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Google: Definition of church: Church is an association of people with a common belief system.
I would like to remind the readers that this blog was begun to encapsulate what the aliens told the experiencer, not whole case histories.

Date of Inception
February 2008


We do not believe that "faith" is found in a building made by man.
We do not "pray" to those who arrive in ships from space.
We believe in a higher power, whatever that may be according to an individual's beliefs.
We believe we were placed on Planet Earth, instead of evolved on Earth.
We heed the words given by extraterrestrials to mankind and then consider whether to accept them.
Together we can change the world through love and positive thinking.


Her first question took me a little by surprise.

"Have you bred on your home planet?

"That's an interesting question," was my startled reply. "By breed I suppose you mean have I any children of my own?"

I couldn't believe she didn't already know the answer to that question. Perhaps she was just being polite.

"Yes," she said.

"Well, I have a son who is fourteen years old and is fit and healthy. He doesn't appear to have too many problems, except he could be without a proper father from now on."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"I was in the process of leaving my family unit permanently when you guys zapped me up here!" I replied. "Don't ask why. It's very complicated, and I'm not sure I know the answer anyway."

"This breeding process, in the form you Homo Sapiens use, I have studied as much as I can from our records, but there is still much I wish to know. I have been selected for a modified reproductive process when I return to my home planet. We as a people are running out of time to develop offspring which could survive on any other planet apart from our own without life support systems. By this I mean we have not yet found another world that is compatible with our specific and rather unique needs. I may be able to elaborate on this point a little later. For now, it is enough to say we have few options and may have to adjust to new environments such as planet Earth -- which we still like to call our second home, even though we are far removed from being able to live there full time," Zeena finished, sounding rather distressed.

"Our planet is rather full already," I commented, not really wishing to add to her burden.

In spite of what I had already witnessed and been party to, I was in no way prepared for her reply to my statement.

"Oh, we have already had communication with Earth governors on that subject; since the 1950s, in fact. They know of our desire and need. We have even made a trade, as you might call it. I cannot elaborate on it at this time. But not everyone has lived up to their agreements since then."

"Your various governors, in their wisdom, decided that the Earth's general population was not then ready for the message and knowledge we had planned to give your people. If you think back to the subjects we have recently discussed, it is hardly surprising, is it? They feel you are still not ready, and we will not tell your people a half-truth to suit others. So we have this situation -- what do you say? -- a stalemate," Zenna concluded.

"What did the governors say when you said you would like to return to Earth at some time in the future?" I asked.

"All they wanted were the 'lollies'," she commented, without expanding on that subject. (What is 'lollies'?)

"There are not that many of us," Zenna continued. "Fifteen million is but a small total, is it not, among your billions? And our technology trade-off would make life so much easier for your population. If I dare be so brave as to say history could repeat itself, you may find we interbreed to become one race again, as happened so long ago in your past histories.

"At this point in time there are still some important things that we must physically do here on Earth: some repair work, as it were; a legacy from the past which I am not permitted to discuss at this time. We must correct that which is in a state of disrepair. Just by way of coincidence, that work is now almost completed. This is no small thing, for repairs have been going on for many of your years. Time is now short, for next will come the changes -- your awakening."

She answered my question before I could ask it. There was not much I could do but sit in silent amazement.

"You must realize," she continued, as I couldn't think of any worthwhile thing to say, "that we are quite a primitive race compared to other extraterrestrials that may communicate with Earth people from time to time. That is one of the reasons we are so attracted to Earth and to you as a race. We feel a real kindred or bonding for your people. We also think Earth is a most beautiful place."

"Where would you like to live on Earth if you had a choice?" I asked.

"We have an area that we call our own."

Zeena explained to me that they are already using an underwater base in the general area of this land that has been set aside for them, although she would go no further in describing where that might be.

She was then called away, promising to return as soon as possible to continue our conversation.



By Maureen Connelly

Down to earth basics and common sense,
comes from our Cosmos training!
Because of this training, we become
both student and teacher here.
Sometimes our awakening comes
from a contact with a UFO.
Thus, we are open to each other in experiences;
which now become common knowledge to be shared
among all people and races!

We must become aware of many things,
which are brought out by others
who discuss these experiences.
Who is to say they are real or our own dreams?
We must not condemn anyone for what they say!

Sometimes arguments will come and
all is lost, so what did we gain?
sometimes we become like wolves over some turf,
we feel is our own, and no solution comes!
Getting together helps clear things out
and makes it better for all, and that's
common ground!
We each can give the one percent solution
that is one hundred percent right!
We are all one family in the Cosmos!

See you next time. The Lesson for today has been by Zeena as told to Alec Newald and it is from his book, "Coevolution".


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