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Today will be the last lecture by Zeena. I think it will enlighten you about what was said by the "Allies of Humanity" that it rings true.

This week the facilitator of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 books was on Coast to Coast AM with George Nory. He explained that the aliens that are here are not using "weapons" to encourage mankind to be in league with them, instead they use "intervention", which means through subtle means and mind control which the experiencer is not aware of.

The Allies of Humanity have no name or name of a planet they come from. What they have said is strictly so we can prepare ourselves before it is too late to combat the aliens that interact with us through mental and spiritual means. In other words it is within yourselves to do this. Do not succumb to their ways. The biological material they have taken is to create hybrids to interject themselves into our world and eventually take it over.

Now the Allies have left this area of the Universe or Galaxy because the other aliens are aware they have warned us and they do not like it so it was not conducive for them to stick around, if you know what I mean! At least they were able to deliver their message. Forewarned is forearmed.

And now to what Zeena said to Alec. This will be the last lecture by her. Think about what the Allies said in comparison.

Zeena suggested I concentrate on the issue at hand.

"My knowledge of terrestrial artificial insemination is almost zero," I admitted, almost as a reflex answer, "but I do know a little about the other kind. Just ask me what you want to know."

Zeena was most inquisitive and hounded me to the full extent of my knowledge on the subject, much to my embarrassment. I was not allowed to leave one detail out.

"We have tried artificially inseminating several of your females. The results, as I have said, are before you now. I and others like me, whom you may have seen around the transporter, are only a means to an end, we hope. Now it is deemed time to try the alternative method. I volunteered, for it is a tremendous chance for me to help my kind," Zeena concluded.

"You are very brave," I replied.

"I fear more for my race if this does not work! I have asked enough of you for now, and I thank you for that information which shall be of assistance at some later date," she said, after it was obvious there was nothing left for me to add on the subject.

"I am on duty again soon, but I shall introduce you to some of the crew members who are not. You may be able to get some more answers to your questions," she said.

Very little information was forthcoming from these sources. However, what I did manage to find out was big news to me and caused me much unrest and consternation.

I now put this information to our great world leaders and keepers of the faith, but if they already know about this (and I now realize they have known about it all along), they should hang their heads low in shame!

Electromagnetic energy naturally surrounds and permeates most planets, including our Earth and the plane I was about to visit. This energy can be used as an endless, inexhaustible power source which is very cheap to access. In the case of my newfound friends, it has been their power source for many thousands or perhaps even millions of years. This energy can be tapped in the simplest of ways with technology we have right here on planet Earth now. Indeed, UFOs use this energy source to power their craft when they visit Earth! It is so prevalent that our bodies even pick it up unintentionally. When I got back home and did some study on the subject it surprised me to find that anyone who is really switched on already knows this!

This power source does not require generators as we know them; hence nuclear, hydro, coal and oil powered generators or stations could be dispensed with almost overnight. It appears there is no need for wires to transmit this power, for each user could have their own inexpensive receiver, similar perhaps to a radio or a TV. In total, the costs would be minimal.

The question is, why aren't we tapping into this power source right now? The right sort of people knew about this back in 1940 -- well, in 1900, if you really want to be accurate in reference to scientist Nikola Tesla. here should never be, and should never have been, a power shortage on this planet.

This disgust I have with some of my fellow humans in powerful positions is the main reason why I did not and will not cooperate with the planetary establishment when questioned about my experience. I simply do not trust them in any way with any information on any subject, let alone with what I may have picked up in my travels?

Now, on to more agreeable subjects. There was an aspect of this interaction that really confused me. If these ETs were of a different dimension or vibrational plane, how was it possible for me to be interacting with them right now? This was one of the first questions I put to Zeena on her return.

She suggested I should ingest more fluid. Whatever was happening to me during this interaction, the fluid intake was obviously a most important factor. In any case, I was ingesting a thinner mix by this time. While taking it in, Zeena explained how this multidimensional interaction could take place.

"Our vibrational plane is a little higher than yours. There is really not that much difference. Soon there should be none, as we attempt to change our base vibration. Perhaps you could compare it to air and water on your planet. If, for example, you were the water and we were the air, by heating the water you can produce steam or water vapor. This gaseous substance can then mix with the air about it on more or less an even basis, as you are now doing with us. Some people on your planet may even be able to perceive us in our 'original' form, but we are now of much denser substance than we used to be, although we will still most likely appear as wisps of smoke or as ghosts (as I had seen upon my induction to the transporter). When we first brought you here, we had to modify you to make you a little more like us. What you are now is a possible future you. Do you understand so far?" Zeena asked?

"Yes, very well; our race should change, becomes less dense," I replied.

"You will not have remembered the process of transformation. You could not. You would have just perceived that at one moment you did not have a body, and the next moment you did. The whole process takes just over twenty-four hours. Not many of your kind have been through this process." she explained.

The URL for "Allies of Humanity" is: After you read it you will get a better idea of what I have said up above.

Today's lesson is from the contact case of Alec Newald, "Coevolution", The True Story of a man taken for ten days to an extraterrestrial civilization.

See you on Sunday!

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