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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


(Ralph relating what happened)

At about 17:30 that evening Ralph was watering the plants in his little garden, and took a step forward to water another hill of corn, when he saw his right leg, the one he took the step with, had simply disappeared! He had penetrated something like walking into or through a glass surface, and everything beyond a certain plane had just disappeared. At that point he noticed the apparition of a small man who seemed to consist entirely of small beige and brown and mauve and tan dots, some fixed and some flowing in constant motion.

The millions of small dots were collected into a form with some space between the dots, and throughout the appearing and disappearing of the dots and the continuous motion of those that flowed, the form remained more or less constant. It seemed to be suspended in space a few centimeters off the ground as it flowed about.

The dot-man spoke to Ralph in his natural tongue and said that he was something like the captain of a craft, and that he could be called Nardell. He said that he was a native of that part of the heavens that we call Orion, and that his home planet would be called something like Zeti. He said that they were traveling on a mission to Earth and that they were delayed by some kind of trouble with waves of energy. That a disturbance in the waves affected the radiation from our sun which gave them a problem in deep space travel. That they used different paths from the sun's rays in their travel. He also said that they travel many times the speed of light in deep space. He said that he was in charge of a team of three like him aboard the space craft.

The dot man, Nardell, advised Ralph that he was to go with them at a future time, which Ralph said he could not do because he had a family and responsibilities. He said he could not go to a place he knew nothing about. Ralph walked about watering his plants followed by the dot-man for a couple of minutes, and then he suddenly found himself flying at tremendous speed toward the west and the cloud, and then he was aboard and inside of a strange fat cigar-shaped craft with a runner-like projection on the bottom that was about as long as a semi-trailer and tractor, which curved up smoothly from the forepart and curved back up in the rear part. The runner was about ten inches wide and he had no idea what its purpose might be.

The small dot-man was about 5'4" tall and had a longer oval-shaped head, almost tear-drop shaped with the small end up. No hair was indicated and no ear shells could be seen. The eyes were small and close together, and were separated by a long almost parrot-beak shaped nose that began above the eyes and ended just above a mouth that looked like a rectangle of small openings or holes. The head was set on a short neck and that on to the torso that was quite human-like in a smaller way. The creatures hands were different and did not open like ours. Ralph did not see any fingers. When the dot-man grabbed him, he just stood close to Ralph and put his wrist up to Ralph's wrist and Ralph could not get away. The witness was unable to describe the creature's clothes because they also consisted of myriads of these beige and brown dots and he was not able to separate the details. Nardell released Ralph and faded out. The strange cloud flew rapidly away.

Three Days later.....

Now this third day when he got home from work and went out to water his garden, as said, he took his dog out with him and tied the dog to him as security.

Suddenly he was gone again and his dog with him. This time he was taken way, way back in time, many, many thousands of years, when they asked him if he believed in the Fountain of Youth, Ralph said no. Then they said they were going to show him the Fountain of Youth.

They took Ralph to a place here in Arizona, but it was called something different at the time, and they showed him a place between two very distinctive hills, that he thinks he could recognize from the air. Nardell told him that all this life he had had trouble finding a place of permanence, that he moved around a great deal. But that this was the place to stop, "But you are not going to stay here. We are going to take you with us," he said. "You have about 7 months to arrange for your family," he said, "and then you must come with us."

And then Nardell explained to Ralph that, back many thousands of years ago, perhaps 8 or 9 thousand, back then he spoke in another language and used different symbols for numbers, they, the Orions, were traveling here in numbers and had contact with great civilizations of those times, and they mixed themselves with Earth people by mating with them. They explained that Ralph was an Orion Spirit that took birth at that time into Earth humanity, and has worked this great long time to balance his accounts here, that this is now done and he may safely return to his home planet before he produces another child of Orion gene stock and becomes involved again. They said that they would take him back to his native home one time before he departs forever, to see his Orion origin, and then return him to Earth to finish his affairs here and arrange for his family before they finally take him away, in about 7 months. Then they led him back through his geneology for many thousands of years to the time when he became involved here and he saw that he was at a great installation like an airfield and there were many people walking about, some large and some small, and of different race types, and they said that that was where Ralph came from, and then they said they would tell him why he would be returning now.

At that point they showed him scenes of great explosions occurring here in Arizona, here in our time, and he saw people running into the hills as the flesh melted right off their bones. He could see the trees and all organic matter burning, and the land was completely devastated.

Then Nardell said he was going to show Ralph where he was going to take him before he leaves, and he showed him the peculiar hill formations again and said that the water of the fountain ran for seven kilometers through a vein of gold to a point between these two hills. Ralph was told that there is an access to the water that can be opened only once each year, on the 8th of November, which is a very special planetary configuration, and that on that date at a certain time, the shadow of one mountain cast on the side of the other mountain will indicate the entrance to the cavern inside. The exact details for finding that entrance were given, but they will not be revealed here.

Then Ralph was returned to his body again, only this time he did not enter through the top as before, but was shot into it in a very rapid motion, like sparks going into the body. The dog was still tied to him and he was behaving very strangely and seemed to be extremely frightened.

The above was extracted from "UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET ZETI IN ORION" by Wendelle Stevens. Used with permission. You can order this book directly from Wendelle at



By Marie Sherer

They are returning
These little ones
Their missions to fill
As daughters and sons.

Tho' helpless they be
As newborn babes
It is for a purpose
This round is made.

Look deep in the eyes
Therein to behold
The inner-knowing
Of an old, old soul.

They have been chosen
Again to re-birth
To establish the plan
God has made for earth.

Should we be amazed how bright they are
They have developed
From a distant star.

We are the privileged
As parents today
Let us guide with love
As they find their way.

Be thankful they've come
Children of Light
As they grow in stature
With Inner-Sight.

The handwritings now
So clear on the wall
These are the end days
Man rises or falls.

See you soon! Bring your friends.

Thursday's Child

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Unknown said...

I've had an experience where I embraced an alien enity so I believe in the diversity of alien life. But there's something about this story line that sounds made up and especially being he wrote a book about his experience. What I'm saying is there seems to be a degree of embellishment of this beings physical appearance. Maybe his real goal is a movie script??? I've come to understand that life takes many forms but this is the first time I've heard of a digital being, thank you.