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By Warren Smith
UFO Report Magazine

It had been an exhausting day for the 32-year-old attorney. Raymond Shearer had completed a routine day in his small town law office, then driven to Madison, Wisconsin for a meeting with a client. Following a leisurely dinner, they discussed business until midnight. Tired and weary, Shearer drove out of Madison on an interstate highway toward his home.

"I don't remember when I first saw the light," Shearer said recently. "It was somewhere around 20 miles out of town. It was hanging low in the sky, ahead and off to the right. I decided it was a helicopter."

Shearer continued driving, watching the light as it hovered over the highway ahead. "I passed under it, there was static on the radio," he recalled. "The interior of the car heated up. I loosened my tie and unfastened the seat belt to remove my coat. I also started getting a severe headache. I slowed down a bit, figuring I'd had too many martinis."

The young attorney reached for a bottle of aspirin in the glove compartment. He swallowed two tablets without water. "By now the static had stopped on the radio," Shearer said. The temperature in the car had returned to normal. This was a warm night in April, and I really didn't think much about it."

When he reached his exit on the interstate highway, Shearer drove off onto a blacktop road. "I normally follow the blacktop to my town," he said. "Then miles form home, I suddenly braked the car, twisted the wheel, turned off onto a dead-end gravel road that leads out to the marshes. To this day, I don't know why I turned off the highway."

Shearer's mind reeled with indecision as he drove through the dark, cloudy night. There were no farmhouses along the road, and no lights could be seen on the horizon. This wild, uninhabited area is seldom visited by anyone except hunters and fishermen.

As his car topped the crest of a small hill, Shearer's eyes widened with shock and his mouth dropped open in stunned disbelief.

Sitting in the middle of the road below was a UFO.

"I was almost on top of the thing," Shearer recalled. "I braked hard and my car skidded, fishtailing in the gravel. A row of lights flickered on the saucer; it started glowing a bluish-green color. I got the car stopped about 15 feet from it. I slapped the transmission in reverse, wanting to get out of there in the most desperate way. That's when those three things happened to the car."

The engine stopped running
Headlights and dash lights went off.
The car radio stopped playing.

"I stated to whimper and cry," the lawyer admitted. "I was scared to death because this was something I didn't know about. I remember trying to snap down the locks on the doors of the car. I saw some shadowy forms waling toward the car. Then, I must have blacked out."

Attorney Raymond Shearer was now involved in the most ominous form of UFO contact. What was reported as an ordinary UFO sighting actually turned out to be direct contact with UFO occupants. In this type of case the contactee's memory of the event is "erased" except for the sighting. And sometimes a cover story is implanted in the contactee's mind, possible through advanced methods of hypnosis.

Once the contactee remembers the contact experience, either through hypnosis, truth serum, or psychotherapy, a definite pattern emerges. "I think that each of us is being used as a messenger," said Raymond Shearer. "Bits and pieces of the puzzle are given to each of us. When enough of these pieces are assembled, an answer to the UFO mystery will be uncovered. I don't know why they're doing things this way -- I just feel they're doing it.

"For several months after my contact I did some crazy irrational things," Shearer admitted. "At least they were irrational when compared to my former conduct. I think they were programmed into me by the UFO people. They're after some goal here on Earth -- whatever it may be. I break out in a cold sweat when I think of being a possible agent or spy for these people."

Raymond Shearer's only memory of his eerie UFO experience was of seeing a bright light above the interstate highway. The sun was just coming up when he arrived home, yet he was unconcerned about the "missing time" for several days. The next morning he discovered a small, tender welt on the back of his neck that was directly of his spinal cord. By noon the welt had "blistered up," and become extremely sore and painful. A doctor's examination that afternoon revealed scores of tiny perforations of the skin within the welt.

In the weeks that followed, Shearer's life fell apart. His behavior became unusually erratic for an ambitious small town attorney. Nervous, driven by anxiety, and afflicted with severe headaches, he became obsessed with politics. His law practice was neglected while he worked for politicians by offering free help for their campaigns.

Shearer argued with his bewildered wife, quarreled with his law partner, and lost interest in his practice. "It seemed important for me to get into politics," he said. "I was never interested in political office before that time."

Ultimately as he continued to neglect his work, Shearer's father was called in to help. The elder Shearer convinced his son that he needed psychiatric help. The attorney then drove to a nearby town for consultation of a psychiatric clinic.

"We didn't get anywhere for several weeks," he explained. "Then, the psychiatrist decided to use hypnosis, hoping to uncover the subconscious reasons behind my anxiety. That's when the details of the UFO encounter came out. I did some mental calculating and discovered there had been some time missing that night."

Several sessions of hypnotic therapy pulled details of the experience from Raymond Shearer's mind. Even now, certain parts of the experience are repressed. "I started reading about UFOs and picked up books and magazines in used book stores," he related.

Following the hypnotic sessions, Shearer's life returned to normal.

