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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


(Dorothy Izett is well know for taking movie films in the dark and when developed UFOs, aliens, landscapes and many other things show up on the film.)

Many people have seen lights and UFOs with me. I want to make this clear because it has been said by some that I create the lights on film with my mind. That's not so because others have seen what I film as well. Often there are only glimpses of light, or of distant lights in the sky, but on very rare occasions it will be closer contact. When the people from the television show, Unsolved Mysteries, came to interview me, I pointed to a light in the sky, which they also saw and were able to film as well. The thing is, all they captured on their film was the distant light and nothing else. I filmed the same light with my little camera and caught much more activity. Whether somebody can see the lights, or film the lights, or communicate in some way is really up to the Light Beings or the UFO beings themselves, as well as the spiritual or inward condition of the person.

In the past I've tried to make all this clear by explaining something that the Light Beings told me very early on when all this first started. People shouldn't feel bad when they can't see what I see right away, or when they can't take pictures exactly like I do. There's really a very simple reason for this. In the beginning my eyes were red and irritated all the time. Sometimes I looked like I had a sunburn, even though I hadn't been out in the sun at all. The medical doctors couldn't find anything wrong, so I asked the Light Beings why this was happening, and they told me they were raising or purifying my body and my eyes so that I could tolerate the light better. This light is so intense, so strong, so different from ordinary light that it can burn a person. The Light Beings have the ability to be as bright as sunlight. What I see, and what shows up in my films, is a sort of turned-down voltage, so to speak, or just what can be tolerated. The light doesn't just touch the eyes, or the flesh, but penetrates to the spirit. For that reason they won't come close to just anybody at any time, or not so close as to blind them or burn them, or disturb them in some inward way. The eyes need to be conditioned and raised up, not only to see the Light Beings but also to be able to tolerate close contact with the light. The whole person must be purified or raised up in this way before there can be contact with these beings. That's the reason, I think, that many people can't see them, even though the Light Beings are there all the time, and even though many people are very sincere and would love to have the experience of close contact. This is why the Light Beings don't just show themselves anytime somebody wants them to. The same is true with certain types of UFOs. If you get too close to them, you can be injured. So there's no reason to be disappointed because it's for your own good. They need to understand and get in touch with the light within themselves before they can be in touch with the Light Beings. All kinds of people just rush about willy-nilly looking for answers to UFOs and such, but I don't feel they can have a deep experience until they acknowledge and develop the light within. Otherwise, it's just ego, arrogant self-interest, and curiosity. This light within is the true meaning of my pictures, to make people aware of the light within and how it must be made to correspond with the light up there.

Taken from "Contact with Beings of Light, The Amazing True Story of Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt" by Peter Guttilla


By Lynn D. Holmes

They came down from the sky,
on a clear desert night,
and the mountains and hills
reflected their light.

There was no one there to see,
so how could they know,
but some of us see,
and some of us know,
some of us know.

They see through eyes,
that have seen through time,
Of wars and discontent,
of men long died.

And they come to us,
from so far away,
and they speak to us
of a different way,
of a different way.

They are the rare,
they are the ones,
The chosen few
who have laid down their guns.

And they come to us,
from so far away,
and they speak to us
of a different way,
of a different way.

See you next time! Have a wonderful week.

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