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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


Sid Padrick was contacted on LaSelva Beach south of San Francisco.

The first man Sid met as he came through the door of the ship acted as a guide. He spoke perfect English. When Sid asked what to call him he replied ,"you may call me Xeno". Later we looked up the word in the dictionary. It meant wayfaring stranger. How apropos. Later when Sid lectured in Seattle he received a huge bouquet of flowers. The card read "from Xeno."

As he showed Sid through the craft he always held his arm in front of Sid directing him whereever he wanted him to go.

Sid asked where they came from. Xeno replied from a planet behind a planet that you observe. Sid had a small clipping in his wallet that he showed us. It said that scientists had discovered a planet that is hidden behind the sun. It did not say how far away it was. The clipping verified what he had been told. He did not say we couldn't observe them- he merely said we didn't observe them.

Padrick asked the purpose of their visit to our planet. Xeno replied, "observation only." Sid said I don't think it meant for them to observe us, I think it was for me to observe them, because he did not ask me at any time my name, my age, how many teeth I had, how many members of my family; he didn't ask me one thing about myself, and this leads me to believe that they know about us already, and he came for us to observe them. He did say they would come for further observations. I think they are observing people, mostly. There was no mention of earthquakes, fault-lines, or of anything government-wise, or political-wise, or anything that would affect our future (except that) they gave me the impression that they will pick up more people in the future.

The floor, walls and ceiling looked much the same, pale blue. The rooms had no corners. Everything was round and indirect lighting seemed to emanate from the walls. There were no lamps, it seemed everything was illuminated.

Each of the rooms that was occupied had instrument panels on the walls, with the crew members concentrating on the instruments. They merely glanced around at him when he entered their room, then turned back to their work, as if they were unconcerned.

Some rooms had four or five instruments, others had 10 or 20, but they were of a similar type in each room. They were nothing like ours. I didn't get close to any of the walls that had the movable instruments on them, because when I started to advance in the first room he held out his hand for me not to advance and I didn't, either! He didn't say why and I didn't ask. There were no screens, such as our oscilloscopes. They had meters, but I could not see dials on them. He said they lit up only when in use.

He was placed in front of an enormous lens which must have constituted only one part of an optical observation system. The image reproduction had a 3D effect. The one my guide showed me was the image of what he called the navigation craft. This was 2:45 or 3:00 in the morning, and the object was in sunlight, so it had to be pretty far out - I imagine 1,000 miles out or better. I didn't see any markings or portholes in it. He told me that the power source (of the craft he was in) was transferred to them from the other craft, and that it did all the navigation and manipulation through space. The huge craft was shaped something like a cigar or a blimp. It was surrounded by a sort of haze or halo in spite of the clarity of the atmosphere. I was told this navigation craft measured over a mile long.

Xeno told Sid they don't measure time and distance as we know it but rather in terms of light. When Sid asked him how fast they traveled through space, he answered that their speed was limited only by the speed at which they could transfer their energy source.

After a while Xeno told Sid that they had traveled some distance and were now parked in a deserted area, which on subsequent investigation turned out to be near Leggett, California, 175 miles north-west of Watsonville. Some time later Sid was able to find the very spot where he was let out.

After they landed on the hillside, Xeno told him to step out so that he could come back to the place later - to know this was real and not dreamed. He stepped out alone and walked around the outside of the ship. It was a large camping site for trailers which was not being used. He touched the ship and it was very smooth, like plastic. He felt the hull. It seemed very hard but not metallic. He had never felt anything like it before. The closest thing he ever felt on Earth would be a windshield - plexiglass. Looking under the craft he could see its leg-like landing gear. Xeno didn't tell Sid that touching the craft would do him harm, and he had no bad effects from it - none whatever. He tried to find markings on the ship but he didn't find a mark any place.

Xeno showed Sid a picture and said "this is where we live." The photo showed buildings in the background, in the shape of a crescent. Windows could be seen but he said he had never seen such a strange photograph. The layout of the buildings had nothing in common with our own. They were quite far from each other. It looked like they put one about 50 feet from another and the next one 150 feet. There appeared to be roads in the distance and there was foliage in the foreground - trees and bushes too.

Sid was also shown a photo of a city on the visitor's planet. Every building in that picture was rounded off, half moon shaped. Xeno described his Utopian society to Padrick. "As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, we have no police force. We have no schools - our young are taught at an early age to do a job, which they do very well. Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control. We have no money. We live as one."

Sid was taken into a room that Xeno called the "Consultation Room." He told Sid that before they do anything they consult with Deity and get His direction. The color of the room defied description. Xeno asked him if he would like to pay his respects to the Supreme Deity?

When he said that Sid almost fainted. He didn't even know how to accept it. He said to Xeno, "We have one, but we call it God. Are we talking about the same thing?" He replied, "There is only one" So I knelt and the only prayer he could think of to utter was his childhood prayer. He had tears running down his face because he was so touched by the feeling in the room. Until that night he had never felt the presence of the Supreme Being - but he did feel Him that night.

It was obvious that they are on a very high scientific level, but their relationship with the Supreme Being means a lot more to them than their technical and scientific ability and knowledge. Sid would say that their religion and their science are all in one.

After Sid said his prayer he was so emotional that he sat in a chair and recovered. He said the chair was covered in a silver blue metallic material and was so beautiful, something he had never seen before.

This was published on April 5, 2005 on You can also find a report about Sid Padrick in "Need to Know" by Timothy Good. It is somewhat different but essentially the same.

Last year I visited Sid in California. He is a spry 88 year old man now. He recently had eye surgery and since then I have not heard from him. I imagine it is because he cannot use the computer yet.



By Cat Powers

There was a Captain of a ship, and a mighty hearty man
and yet, he dreamed of things "unreal"...that you won't understand.
He was the Captain of the ship, a vessel caught in time
between the world that captured him
and the one that I call mine.

A Captain caught in time and space; adventure, yet not free
because the ship he longs to sail, is in the heart of me.
But can he ever find me upon this Planet Earth?
or must he find the answers, to living,
through re-birth?

See you all next Thursday for an enlightening lesson! If anyone wants to be removed from my list, please let me know, I won't feel bad.

Love and light!

Thursday's Child


Unknown said...

I actually was born and raised near where Sid is from and had a UFO expierience within that same area. Though 1969 and I didn't get to board one I watched a huge UFO with my family light up the Santa Cruz Skies. I always wish I could have talked to Sid and his expierience with the UFO he was allowed to ride on. What amazed me was how this never made headline News as it was huge.

will27 said...

Xeno sounds like a wonderful chap, but as for his Utopian society...I'll pass.