When attorney Raymond Shearer crested the hill on the gravel road, it was approximately 1:30 a.m. He did not arrive home until sunrise, indicating a time loss of at least two to three hours. "I still had a headache when I got home," he recalled. "I didn't go to bed, but stretched out on the couch in the living room. There was a funny sound in the room, like a rattlesnake shaking its rattles. Although I was tired, this buzzing seemed to keep me alert."

Later that morning, while his wife was preparing breakfast, the red welt appeared on his neck. "I saw our family doctor that afternoon. He said it was the strangest thing he'd seen," Shearer said. "He put some salve on it and the welt gradually went away."

During his first hypnotic session with the psychiatrist, the taped questions and answers included:

What is the reason for your problem?
I don't have any problems.
What made you decide to drop practicing law?
They did.
Who are they?
The people I met.
When was this?
When I was driving home from Madison.
Where did you meet them?
Out on the road
Are they from around here?
They're from another galaxy.
That's interesting. How did they get here?
They came on that flying saucer.
You mean people from flying saucers are making you do these things?
Why did they pick you?
I don't know.
What did they tell you to do?
Get into politics.
They want a friend in politics.
If they reveal themselves I will stop our people from killing them.
Do they plan to reveal themselves? When will they do this?
(Speaking as if from a recorded message) They did not tell their plans to me. They feel we are not ready.
Where did they land?
On the road.
What were they doing there?
They were gathering specimens.
What sort of specimens?
Rocks, weeds, trees, and dirt. Sometimes they gather animals and people.
What do they do with these specimens?
They give them to their scientists for study.

In subsequent sessions, Shearer told of being panic stricken when his car stalled before the landed craft. As he was attempting to lock his car doors, a figure suddenly appeared at the driver's side of the car. "I didn't get much more than a glimpse of him," the attorney said. "He looked at me for a second, then there was a blinding flash. Then, I opened the door and stepped out."

Seconds later, Shearer felt a slight tingling sensation over his entire body.

"One of them with a funny looking instrument told me not to be alarmed," he continued. "They had to press something against my neck. He said it wouldn't hurt. He said it would help me be able to talk to them."

Another ufonaut appeared, moved swiftly behind the frightened attorney, and pressed a metallic device against the back of his neck. "I felt funny for a minute," Shearer admitted. "Then, the fear seemed to leave me. My hands stopped trembling. My head cleared up. I wasn't so confused. A warm feeling came over my body and I felt these people were my friends."

What occurred after the device was pressed against his neck?

"The two of them just stood around for a minute," Shearer recalled. "Then, the one with the device said something and left. He went back to pick up some things -- tools, boxes, and bags -- and started picking weeds and tree limbs and putting them in the boxes. There were five of them altogether -- at least I saw five of them."

Shearer reported there was a "captain" of the craft. "He was about five feet six inches tall, dressed in a white, coverall type of uniform. He had a black belt around his middle, with a grayish-silver box on the side of the belt. While we talked, he would sometimes make an adjustment on the box. He said the box contained something that helped him talk to me."

One ufonaut remained beside the craft. "He must have been a guard because he never took his eyes off me," Shearer said. "He was also constantly looking up and down the road. Sometimes, he looked up to the skies."

The three other ufonauts were scattered over the road and surrounding countryside, picking up specimens. "They worked very fast," Shearer said. "They seemed to be picking up as many different types of things as they could."

Shearer said that the craft was sliver gray in color. "It was metal that looked like aluminum. I don't know what kind of metal it was. I didn't ask."

Shearer estimated the saucer was from "100 to 125 feet in diameter." It rested on three, telescoping legs that came out of the bottom of the craft. The design was almost like a perfect saucer, except for a small antenna on the rear.

When the second ufonaut left, the "Captain" turned to Shearer and asked about the time.

Contactees are frequently asked about time, suggesting the possibility of inter - or ultra-dimensional travel involved with UFOs. The psychiatrist's tapes include these questions and answers:

Did you tell him the time?

I held my watch up to the light from the saucer. It said it was 1:47 in the morning. He asked me what type of time we used. This was a strange question, but I realized that he was asking about how we measured time. I explained about our days, months, and years. He said that we should learn to handle time correctly.

What did he mean by that?

He said time doesn't exist. His people have the ability to distort time as we know it by speeding it up, slowing it down, or stopping it. To do this, we have to remove the brainwashed ideas that we have about time from our minds. A little baby, or a child, does not have any concepts of time. A minute will seem like an hour to them. A day can seem as if it is forever -- and it is. As we grow older, we become more conscious of our concept of time. We lost this innocence. His people have been here many times, but we would never be able to visit them.

Why can't we visit them"

Our ideas of time would prevent it.

How fast do they travel?

Their ship goes faster than the speed of light. They get the maximum speed after they leave our atmosphere. There is much to say about that... He told me about it when we were inside."

What are you doing now?

He has placed his hand on my shoulder and he's looking up at me. He's asking me to go inside the ship with him and look around. We're walking toward it, but the person who is standing by it looks angry. He is talking to the captain. I think the other one wants me to stay outside. The captain says something to him, the other one understands, and steps aside.

