourself, yes, or than any of your nature scientists do. We just have never seen them physically until we have been able to do so through your physical eyes and sometimes through the eyes of a few others.

All of us are students or scholars of some type. We are not medical doctors or healers of any kind. That is the department of another co-existent world, the healers. We can have some contact with them, calling upon them for help in certain instances, but we can not do healing ourselves. We are not artists, musicians nor accomplished in any art. Perhaps we could turn some of our energies in that direction, but we have so much work to do in our own area that we are not much interested in trying. We do love to see works of art and various entertainments through your eyes, because it helps us to understand persons of your area much better and to give us a much more comprehensive picture of the world than working solely with you would do. You cannot be so many places nor display so much activity as we can see for instance on your television. Even your inane movies help us to understand not only what we see, but the persons for whom it was made. We see so many depths of meanings in whatever we are able to view. All is grist to the mill.

We do not have or perceive color as such in our world. We see patterns of vibrations which appear as color to you. This was one of the things you have shown us that gives us the greatest pleasure - we love your flowers and bright birds even more than you do.

We can vaguely see you from our area of being as individual persons, but it takes a great deal of strain and effort, and then what we see is not as you see yourself physically. Again we see patterns or designs of energy. We have not yet learned how to "read" these patterns very efficiently, for we had no way of knowing what the various designs indicated. By seeing through your eyes and having your analysis of things presented to us, we are beginning to work out a real "Earth science" for ourselves. We refer to the physical world you inhabit as the "Earth" area, indicating it to be physical. I do not know how to translate or give to you for translation very exactly what we call our area of the view of the world. We are not superconsciousness or supermind. Our existence is more qualitative than quantitative, though we ourselves are individuals.

We are going to give you a "resume" of our type of activity pertinent to communicating with you and those like you who try to contact us.

We have called ourselves energy essences or existences, and this is true, but we are also more than that. You, yourself, are an energy essence - you would call this "soul" - plus a physical being in a physically manifested world.

We are energy essences or souls who have never been born into the physical world but have developed here in the world that we call, for ourselves, Ardrea. We are also a kind of pre-physical existence. We are not material or physical as you are, but we are something other than pure energy. You would see it as a wave or current of tiny particles that appear to be charged with energy. They would appear to "rain down" like raindrops or again appear in vibrating waves, like heat waves you see on a hot summer day. And once in a while a wispy, vaporish or foggish undulating "string" would float before your eyes.

When you see these, and we know you have, you are very close to seeing us in as close to "physical" manifestation as we can come. If you saw us in actual being, we would appear as columns or pillars of light - or maybe of flame or fire,, depending on our emotional state. There have been only a few instances in which this has been possible.

Instead of physical organs and viscera, we have energy patterns that serve the same purpose. We see, hear, speak and touch, but we have no idea of odor or of color in our world. All is black, white and shades of gray. To us grays are beautiful with many subtle variations. No, our world would not be at all acceptable to you without color, art and music, and the things you have learned to love there.

We do use tools, instruments and apparatus of various kinds to get work done, just as you do. We do have pens, tablets, amplifying instruments and just about everything you have except transportation vehicles. We move ourselves by imaging ourselves there instantly. Not imagining.

Just as there had to come a time when you would put a man on the moon, so there had to come a time when we could at last communicate with those willing and capable of cooperating with us to develop telepathic skills needed in this communication and to allow us to see into the physical world. For one thing, we had to develop what we call the double graph, and we have not had that too long, just as you have not had rockets too long. We had to develop our own skills,, and we had to experiment with everyone from your world who tried to communicate with us, hoping to find those who were capable of being developed to carry on this kind of communication.

The words of Hweig are from the book by Ida Kannenberg, "UFOs and the Psychic Factor". You can order this book from her for $12.95 + $3.00 postage. Contact her at

From Ida: You remember Hweig telling us that we all live in four dimensions or states of being at the same time, that this physical dimension is only one. In the state in which he has been speaking in your report he was referring to himself in the psychic dimension only. But he also lived in the physical dimension at the same time just as we do. So he was very much a physical person and alive in the same state of being that we are as physical people. We just don't realize our other three states until we stumble into them in maybe a psychic experience, which many have had, but we have never had any training in this state while we are physical. Therefore it is no surprise that Hweig had a very physical life, born in Russia about 1845, and he has written a full book about it which will be published soon. I received it by telepathy from him and though I have read it through many times in getting it ready for publication, I cry every time;. I hope it can be out soon.

The time dimension he was writing these former informational books was when he was depicting himself as though he was in the psychic dimension and so he was--just like the ones who lived only there-- while he was cognizant of being in all four dimensions at once. I hope I am saying this clearly. Please feel welcome to ask any questions, I would be happy to answer. You are doing a fine job in getting Hweig over to people now.


Reflections of God
By R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D

The Housewife pauses, washing dishes,
Glances at a saucer, wishes;
"May I know my Spirit-Mind.
May the Face of God I find."

Then she gazes, as the sunbeams
Wipe the window of her daydreams;
Noting, as if understanding,
That a silver craft is landing.

Then, she wakes, and wonders when
She will dream that dream again;
Knowledge that she knows full well
the work of Heaven, the lie of Hell.

Now she knows that Earth is ill;
Soon to shake and then be still;
Soon to wake and regain health;
Soon to share Her untold wealth.

Now she knows that she can heal,
Helping others who appeal'
Healing those who thirst for thought
Of what is true and what is not.

Now she knows that she can speak
for those whose voice has wavered, weak;
We can learn that life is good;
We can now be understood.

ESP communications,
Like the dials of TV station,
Soon will form New Age alliance
Of the Spirit and of Science.

UFOs are God-reflecting,
Seeking, Searching, Sin-Detecting
UFOLKS teach and USFOLKS learn,
While we reach and while we yearn.

UFOs are not terrestrial
UFOs are, yes, celestial;
Unimportant, they are Star-Moles,
But reflect, to us, our Star-Souls.

Now the cleansing can take place;
Now we're seeing God's own Face,
Now the Housewife washes dishes;
Now the Housewife gets her wishes.

See you next time!

Thursday's Child