We are going up the ladder. I am shaking because it is so cold. The craft is bigger on the inside than I thought. I'm standing in a circular room and he is pointing out things to me. He asks me to stand before a screen-like device. He turns it on and there isn't anything happening. He hands me a rod, about six inches long, and there's a cable on the end of it. I hold it and he is explaining that they are taking my picture through the screen. The rod is recording my body temperature, brain waves, weight, height, and a lot of other things about me.

Other data mentioned in the tapes includes:

Inside the saucer: Shearer felt uncomfortable inside the craft. "It was cold in there and I don't know why," he said. "I didn't feel right while I was there because everything was different. I also knew that if I did something wrong they might kill me." He reported that the presence of the beings was not frightening, "because the seemed like pretty nice people."

His feelings of apprehension came from the unusual surroundings.

"There was something funny about that ship," he continued under hypnosis. "Although the floor was metal, I couldn't feel or hear any sound of my feet when I walked around. This sort of made me feel like the ship was a ghost or something like that. But it was definitely metal."

There were no bunks, or beds, evident on the craft. "There were a lot of machines that might have been computers," Shearer said. "Only they didn't have the looks of our computers. The captain showed me a little metal thing. He said they shoved that in one of the machines and it guided them back to where they came from. There was a bunch of chairs, some desks, and they were made out of the same metal."

There were no portholes, windows or openings in the craft. "I asked about that and was told they used the screen to see outside," said Shearer. "No, he didn't show me how it worked."

Appearance of the beings: The crewmen were approximately five to five and a half feet tall, weight approximately 125 to 140 pounds. Shearer was unable to get a clear view of their bodies, due to their uniforms. "I would say they were in good physical condition," he said, "equal to our own astronauts."

Their faces were elongated and had a flattened appearance. "This could have been the helmets they wore," Shearer admitted.

Their eyes were slightly slanted and their eyebrows were thin, light in color, and slanted slightly upward over heavy lidded eyes. Their lips were thin, almost the same color as their facial skin. "The best description I can give you of them is to look in the books on old Egypt," Shearer said recently. "Some pictures of the old Egyptian gods have a distinct likeness to these people. But the Egyptian statues are darker in complexion than these people."

UFO propulsion: "They use a type of device that overcomes gravity," Shearer said during a hypnotic trance. "This is a push-pull thing, depending on how they see it."

He explained that the device could be set to use the power of gravity in a pushing effect. "Under this setting, they use the gravity of our Earth to push them out into space. When they are free of our gravity field, they reverse the process and lock in on another planet. Then, they are pulled toward that. This is done automatically by the machines. Unless there is trouble, they don't have to touch the controls."

When they are on a particular planet such as Earth, they depend on an electromagnetic drive to power their craft. "I asked how this worked, but I didn't understand the answer," Shearer said. "It was confusing. But he did say that our people were getting close to perfecting a similar device."

Do they use atomic energy? "He answered that it was not suitable for space flight," Shearer recalled. "This might be because of a reactor being enclosed in the ship. There were 'dangers,' the captain said, in being out in space with these types of engines. They had tried them a long time past -- lost many people -- and hunted for something else to power their ships."

What do they use for power on their home planet? "He said they used an extract from water," Shearer explained. "This is a method of breaking down water to its ultimate form of matter. He said water is a very powerful form of energy. Our scientists should be working to crack the energy in water."

What do they want? Shearer was told that there are several types of space people visiting our planet. "We are not one of the watchers," said the ufonaut. "There are others who visit here more than us. They are more familiar with your world and your people."

What is the reason for these visits? "In his case it was apparently a scientific expedition to determine the physical characteristics of our planet." Shearer related. "He didn't seem to know much about why he was here. It was more as if he was a military person working under orders."

Shearer was told that our people were extremely hostile to visitors. "When the captain said this, he was smiling," Shearer recalled. "He wasn't mad or anything like that. He reported that some other crews had some difficult times when they landed here. They had lost people in the past when humans caught them. I had the feeling that this was a long time ago, possibly not even in this century."

Brain implantation: as the other ufonauts returned to the ship, the captain asked Shearer to put a cone-shaped device on his head. "I didn't want to do it," Shearer said, "but I didn't have a choice. He said if I would put it on, it would give me great knowledge about them, their world, and the universe."

The cone was placed on the attorney's head. One of the ufonauts snapped a cord to the device. "I started whimpering, it felt as if my brain was being scrambled, "Shearer stated. "It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. I started to tear the cone off my head, but they stopped me. They held my arms. When the pressure inside my brain stopped, they removed the cone from my head."

The ufonauts squeezed his arm in an apparent sign of farewell. "The captain then escorted me down the ladder," Shearer said. "Coming outside, my body tingles as if from electricity. When we got to my car, the captain asked me to remain inside until they took off. He squeezed my shoulder again and said we would meet in the future."

Shearer asked for a momento of the meeting.

The captain shook his head. "He didn't say anything after that. He returned to the ship, the ladder retracted, and a buzzing, whirring noise started as the lights flickered. Seconds later, the ship took off in a diagonal climb. It disappeared in about 30 seconds."

Shearer started his car engine and the lights and radio worked again. He turned his car around on the narrow marshland road and drove home.

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